Bonboon228 Presents

Konk in: The Mysterious Sea Shell

Starfy is Copyright to Nintendo and TOSE


Konk was down at Coral Coast, in his spinny spinny Conch Shell.

As Konk skimmed the shoals, he spotted something in the silt. Reaching down, he plucked the item from the silt. It was a conch shell, much like his, but much smaller.

"I wonder what KONK KONK this is for?" He wondered.

Konk put the Shell in his Shell. He'd take it to the Pufftop Research Facility later on.


Later on, Konk approached an out building near Pufftop Palace.

Konk opened the door. Professor Irving, a Nobel Prize Professor, laminating some old documents when Konk entered.

"AH! Konk my boy. What brings you by?" Said Professor Irving.

Konk pulled out the Shell from his Shell.

"I brought KONK this." Said the Blue Whelk.

Irving took the shell from Konk's paw. He took it to his desk, and pulled out his magnifying glass.

"I'll study it and I will send word when it's done!" said the Professor.


Konk headed up the Cloud walkway to the front doors of Pufftop Palace, and rang the door chime.

A Guard opened the rather heavy door, and allowed Konk to enter the Palace.

Konk headed inside and climbed the Entrance Hall Stairs that led to the Palace's Upper Floors.

A few flights up and Konk was at Starfy's Bedroom.

Konk opened the door, where Starfy and Starly were playing on their Wii U.

"Hey Guys, mind if I KONK KONK join in? KONK!" Said Konk.

Starly scooted over. Konk removed his shell, revealing his chubby, white belly and Purple Shoes.

Konk sat down and grabbed a controller. The Three played Sm4sh for a while.

Then, at a Quarter to One, there was a knock on the door.

A guard came in, holding a tied scroll.

"Konk, this came for you." said the guard, handing the whelk the note before heading back into the corridor.

The note simply said, "Get over Here!"

"Gotta Go." Said Konk. But Starfy, as curious as ever, shook his head.

"We're coming with you." he said.

"'kay." Konk said, as he reached over for his shell.


Professor Irving was scribbling down notes at a frightening rate when Starfy, Starly and Konk entered.

"This is big, Konk! You found a gem of a Conch Shell. Come here!" Said Irving, excitedly.

Konk approached the Professors desk and peered down on the shell he found earlier that day.

The Professor had dusted off the caked on silt from the shell, revealing it to be very shiny and it glinted a wonderful color spectrum in the light streaming from the skylight.

"This shell belongs to a rare species of snail, called Rainbow Gains. They are common relatives of the common green Gain. Rainbow Gains use the color of their shells to confuse predators that might otherwise consume it." Said the Professor.

"No kidding. KONK!" Said Konk.

"What do you wish to do with it? These shells fetch a tremendous price on the trade market. I'd gladly buy it from you for 1'000 Pearls." Said the Professor.

Konk agreed.

"It's KONK yours." Said Konk.

"Here you go my friend. 1'000 genuine Pearls." Said Irving, handing Konk a bag of Pufftop Currency.

"Gee, thanks!" Said Konk.

As they left the shop, no one noticed the evil grin slowly appear on the professors face.

"Fools, the true worth of this shell, is it's magical properties. With the power of this Conch, I'll Be IMMORTAL!" The professor said.

Pufftop was in for a rude awakening!