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Kagome frowned, managing to right her arrow's flight path at the very last minute to hit the target after she had been distracted by a disturbance that was becoming annoyingly familiar, 'He's here again.'

She had no real idea why, but for the past while, the same male never failed to show up to watch her practise her kyudo long after the archery club disbanded for the day, 'It's like he's creeping on me.'

He never said a word and simply watched her with keen eyes that made her tense and honestly want to shoot an arrow in his direction.

"Hey," Kagome called out with a slight glare, turning towards the male as she relaxed from her stance, "Would you mind telling me what the hell you're doing?" She asked coldly and, much to her irritation, received a chuckle in response.

"Please, don't mind me," The redhead answered, moving closer so she could observe him fully and she instantly noted his strange heterochromatic eyes, "I simply enjoy watching you devote yourself so much, Kagome."

Kagome immediately tightened her lips, not liking how how he was being so forward without any honorifics, especially when she had no clue as to who he even was since she paid absolutely no attention to her classmates whatsoever, "Devote myself?" She let out a sigh-like breath, "I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it's just releasing my frustration."

A smirk appeared on the male's face, "Ah, yes," He could feel amusement rise up in him when she gave him a slight glare, "But even so, it is a surprising side to the 'delinquent' of Rakuzan."

"Tch," Kagome's brow twitched, "I'm sorry I'm not rich like most of the students here, so I apologise if I don't fit into your little perfect world," She scoffed, "Fights might not be allowed on school grounds, but I remember nothing about fighting off campus."

The redhead easily caught onto the underlying threat of 'watch your back', though he couldn't help but to chuckle once more, "I don't think you will take the risk. After all, you have already been expelled from four other high schools."

"Okay!" The Miko snapped, curling her hands into fists as she resisted the urge to just deck this guy right in his pretty face, "What the hell do you want!?"

"Nothing yet," He answered, causing her to grit her teeth, "I am simply interested in you, Kagome. How is it that a troubled student like yourself managed to get into the prestigious Rakuzan?" With that, he turned around to prepare to leave, though stopped when she called out to him.

"What's your name?" Kagome asked in a low, almost dangerous tone and her glare only deepened when he turned his head back towards her complete with an arrogant smirk that only served to heat up her blood.

"Akashi Seijurou."