Chapter 1

"So tell me what you have learned about our Sheriff and her 'Task Force'." Prince Therese Vooreman demanded.

Fenris Fraust found herself once again in the suite her highness shared with her twin sister; the dichotomy of their respective derangements clearly evident in that the suite was quite literally segregated in half. One side was sparkling clean to the point of showing some obsessive-compulsive behavior; the other side was total bedlam. The OCD side had a window; the bedlam side had a closed door which Fenris presumed was a bathroom. The scene reminded her of those old situation comedies she used to watch when she was a little girl; the ones where siblings were compelled to share a room and drew a line down the middle of it to determine whose side was whose. If it wasn't so creepy in real life, it would have made her laugh.

"Most of their focus has been on the developments going on at LaCroix's old building." She replied. "So far I've seen nothing to suggest they are staging any kind of coup." Very early on, Fenris learned it was best to make every effort to speak to the Prince as formally as possible. The Prince set her onto the task of monitoring Damsel immediately after she seized Praxis. So far, she was telling the truth; nobody was actively staging anything like a coup against her. What Fenris wasn't saying, however, was how the whole Court was doing all they could to keep her from doing anything unilaterally.

"I see." Therese said. "And have they found anything new?"

"So far as anyone knows, highness, it has been renovated into some sort of Federal Government building." Fenris answered. "I can't say for certain yet, but rumor has it that it is intended to be used for a new division of the FBI or something like that. It has been all kept very secret. Not even the Nosferatu have been able to find out much to my knowledge."

"That's all old news, and not good enough." Therese frowned. "I am well aware of the speculation that this new division are training to hunt our kind. I asked if they found anything new. If I am going to do my duty by this city and to the Camarilla to keep this Domain safe, I need certainty, not speculation. I need facts, not rumors. I need evidence, not innuendo. I can't authorize any sort of strike until I know whom we are striking against. Do you understand what could happen if we hit them and they turned out to be nothing more than simple government officials, or worse, high ranking ones? Even worse still, what if it turned out to be a branch dedicated to social services intended to help the less fortunate? Do you understand how catastrophic that could be for us? DO YOU?"

"I understand completely highness." Fenris bowed. Ever since the party at the Garden, Therese had been having more and more of these tirade episodes; fortunately they have been kept down to a dull roar until she was in her private quarters. It struck Fenris odd that Kaila's party would be so upsetting to Therese; she wasn't even there. That night, Therese had sent Jeanette to meet with her and assist in an attempt to ferret out likely traitors and enemies.

"Good" the Prince nodded. "Then go and find me the evidence, facts, and certainty. If these agents are indeed hunters, maybe we can put a stop to them before there's too much bloodshed."

Fenris bowed again, not saying a word. She stood still until Prince Therese dismissed her; she made the mistake of trying to leave her presence without permission...once...and determined that she not make that mistake again.

"WHY ARE YOU STILL STANDING HERE?" Therese shouted at her.

As much as she wanted to pop claws and rip her throat out where she stood, Fenris turned and left the suite without a word of objection.

I have to find a way to get out of this city...