She looked at both letters in her hands by the firelight. A frown marred her face as she read. While they said essentially the same thing, it was how they were said that bothered her. Her first instinct had been to rush off and crack some British Moron skulls. But she couldn't… She had to take a bit of time and actually think of the proper course of actions.

Millicent had been attacked. That she could discern. The perpetrator was awaiting trial at the time of writing, but if she knew Boris, he'd put some pressure on the Prosecution to speed up the trial. Still, they were under aged, so it could drag on.

And Millicent had a boyfriend apparently.

She thrummed her fingers on her thigh as she looked at the letters. One from Millicent and one from Dumbledore. Wasn't he forced to recuse himself as Supreme Mugwump or whatever bullshit title they gave the head of the ICW?

"I need to talk to Boris." She said. She spoke with a hint of a lisp. She had tusks from her bottom jaw sticking out. While she would file them down, her current contract with her Crows had taken a lot of time. Time enough for her tusks to start growing back.

Her husband would be better able to catch her up to speed before she made a trip to Hogwarts to speak with not only Dumbledore but also Millicent and her boyfriend. And if that color blind fashion freakshow thought to stop her from having a chat with her daughter, he could kiss the greenest part of her ass.

"Boss!" She glanced up as one of her guys came running up. He was soaked with sweat and had short brown hair. He held an automatic rifle in his arms. He was also dressed in black tactical gear, including a bullet resistant vest.

"What do you got Rivera?" She asked. She stood up and hefted her axe up onto one shoulder. She stood taller than Rivera, looking down to the short soldier. But he was the best damned scout she had ever worked with and was easily her second in command. A complete Muggle he may have been, but the Hispanic born American had adapted well.

"We found the target. Some fifteen clicks away. Olaf and Viktor found it."

Khaleen gave a feral smirk. "Bet they hate working together." She said. Olaf was a known serial killer and Viktor was a former Russian Spetsnaz. But, like the rest of her Crows, they did the job and got it done well.

Regardless of personal feelings towards each other.

Khaleen started to walk away, stomping on the small fire to put it out. "Let's go Rivera. We clean this up, we're heading back home. I've been away from Britain too long and I need to have a talk with my baby girl." She said.

"Ma'am, you sure it's alright if we go?" Rivera asked keeping pace.

"If some prejudice asshole says something, shoot him in the leg before he draws his wand." She wouldn't risk her men because some of them just so happened to be Muggles.

-Scene Break-

"No!" Harry roared out as he came awake. He breathed heavily, his chest thundered in his chest and his eyes were wide as he looked around. The others began to wake up groggily.

"Harry, Mate?" Ron groaned out, sitting up.

Harry glanced over to Ron and then to the others. Neville he could probably trust. But not Dean or Seamus. It was nothing against them, but they were more typical teenagers than the rest of them were. He and Ron had put their lives on the line a few times and Neville was a war Orphan like him.

"Just go back to sleep guys. Bad dream." Harry said. He rubbed his eyes. He knew it wasn't. He had a strong gut feeling that it wasn't. He shifted out of the bed and grabbed a few things from his trunk while Dean and Seamus went back to sleep.

Ron got up and pretended to head to the bathroom. Neville looked like he was debating between going back to sleep, looking at Harry. He stood up and followed Harry down the flight of stairs though, heading into the Common Room.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Neville asked when they were in the quiet. Harry turned to look at the other boy. Just a little younger than himself, Neville was starting to show signs of the man he could become. He was losing the baby fat from his face, making it less rounded. "You don't wake screaming like that from a bad dream. Like you're trying to stop something. Plus you grabbed your cloak."

Harry shifted slightly. Neville was right. He had grabbed the invisibility cloak. Harry gave a sound with his mouth. "I… I can see things sometimes. Through Voldemort's eyes. It's how I knew he broke his followers out of Azkaban. He has… he has my godfather in the Department of Mysteries and is torturing him."

"Sirius, right?" Neville asked. Harry raised an eyebrow at the question. "You don't seem worried that he's still on the loose, so it tells me you know something the rest of us don't."

"You're damned perceptive Neville."

The other boy smiled sadly. "Need to be. Don't have the best memory, but I can see things that others don't and make some conclusions. Just wish Snape wouldn't breathe down my neck during Potions. I know the ingredients like the back of my hand, I know the best way to get the best out of them, but he's intimidating as hell."

Harry nodded. "Yeah, it's Sirius. But call him Padfoot. He'd like that. I'm going to try and check on Padfoot first."

"And if he doesn't respond or you find he is in danger?" Neville asked.

Harry rubbed his chin. "Haven't thought that far ahead. But Dumbledore isn't here, McGonagall is hurt. Hagrid is on the run and Umbridge has the whole school on lockdown. It's going to be tricky getting out to help."

"He's right. And you're going to have a whole hell of a lot more trouble mate. You know I'm going with, and Neville looks like he's trying to figure out to ask." Ron came down dressed with his wand.

Neville nodded when Harry looked to him. "I want Bellatrix." He said seriously.

"No promises Mate." Harry said. He didn't know everything, but he knew enough that Bellatrix was responsible for Neville's parents.

Neville accepted that with a nod before he went upstairs to quick change. "Contact Padfoot, then we'll plan a rescue."

Harry slipped the Mirror out that Sirius had given him. Sirius had sent a letter with two, explaining he had a third. One Mirror was to go to Millicent so that they could talk even when apart. And only Harry knew Sirius had one as well. "Padfoot." Harry said and watched the mirror mist over

It then turned clear and reflective again. Harry swore. He didn't know what could happen to it. But he also knew he had to be smart about things. He couldn't rush off to try Umbridge's office. He'd have to somehow avoid her, avoid any spies she had, and then he'd have to escape from them as well. It just wasn't a feasible thing to happen.

Ron watched Harry for a bit. "You're going to call Bullstrode aren't you?" he asked.

Harry glanced over to Ron and nodded. "She'd be pissed if I didn't and I'm not pissing my girlfriend off."

Ron seemed to have an internal debate for a while. He struggled with it for a time. "See… see if she can't grab Greengrass and Davis. We'll need the extra wands and they're good casters." He said through slightly gritted teeth.

Harry nodded. "Can you get a message to Hermione?" He asked.

Ron nodded. "I've got something. Dad showed me how to do it." He went to a piece of parchment and began to write on it. Then he started to fold it up and tap it with his wand. He then threw the paper airplane that raced up to the girls' dormitories.

Harry sat on a couch. "Millie?" He called out. The Mirror misted over again and eventually he heard rustling.

"Harry?" His girlfriend sounded groggy. "Sweetie, how early-"

"I need some help Millie. I think my Godfather is in danger. I have a lot to explain, I know, and I'm sorry to keep this from you. But he's innocent and I think Voldemort has him. I can't get a message to him." Harry said.

Millicent sat up and her sleep tousled hair shown in her face. But she looked serious. "You're going then?"

"Bring who you can Millie. Voldemort will target me, but his followers will still have my godfather." Harry said.

Millicent nodded and swiped her hand over the front of the mirror, shutting it off.

Hermione came down a moment later with Ginny in tow. "Harry, are you certain-?" Hermione asked. Their argument from months ago kept her cautious around him.

Harry shook his head. "No. But I'll take full blame for dragging you guys into this if I'm wrong." Harry checked the Marauder's map. He kept an eye on Filch and Umbridge to see what route would be the best. He could see Millicent moving to both Tracey and Daphne.

"How are we getting there?" Ginny asked as she bent down to tie her shoes a bit better. "Floo network is monitored, brooms would be too slow and we don't all have one."

"Thestrals." Neville said as he came down. "Harry and I can see them, we can help you guys up onto them. Won't be difficult to attract them either, and they got a good sense of direction."

Harry nodded. "You got a good point. Ron, can you do that airplane trick again? Luna will be useful. It'll give us three people that can help get people onto the Thestrals. We try to ride two to a thestral, with one person that can see them on them. It'll help those that can't."

Ron nodded and quickly set to writing out another note and sending it off with a wave of his wand. It slipped out the window and immediately headed off.

"Harry that still leaves two Thestrals without someone that can see on them." Hermione said as they began to make their way out of the common room.

Harry kept an eye on the map, moving through the corridors to avoid everyone. He briefly thought of trying Snape. The man could Apparate to Number 12. But he was a petty child of a man that Harry seriously doubted would help. Sirius could be on fire and Snape wouldn't piss on him.

"Three will surround the other two, maybe one. Ginny and Luna are small enough, they could probably sit with Daphne on a large Thestral." It helped that Daphne and Luna were tiny little things. Harry slipped to the right, keeping his eyes on the map and occasionally glancing up. "Luna's this way." He said.

They came across the blonde Ravenclaw who had a serene smile. "Are we going to save Stubby?" She asked.

Harry offered a grin at the way she saw the world. Sirius had a hoot at being called Stubby Boardman. "Yeah. Come on." Harry led the way down through a few passages. The Grand Staircase would have been faster by at least half, but they couldn't be caught

.They got down to the Entrance Hall where they met up with Millicent who had Daphne and Tracey. "What's this about Potter?" Daphne asked.

Harry glanced to the slightly irate woman. Okay, so she was really irate. "Voldemort has someone precious to me. I'm going to get him back and I need all the wands I can muster. Aim to disable, kill if you have to." He turned to look at the non-Slytherins, watching them a moment. "They can't run with a broken leg, can't cast with a broken arm. Can't fight if they're dead."

The group looked a little green, but they saw that Harry was also pale at the notion of having to kill. But fact of the matter, they were entering this war with this action.

Harry led them out of the school. The nine of them crossed the lawn quickly towards Hagrid's house, Harry's eyes still on the map. He swore. "We need to haul ass. Parkinson is heading right for Umbridge." The nine broke off into full sprint, Millicent actually picking both Luna and Daphne up and carrying them under her arms.

Tracey made it to the trees first. "What we doing Potter?" she asked.

"Rabbits, rats, birds that aren't owls, anything that can be eviscerated. Kill it, the blood will draw the Thestrals." Harry said.

Millicent set both Daphne and Luna down onto the ground and took out her hand axe from at the small of her back. "Take too long." She said and used the sharp blade to lay her arm open. She pumped her fist to let the blood flow, even swinging it to send droplets flying.

Many of them looked at her in shock but Harry nodded with grim determination. Sirius was one of the last links he had to his parents. Him and Remus. "Diffendo" He raked the cutting curse down his arm, the coppery scent hitting the air.

It didn't take long for him to start seeing Thestrals. He held a bloody hand out and watched as they came over. Some started to lick his hand, even Millicent's arms. Some even nipped a bit, but it was like being nipped by a horse. They had teeth for grinding, not tearing.

Millicent came over and used a quick spell on Harry's arm to seal the wound. She then did the same to her arm. "Where we at sweetie?"

Harry checked the map. "Neville, help them on the horses." He led Millicent over to a Thestral and helped her up onto it. "Save room for me." He said.

Luna grabbed Daphne's hand much to the ire of the other blonde based on the scowl on her face. Harry helped Luna and Daphne onto the biggest Thestral before he motioned Ginny over. The redhead came over and with some help from both him and Luna, she got on the horse.

Harry helped Tracey up onto one, though she didn't need his help much with her height. Ron hesitated a moment before getting on with Tracey. Neville quickly got settled in with Hermione and took to holding onto the Thestral's neck.

"Over here Professor!"

Harry swore at hearing Parkinson's voice. He turned towards the sound and quickly sent out a chain of disarming charms and stunners. He then broke into a run over towards Millicent. With her help, he quickly got up onto the Thestral with her. "Ministry of Magic, London visitor's entrance!" he called out.

Harry's Thestral was quick to take off and he felt Millicent grab him a little tighter. "Harry! This is the craziest thing I've done!" she shouted.

Harry laughed despite himself. He could hear more than a few sounds of discomfort, though Luna was whooping for joy. "Wait until I take you out on my Firebolt and we go into a dive or a triple sloth roll." He told her. It was something he intended to do at least.

Millicent laughed and squeezed him. She focused on her breathing, he could hear it in his ear. But he knew once they were on the ground, she'd have his back as fiercely as Ron or Hermione would

When they landed, Harry estimated they had about an hour before dawn would approach. He steeled himself for the upcoming fight. Whether it would be against the Aurors or Death Eaters. Sirius was not dying, he was not going to go back to Azkaban. He entered the phone booth and quickly dialed in. "Six-Two-Four-Four-Two." He muttered under his breath. He held the door open and the others rushed to get in.

It expanded to accommodate them thankfully.

The visitor entrance elevator quickly took them to down into the heart of the ministry. Before he could state their business, Millicent spoke out. "Package Pick-up." It was almost humorous.

Millicent then took the lead, leading towards the elevators. Once everyone was in, Millicent pressed the button for the Department of Mysteries. "Uncle Bob works down here. He's one of Daddy's friends." She explained. "Every now and then Daddy and I bring him lunch."

"Uncle Bob?" Harry asked.

Millicent shrugged her shoulders slightly. "That's what everyone calls him."

Harry began to lead the way, drawing his wand and holding it low. He could hear the sounds of eight footsteps behind him. He trusted his friends to hold their own. But they would be going against Death Eaters. His breathing hitched a little bit. It wasn't going to be an easy battle.

He was scared some of them might die.

He turned his head to look at them over his shoulder. Ron and Neville both gave him a nod. Harry returned it before he pushed forward. It did not take long to find the way to the hallway he had seen Sirius dragged through and push through the door.

"What are these?" Millicent asked as she looked at the orbs.

Harry shook his head. "I don't know." He whispered lowly. He headed for the end of a shelf and began to move along them, looking for where he had seen Sirius. "No." He whispered as he turned the corner. "He should be here. He should be right here." He said.

Millicent looked around and at the ground. "Harry, it might be too late, or… "

"Or you might have been forced to see something. It could be a trap." Daphne said. "The Dark Lord is supposed to be a Master Legillimens."

Harry swore and punched the solid shelf. "Keep your eyes peeled." Harry said, turning and holding his wand up and out.

"Potter, this one has your name on it." Tracey said, pointing to one while also looking about.

Harry looked at the plaque. "June 1980, S.T. A.P.B.W.D. Lord Voldemort(?) Harry Potter." He read and frowned. He tentatively reached out for it. The orb was cool to the touch and yielded slightly before it felt like glass and he picked it up.

"Very good Potter, now hand it over." Harry turned to the shadows with his wand out where he could see Lucius Malfoy moving over with his wand out and pointed over Harry. Movement behind him told Harry that Lucius wasn't alone, others with silver masks and some not slowly stepping out. All in all, it was about fifteen Death Eaters and they were in between the rows of shelves.

"Hand it over, and no one has to get hurt Potter." Lucius said, holding one gloved hand out. "Choose heroics, and we'll torture your little friends and make them wish they never even knew your name. Your filthy creature bitch will get the worst of it, perhaps more so than the blood traitor and mudblood."

Harry kept his hand firmly grasped around the orb. He motioned the other back. "Stay behind me, back up." He told them firmly. He could see Lucius raise one finely sculpted eyebrow. "Your master won't be too pleased if I get hurt before he gets here, will he? You going to risk his wrath for bleeding me before him?"

Harry shuffled backwards with the others, looking to the bookshelves. The other Death Eaters had their wands pointed, but the rows of orbs would make it difficult to necessarily shoot.

Lucius snarled a bit. "Think you're so brave Potter? Ran away last time, didn't you?"

"Mummy and Daddy aren't here to save you either wee Potty." A higher cackle sounded out from behind Lucius. The silver mask came down to expose the crazed expression of Bellatrix.

Harry got to the end of the shelves, his eyes stared at the set of Death Eaters. He felt hot, stifled. He inhaled deeply, keeping his wand raised and pointed at Lucius. "Scatter when you can." He told the others. "Lucius and Bellatrix are both likely to come after me, especially so long as I have this." Harry kept a tight grip around the orb.

Lucius looked amused at Harry's comments. A cruel look upon his face. "And what do you think you can do?" he asked.

Harry kept his wand trained on Lucius. He knew the only reason the Death Eaters weren't casting was because Harry would likely jump in front of the spell fire to take it for his friends. And that would bring their Master's Ire, and there was a chance that whatever Harry was holding would break.

In fact, Harry would make sure of it.

Harry looked at the shelf. He thought about it in his mind's eye. It was solid wood and all one solid piece. Or at least looked it. Harry didn't see any seams. He was worried, scared. His heart thudded in his chest. He didn't train these people. He had no idea what they could do. It was like facing the Hungarian Horntail again.

But he had seen some of what they could do in Lupin's study when he could have it. He had to trust they'd be able to manage.

'Millie, push!" Harry's wand swayed to the shelf next to the one that he had just pilfered an orb from. "Accio!" He roared out and dragged it down. Death Eaters fired but the shelf began to tumble. Millie pushed the one she was behind with a roar to push it down. "Scatter!" Harry shouted as he used his smaller size to slip under the shelf as it began to fall.

The group of nine scattered up. Harry saw Neville go with Ginny, Luna with Daphne, Ron ended up with Tracey, and Millicent went with Hermione. Harry threw a Bombarda over his shoulders and shot further down away from his friends. The shelves fell like dominos but the Death Eaters were also blasting them to pieces with all manner of curses.

Harry kept moving, his left arm up to try and protect his face from shattering glass and splinters while he raced down the rows of shelves. He offered his own spell fire to try and keep the Death Eaters focused less on his friends and more on him.

-Scene Break-

Hermione gave a yelp as Millicent grabbed her and dragged her out. She bent Hermione at the waist and knees to help her run a bit lower to the ground, Millicent trying to make herself as small as possible. "Do or die Granger." Millicent said as they got to a door and slipped through. "Find cover and get eyes on the door. You see a Death Eater come through, hit him with something."

Millicent however stepped to the right of the door and held out her hand axe. Fifteen against nine were not her kind of odds. But they could be worse she supposed. Except that her Harry was by himself. But she couldn't leave Hermione by herself. Harry would be devastated if something happened to Hermione.

And Millicent didn't want to see him hurting.

A trio of Death Eaters approached being led by MacNair. Millicent bit her tongue a moment and knew her eyes were crimson. MacNair had his own executioner's axe. It had greater reach and a heavier head than her hand axe, but it would be slower to swing. She also noticed Dolohov and one of the male LeStranges.

MacNair came through and Millicent turned, swinging her axe for his neck. But he was faster than she anticipated, bringing the haft of the axe up. Metal clashed against metal and she had to dodge spell fire from Dolohov. She pushed the attack on MacNair. Hermione would have no damned clue how to handle an axe coming for her head.

She used fast swings to bully him into the corner, her axe hitting the metal haft of his axe. He deflected a blow and then cracked her in the jaw with the bottom of the handle, forcing her back a little bit. He took a large swing then, going overhead. She dove out of the way of it, landing harshly on her shoulder. She kicked a table at him, but he danced around it with ease.

She saw Hermione taking spell fire from both LeStrange and Dolohov, but Millicent had her own problems to deal with, including a second swing of the axe. She brought her axe up and grunted as she took the impact to the middle of the handle. She grabbed MacNair's axe with her other hand and pushed upwards. There was definitely strength to him, it was giving her problems.

She threw it upwards and rolled out and quickly came up to her feet. She shifted her grip down to the bottom of the axe and turned. She threw it to take LeStrange in his throat, the silver axe cleaving into him. She shot a spell at MacNair. "Granger, haul ass!" she shouted as she charged for the door out of the room and just plowed through it with her shoulder.

One hopefully down, fourteen more to go.

-Scene Break-

Neville ran with Ginny into another room and worked to scramble behind some cover. His dad's wand came out and he held it close to his chest. Neville wasn't as smart, or as brave, or as powerful as his dad, but he would do Frank Longbottom proud.

Even if he never knew it.

Neville closed his eyes tightly a moment. He would protect his friends, he would protect Harry. And he would get revenge on the psychotic bitch that tortured his mum and dad. He opened his eyes and turned and put his wand arm on the cover. The door to their room burst open a few moments later with black billowing robes.

Neville didn't know who they were. "Expelliarmus!" He called out the crimson spell shooting through the air.

He ducked back into cover as a purple spell blasted a hole through what he had been using as cover. Ginny popped up with a loud cry, shooting off a Blasting Hex but she was forced to duck back down as well.

The cover at Neville's rump exploded out and he scrambled to a different piece. His hands scraped along the floor, trying to pull himself along a little bit. His wand lashed out, sending out a few stunners. He tried to keep the pressure on the Death Eaters, but his dad's wand never worked right for him. Sometimes it sent a spell out, other times it simply fizzled.

Neville saw a Bone Exploding Curse heading for Ginny just as she came up and he rushed out from behind his cover. He moved at her and tackled her to the ground again. Pain lanced up his arm, but it was nothing like the hot pain in his right hand, his wand hand.

He held up the bloodied and broken hand. He was missing three fingers, with the bones of the others ripping out of the top and palm of his hand. He breathed heavily as rivulets of blood ran down his hand. Tears streamed from his eyes. But he couldn't stop. If he stopped he was dead.

Ginny would be dead. Harry would die. Ron and Hermione and Luna, even Daphne and Tracey and Millicent. If he stopped, if he died, it would increase the chances of every friend there dying.

With his left hand, he picked up the wand again. Even through the pain, he felt the warmth surge through his arm and into his chest as he aimed it at their cover. "Ginny, get ready to move!" he yelled. "Diffendo!"

A basic charm used mainly by Herbologists the world over. It was designed to help cut through thick branches and vines, and roots. It was a charm that Neville knew very well and was quite confident in.

The cutting charm ripped through the wooden cabnient and took a Death Eater clean in the stomach due to the angle. His innards began to leak out, but Neville didn't look back. He forced himself forward, even bleeding as he was.

-Scene Break-

Luna ran in front of Daphne. Unlike the others, the two small blondes didn't stop. "Come on." Luna said as she ushered Daphne ahead. They couldn't stop and look back. And while Daphne could probably make a stand, Luna had a better idea.

Call in the cavalry

Dumbledore was out. Hagrid was out. McGonagall was out. By process of elimination, that left fewer people that she knew could get in touch with Dumbledore who could bring the cavalry running. But one family stuck in her mind as a family that could get information to Dumbledore. One family above all others, and thankfully she knew how to contact them rather intimately.

The Weasley family.

She lived less than a mile from them and used to play with Ginny before they both went to Hogwarts. And…

And Daphne was dragging. "Daphne, what are you doing?" she asked, turning to look at the other blonde.

Daphne shrugged her shoulders and placed her back to a doorframe. She looked over at Luna with a grim smile before she drew her hand away from her side to show her side was soaked with blood. "I'll just slow you down Loony… no… Luna. I took some shrapnel to the side from the Death Eaters throwing curses like they were party favors. You hurry ahead, you go ahead with what you're planning. I'll hold them here as long as I can."

Luna shook her head. "No, no, no, no. It's not supposed to be like this." She said.

"Damn it Luna, go!" Daphne shouted at her and threw a particularly nasty yellow spell down the hallway. She had to duck back as plaster exploded around her from where a spell hit.

Luna bit her lip a bit indecisively. "I'll get help, I swear!" she shouted before she kept running. Her feet felt like lead, it felt like she was dragging something behind her. Yet she still ran. She ran and found an office. She threw it open and headed towards the fireplace. Department Heads had grates to their offices, so she was thankful to have found the Head of the Unspeakables.

She grabbed the Floo Powder off the mantle and threw it into the fires. "The Burrow!" she shouted. She waited for the flames to turn green and stuck her head in. "Mr. Weasley!" she shouted. "Death Eaters, Department of Mysteries!"

She then yanked back without waiting for an answer. She threw a second handful in. "Weasley Wizarding Wheezes!" she shouted. "Fred, George! Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries!" She was sure she rallied the cavalry.

She yanked back from the fireplace and started to run back to Daphne. Her fellow blonde needed to be alright. Luna squeezed her wand tighter as she prepared for a fight.

-Scene Break-

Ron raced side by side with Tracey. He was impressed with her ability to keep up. He knew he was probably the tallest in their year at Hogwarts, but Tracey wasn't far behind her. He wasn't comfortable having to pair off with a Slytherin again, but he was trying. She was there, she had been at their backs with Harry.

He came to a halt as she did inside of a room with a large tank. It had what looked like brains floating inside of it and Ron wasn't sure he wanted to know what they were or what they were for. "Why are we stopping?" he asked.

Tracey pointed her wand at the tank. "Accio Intellect Vore." She said firmly. One came flying out of the Tank and it attempted to wrap tendrils around her waist. "Throw it like you're throwing to a Chaser, right out the door. Aim for the face." She then tossed it at him.

Ron fumbled with the brain a moment, the fluid it was in giving it a slimy texture. He almost dropped it, but in a surprise move that showed his skills as a Keeper, he kicked it as hard as he could. It went sailing through the air and through the door they had just come through.

The brain smacked dead on into a Death Eater and tendrils began to wrap around its throat. A sucking sound could be heard as well as the Death Eater screaming and trying to keep it away. "Run!" Tracey shouted.

Ron turned and started to run with the brown haired girl. She threw a curse over her shoulder that shattered the glass case and continued running along. "How'd you know what they were?' Ron asked.

Tracey glanced over to Ron a moment. "My family breeds them. Disgusting little vermin that they are, they do actually fetch a fair price. Nice shot by the way, something you working on?"

Ron shrugged his shoulders. "It'd keep me from having to abandon the posts and attempt to keep it away from the other team."

Tracey grinned a bit. "Hail Weasley for he is our King." She said.

Ron got red in the face. He didn't forget the chant that Malfoy had made up. But hearing it from Tracey like that was a bit of a different feeling and it gave him hope for the Slytherins. Maybe, just maybe, they weren't all bad.

Of course Malfoy and Malfoy Senior were still right cunts like Harry said.

-Scene Break-

Harry clutched the orb tightly to his chest as he kept running for everything that he was. He breathed heavily and his chest hurt and his leg hurt from where he took a shard of glass to the leg. His pace was more of a rapid limp as he made his way forward.

He was alone and he had heard at least four footsteps chasing after him. Perhaps he miscounted how many Death Eaters were there. But he knew some of them went after his friends and he hoped they gave them all the Hell that they could give.

"Stairs." He growled as he came to a set. He then started to hobble up them quickly. He stumbled briefly but he kept the orb from shattering. Whatever it was, he felt it was important. He couldn't just let it break. He had to keep it safe and out of Riddle's hands.

He came to a room with a large arch in it that had black smoke wafting about it. He saw the next door and began to make his way over to it when he heard a sharp crack followed by a cackle of laughter. "Accio Prophecy!" Bellatrix's voice was like nails on a chalkboard.

The orb, slippery as it was shot from his grasp. He watched as it went over to the dark haired witch that clutched it in one hand and cradled it to her breasts. She stuck out her left arm to reveal the Dark Mark. She ran her tongue over it, as though gaining sexual gratification from it before she lowered her wand to the Mark and shuddered.

Harry sprinted over as fast as he could and took a swing. Bellatrix still hadn't come down from whatever high she was in, so his fist slammed hard into her face and her loose grip on the orb, Prophecy, whatever, sent it up into the air. With lightning quick seeker reflexes, Harry caught it from the air even at Bellatrix's mad cackling.

Pain erupted at his scar. Pain like he had only ever experienced once before. Thinking quick, Harry determined that Voldemort couldn't get the orb at any cost. He had no idea what it was or what it did. He raised it above his head and threw it down as hard as he could.

A sharp booming crack sounded just as there was the sound of glass shattering. "No!" Bellatrix screamed out, scrambling forward.

"Crucio!" Pain lanced through Harry who was all alone. Again.

-End Chapter-

A/N: So we're coming to the end here. Daphne is injured. The Death Eater numbers are down. The Order has been alerted. Oh and Voldemort is on the scene to have witnessed the Prophecy shattering.

I estimate two, maybe three more chapters to this story. It was never to be an epic thing. Just something I do for fun.

HBW, signing off.