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A giant snake speedily followed its prey. Winding around the tall buildings and pedestrians in pursuit. The snake's eyes seemingly glowed against the dark of an alleyway and the victim had no where left to run.

Turning around to face his attacker, the young man did not show any immediate signs of fear. The only noticeable thing was his elevated double-heartbeat and his quick breaths.

As a weapon, he pulled out his laser screwdriver, or what was salvageable from the old one. It sparked and protested in his hand when he tried to activate it and it refused to work.

"Do you have a language?" the man said, who, of course, was Harold Saxon, or more commonly known as the Master.

The snake just salivated in response.

"What do you want?" the Master punctuated, trying to make himself more clear and understandable to his assailant.

The snake just continued to hiss and spit.

Out of no where it lunged and struck the Master, imbedding its teeth into his shoulder. The Master could feel the snake's venom being injected into him.

He kicked at the creature but it was as if its scales were made of steel, he wasn't making any progress.

"Damn," the Master cursed, reaching for his discarded laser screwdriver.

It sparked again in his grip, clear that it wouldn't be of use anytime soon. Reaching with his good arm he grabbed a knife out of his boot.

He impaled the knife and both the sparking screwdriver into the snakes hide, hitting in between the scales, but barely leaving a mark.

But it apparently had a low tolerance to pain, it recoiled and immediately all 50 feet of it was propelled over a fence, running away.

The Master let out a breath, he knew what was happening, the venom was killing him. The wound itself shouldn't have been fatal, but whatever it was that snake had in it's teeth was potent. He could already feel its worsening deadly affects.

There were sirens, even from here, he could see the loud, red color of the UNIT personnel's hats.

He staggered up, breathing heavily and relying on the alley wall. The golden glow of regeneration flooded out of his face and hands, illuminating and revealing his position to UNIT.

"Who's there?" a rookie shoved his flashlight in front of him, staring in shock at the Master.

The Master just let the psychotic grin take his place.

"Hey!" the rookie yelled, "Help! It's the Master! Doctor Jones! Anyone!"

Just as Martha and some other UNIT personnel arrived to the rookie, the Master's hands and head flew back into the overdramatic and painful pose of regeneration.

The street echoed of his screams as the golden energy flew out of him, wisps of it heading in every direction, including, straight up, to space.

The Doctor was not having the best day ever, he had 'accidentally' popped out of the wrong cake and then proceeded to tell Rory that his wife had kissed him. That didn't even sound good in his head anymore. Staring at the monitor on the console, he pondered how he could mend the dent he had caused in Amy and Rory's relationship.

"What is that?" the Doctor wondered aloud, attracting the attention of both Amy and Rory.

"What is what?" Amy wondered, getting a little closer to the Doctor than Rory though necessary.

"That!" the Doctor pointed to the picture of Earth, but it was different. It would look as if the Earth was giving off a solar flare if it had not been impossible. And this energy was bright gold versus the Sun's molten orange.

"Did someone set up an alien power factory? I don't know, maybe they're collecting energy from another source," Amy asked.

"No," Rory pointed at the screen, "That can't be right because according to the screen, the energy has already been used. Pollution?"

"What?" the Doctor looked over the readings again, "What?"

"Doctor, what is it," Amy adjusted to look into the Doctor's eyes much to Rory's annoyance.

"Regeneration energy," the Doctor breathed in shock, double checking the readings.

"Clarification?" Rory asked.

"Time Lord energy," the Doctor replied, "Well, sort of, actually not really. Just the energy we give off when we're regenerating. But there are no other Time Lords, they're all dead!"

"Is there even the chance that one escaped?" Amy asked.

The Doctor ruffled his hair back and remained answerless, "But whatever it is," he continued with a grin, "There's only one way to find out," he set the TARDIS in motion.

After a ride of bracing and falling they all stood up again.

"What if it's dangerous?" Rory asked.

He was completely ignored by the Doctor and his fiancé as he rushed to meet them outside the door.

"Oh, UNIT," the Doctor stated in fond annoyance as he looked over the crowds of people.

"Doctor!" the far-off voice of Martha Jones attracted his attention, "Wait," she did a double take, "Which one is-"

"Martha!" the Doctor ran forward and pulled her into a hug, "Amy, Rory meet Martha Jones an old companion of mine,"

"Doctor," Martha gathered her thoughts, "The Master, he's here, and he just regenerated,"

"What?" the Doctor finally pulled away from the hug to meet Martha in the eye.

"We were chasing a giant alien snake, we thought it was pursuing a civilian. But it must've bitten him, which caused him to regenerate, we split up, one group to go after the snake, another to stay here,"

"Yeah, giant snake, sounds interesting," the Doctor masked his barely concealed excitement.

"You want to go to the Master?" Martha questioned, eyebrows up in amusement and distaste.

"If you want me to!" the Doctor grinned and sprinted to the growing crowd of agents.

"He's always done that," Martha reassured Amy and Rory, "It's not just you two,"

They caught up to the Doctor when he crouched down to inspect the Master.

"Did you sedate him?" the Doctor asked.

"Figured it would be safer, sir!" an agent responded.

"Okay then," the Doctor looked disappointed, then he went to examining the Master's new look.

The Master's new body was tall and lean, looking from anywhere from 20 to 25. His skin had a pale Irish complexion and his hair had uncontrollable ginger curls.

"I'm so jealous," the Doctor whispered.

"Excuse me, sir?" the agent asked.

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