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This chapter goes deeper into the Master's mind and plans to help you all understand what and why he's doing these things.


The Master kept pace with the Doctor in hopes that his treachery would go unnoticed. He had been fully aware that the 'Silence' was in fact an entity and not just a phobia like he had teased the Anguian with. But he had no idea about where it was from, or its purpose was with destroying others' lives.

He had conspired with Signora Calvierri to discover why the Silence had driven them from their homes. It's not like he was literally going to stab Calvierri in the back once he had gotten this information, but he wasn't going to do her any favors.

She had had no information that would be any use to him concerning the Silence. None at all. She had no idea that they were even an entity, all she knew was that her people had been driven away by something they can't even remember, definitely suspicious.

By pulling out the wires from the TARDIS console, he had messed with the contection between her and the machine. He had made it look like an accident, but it would only be a matter of time before she too suspects he's up to something. She hadn't liked being a paradox machine that much, and by ripping out a few wires, he had released some old psychic pollen that he had hidden there, just to get on the Doctor's nerves.

"What are you thinking about?" Rory asked, an innocent question, but said with a stern undertone.

The Master turned his head to look at him, cocking one of his eyebrows, "The Doctor," he responded.

"Really?" Rory asked, looking in between him and the Doctor.

"No, you idiot," with that, he got up and walked away.

"Is it a ginger thing?" Rory asked out loud to his retreating back.

"No! It's your face!" the Master turned back around with a truimphant smirk.

"Children, children, children, stop fighting," the Doctor pointed at them both.

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