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Rating: PG-13 for language and sexuality. (May change later)

Spoilers: Some Season 2 and 3 references (Helpless, and Becoming Parts 1 & 2 mainly) as well as Season 5 (The existence of Dawn). Spoilers for "Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Movie" as well.

Pairing: Tara/Buffy

Author's Note: I Love Buffy/Willow and Buffy/Faith FanFiction, but I have a sweet tooth for the rare Buffy/Tara stories. I've never written one, and in an attempt to do so I failed miserably. Then I came across this Challenge at 'UnIntentional Tears' (A Tara Fan Site), posted by 'DAVID'. I thought I'd give it a try. So; tell me what you think! This Fic will be told mostly from Tara's POV (Point Of View), but I will tell you if that changes [though, chances are you'll be able to guess!]

THE CHALLENGE: A Tara/Buffy challenge:

(1) We all know that Buffy was supposed to be just like Cordy before she was called! Well lets say Tara also went to Hemry and was treated very badly by Buffy and her 'sheep'. Well years go by then they meet at UC Sunnydale.

(2) Must have Buffy feeling guilty about how she treated her at Hemry.

(3) Buffy trying to get Tara to believe she is now a nice person.

(4) Willow and Dawn find out that Tara is falling for Buffy and play cupid.

= = = (*Graduation*) = = =

Tara closed her locker, and sighed. This would be the last time she ever closed its creaking mettle door. She ran her hand over it's chipped gray paint, thinking about all the good times. She remembered getting little Secret Admirer notes in it when she was a freshman, though they later turned out to be from a boy she had no interest in. She remembered Melissa kissing her against it after the Winter Formal, and again before she left to spend her second semester in New York. She missed her so much, even more so since she stopped writing.

Tara straightened her gown (a hideous combination of yellow with purple trim), and leaned against the locker, looking down the halls. Not all her memories were good ones. She remembered having 'DYKE' painted on her things, year after year. She remembered the popular girls being nice to her, only to trick her into doing something dumb. Looking at the Janitor's Closet reminded her of one incident in particular . . .

Early in her Sophomore year, she remembered being approached by a rather short blonde girl by the name of Buffy Summers. Tara knew perfectly well that Buffy had been a popular person, and had been quite surprised when the girl had even acknowledged her existence. She was one of those people that are so beautiful that even if they are mean and Evil, it just seems to add to their mysterious beauty. Buffy fit that description.. She was known for being Asst. Head Cheer-Leader, and paying people to do her homework.

Tara had thought that Buffy was going to pay her to do her History Homework (since Tara was the head of that class), but it wasn't so. Buffy said that she had heard that Tara would read Taro Cards for money, and wanted her fortune read. Tara, shocked that Buffy had asked her to do so, had agreed. They arranged to meet in the library after school, but Buffy had shown up late. Over and HOUR late! It was almost 5:00 when she did arrive, and only then did Tara realize she'd left her deck of cards in Art class. Buffy told her she had seen some in the Janitor's closet, saying distractedly that he might have picked them up.

Long story short: this had been planned all day. Someone had seen her leave the cards in Painting, took them, hid them in the closet, sent Buffy as the messenger, and the foot-ball team locked her in the broom cupboard overnight. When she got out the next day during first period, it was an explosion of laughter with her arrival. Someone had written 'The Dyke Den' on the door, and all day people made comments like "So, you're out of the closet now, are you?" and "I always though that whole 'closeted' thing was metaphorical!", and the far less witty "Stupid Lezzy!". Tara's last thought on the subject was {I'm glad she got Expelled!}

Shaking her head sadly, and thinking how glad she was to be getting out of here, she unzipped her bag. Hemry High was not going to be a good memory, and she didn't care. From the front pocket of her backpack she pulled two things: a picture of her mother (who had died almost a year and a half ago), and her acceptance letter to U.C. Sunnydale. She slowly and steadily walked out to where the other students where gathering.

She kept to herself, off to the side, and wished that Melissa were there. She missed her so much it hurt. Melissa was the only friend she'd had in school, only later did they begin dating. The whole kissing at Winter Formal ordeal had been an accident. Mel had had too much of the spiked punch, and had been in a very 'friendly' mood towards Tara. Only later, having realized she enjoyed it and wanted to do it again, did Melissa approach her with the idea of a courtship. Little did she know that Tara had been in love with her for almost a year. And for the last 100 or so school days, Tara had been truly alone.

The lines formed, and the students started walking down the isle towards their seats. One or two people tried to trip her, but she had expected it, hopping over their outstretched legs. As she found her seat, Tara took out the photo and the letter, and looked at them. They were her ticket out. Her mother's secret account of money so she could go to college, and the acceptance to a small state school. Her father, brother, and cousin wouldn't be able to find her. She now had NOTHING tying her down, and she had never felt this free. But she was also scared witless. What if she failed her classes, or got kicked out of college? She'd have nowhere to go. Just as Tara was trying to push those thoughts aside, the sky darkened.

Looking up, Tara saw the sun dimming as it was being covered. {Of course!} Tara told herself, {Today's the solar eclipse of the moon! I have to do that spell tonight!}. Tara felt odd though, there was some kind of darkness here, and it wasn't just the blocking of the sun's rays. There was a kind of deep penetrating Evil feeling to this natural act of wonder. Even though the Los Angelus air was warm, Tara shivered from head to toe. {My Demon senses must be picking up on a dark magic} Tara thought, {because something here just doesn't feel right.} the speaker continued giving his speech, though the darkness of this Eclipse was quite prolonged. As the sun slowly came back from behind the moon, the malevolent feeling in the air seemed to die away. {Well,} Tara thought, {What ever it is, its far away and long gone . . . }.

Tara went back to thinking about her spell. She had to do it tonight, and she had to do it again before she left for Sunnydale. If she did it tonight then she could use the Mystical energy left over from the Eclipse, and her magic would be more potent. The spell was for her family, and as much as they made her life miserable, she felt sorry to do it. It was a spell to distract them from her, so they wouldn't notice her as much as other things (for example: shinny objects). She would do the spell on a necklace that her mother had left her, and then when she wore it, her family wouldn't identify her as much. This would give her at least a two- day head start. Once there, Tara could do another spell on the campus so her family would feel put off by it. This way they wouldn't bother looking there.

Soon people's names were being called, and students received their diplomas. As Tara walked up to get hers, a boy hissed things at her, but she didn't listen. When she was on that stage, shaking the principals hand, Tara had never felt so alone and yet so alive! She was officially her own woman {demon}, and she was going off to start a new life for herself in Sunnydale. Looking out into the crowd she saw a lone figure standing, and clapping for her. He father. Beth had to stay home, and Donny was probably still a little hung over from his one man party last night. He didn't even look happy to be there. Tara walked back off the stage to her seat, one thought ringing true in her head:

"Viva Los Sunnydale!"

(To Be Continued . . .)