AN: I have been told that I write very well by several people. So I decided to really test myself. Can I write…badly? That's write…err, right. I set out to come up with the most absurd, pointless, ridiculous story I could, and here's the result. I might add to this story if the mood strikes me (or if I can come up with something else to add to it!) I hope you enjoy my little yarn. I don't own DBZ.


See Goten

See Goten run

Run, Goten, run

See Trunks

See Trunks run

Run, Trunks, run

See angry Vegeta

See angry Vegeta chase Goten and Trunks

Chase, chase, chase

See angry Vegeta catch Goten and Trunks

See angry Vegeta beat the living daylights out of Goten and Trunks for putting bright red hair dye in his shampoo

Beat, beat, beat

See angry Vegeta attempt to kill Goten and Trunks

Kill, kill, kill

See Goten and Trunks end up in the Intensive Care Unit

Ouch, ouch, ouch

See Goku

See Goku bring Goten and Trunks senzu beans

See Goten and Trunks heal

Heal, heal, heal

See Bulma

See Bulma whap Vegeta with her trusty frying pan for putting their son in the hospital

Whap, whap, whap

See ChiChi

See ChiChi bitch

Bitch, bitch, bitch

See ChiChi run after Gohan because he only got an A- on his last math test

Run, run, run

See Piccolo

See Piccolo get in ChiChi's way

See ChiChi run right over Piccolo

See ChiChi trample Piccolo

Pain, pain, pain

See Turtle

See Turtle swim

Swim, Turtle, swim

See Oolong

See Oolong eat

Eat, eat, eat

See Puar

See Puar change

Change, Puar, change

See Krillen

See Krillen lose his hair

See Krillen cry because his hair fell out

Cry, cry, cry

See Yamcha

See Yamcha laugh at Krillen

Ha, ha, ha

See Launch

See Launch sneeze

Achoo, achoo, achoo

Gesundheit, gesundheit, gesundheit

See Launch pull out her handy-dandy weapon and gun down Yamcha for laughing at poor Krillen

See Yamcha

See Yamcha run

Run, Yamcha, run!

See Master Roshi

See Master Roshi finally get a date

…Yeah, right! I'm a fanfiction author, not a freakin' miracle worker!

AN: I told you! Stupid and pointless! Thank you for wasting your precious time reading this.