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Life.0 Just another job.

"Horrible taste." Aslatiel said with a face of utter disgust. The structure that entered his line of sight almost ruined the taste of the chocolate cigarette in his mouth.

A mansion sat arrogantly over the hill, painted in wild colors and with a golden carp on the roof, it was practically forcing any passerby to look in its direction. Disregarding the mansion, the area itself was quite beautiful, as it would be expected from a high-class residential area. However, this house made the entire place ugly.

He couldn't imagine what sort of person would taint such an elegant area with a structure that made people feel as if they had eye cancer. If the client wasn't paying so much for this job, the house would have been destroyed two seconds after it entered Aslatiel's line of sight.

"Rich humans are so detestable." Even though his already scarce desire to work was reduced even further, he munched on his chocolate cigarette a bit and continued to walk towards the repulsive residence.

After walking for some time, a huge gate marked the entrance to the mansion.

"Now, how am I supposed to let them know that I'm here? I don't have a cellphone, and teleporting is such a hassle. Maybe I cou-" He was suddenly interrupted by a female voice coming from the intercom.

"Bael-sama, I presume."

"KYAAAAAAHHHHH!" While letting an unmanly scream out, Aslatiel jumped and hugged a pillar in terror. He was never fond of surprises, the candy stick in his mouth fell to the floor as well.

(Damn it! That was my last one!)

"You've been expected, come on in. Also, please refrain yourself from such unsightly behavior in front of Sakamoto-sama." Sakamoto was the master of the mansion, and a frequent Devil contractor. The person speaking through the intercom was probably a maid.

"Y-Yeah, I'm sorry." A little embarrassed, he released the pillar and entered through a small door to the right of the gigantic gate that had been unlocked after the woman finished talking. Apparently, no one would escort him inside.

(I would expect at least that much from such a rich old fart…)

He entered through the side door as he was instructed, however, the long hallway that followed was filled with security cameras.

"This guy is seriously paranoid." Aslatiel muttered as he walked through the irritatingly excessive surveillance. At the end of the hallway, he encountered a young woman that was probably the maid who spoke to him before.

"W-Welcome. Please, come this way" She seemed a little scared of this guest so she simply turned and guided him without making visual contact.

However, let's be fair. While Aslatiel certainly had a handsome face, his usual expression wasn't friendly at all. Still, the aspect about him that intimidated people the most was his pair of blood-red eyes.

Aslatiel was too angry about his lost candy to notice her behavior, so he simply observed the maid's nicely shaped hips until they reached the living room.

(These sorts of things only happen to me…)

Aslatiel thought this when he reached the living room and saw the person sitting on the couch. A short old man laid there with his legs outstretched, this was Nanigashi Sakamoto, owner of the ugliest mansion on the planet and the client for this job. However, the cause of Aslatiel's regret at his choice of not leaving, was the person sitting on the opposite side of the room. A handsome young man with blonde hair and a red blazer worn in a casual way. He was Riser Phenex, the third son of the powerful Phenex Clan. This person showed surprise when he saw him, but his lips twisted into an annoying grin almost immediately.

"What a surprise, I would've never imagined that the little Marchosias prince would still be alive. You're the son of one of the greatest criminals in the history of the Underworld and now you dare to call yourself a High-Class Devil? How funny!"

"Riser Phenex…" The silver-haired teen angrily glared at Riser.

"Wait, do you two know each other?"

"This man's true name is Aslatiel Marchosias, he's the son of Griffith Marchosias, also known as 'The Berserker'. A Devil who killed his whole clan by himself except for his wife, son and daughter. The boy is only alive because of the mercy Sirzechs-sama showed to a pitiful woman and her two kids."

These words were probably for Sakamoto to hear. Riser took great pleasure in making fun out of Low-Class Devils and those who had lost their noble status. Aslatiel could ignore mockery pretty well, but had trouble taking insults to his mother and sister.

"Is that true? I was told you were a High-Class Devil of great power, which is why I hired you!" Sakamoto said these words while looking at Aslatiel as if he was a dangerous terrorist.

(I don't have time to put up with this crap…)

"I don't know what they told you about me but if you're dissatisfied, perhaps should I leave?"

"Could you? You're giving Devils a bad name just by being here." Riser said in a haughty manner.

Aslatiel was honestly considering to leave, but he was really getting angry at Riser.

"Hm, how about this? Why don't you both try to do the job and only the successful one gets paid? Naturally, I won't tell the loser to return the advance payment." It seemed Sakamoto really wanted this job done for some reason.

"Good idea, sir." Riser accepted while putting the face of someone who was clearly made a fool of.

"What about you?" Sakamoto asked the other young Devil.

"I'm out." He said immediately, without any emotion showing in his face.

"What a coward! You're a disgrace to all Devils! I'll show you the power of a true High-Class Devil."

Now seriously annoyed at Riser, Aslatiel decided to use something he had heard recently.

"You sure talk big for someone who got his ass handed to him by a Low-Class Devil." Aslatiel said with an arrogant smile.


Riser was enraged from being insulted by the person who he looked down upon. He raised his fist but stopped when Sakamoto started to talk.

"Stop it you two, the decoration and furnishing in this room is way more expensive than what I'm paying you. Any kind of rough behavior would be troublesome." Sakamoto was probably attempting to flaunt his property, but Riser was just as rich as this man or maybe more, and for Aslatiel it was nothing but the stench of the 'nouveau riche' pushed up his nose.

"I'll explain the details of the job, follow me."

After another long walk through the big mansion, they reached what looked like the backyard. As soon as they stepped in there, an unearthly presence began to converge, followed by some noises.

"I hired you to exterminate a monster that has been causing destruction around the area. I believe it's only a matter of time before it attacks the m-mansion." The old man was clearly scared of this monster. However, if it was what Aslatiel thought it was, then there would be no trouble dealing with it.

"Well, it seems it seems you called just in time sir, I can feel it coming." Riser said without any nervousness.

Aslatiel simply moved back and seated in a chair located a few steps behind Sakamoto and Riser, deciding he would watch for a bit before acting. A few seconds later, the troublesome creature appeared. It looked like a boar, a giant boar around four meters tall. However, it was made of a mirror-like material, and had two large tusks also made out of this 'glass'.

"D-D-D-DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!" Sakamoto was screaming like a little kid, but probably most humans would when seeing this kind of creature.

"Don't worry, this will be a piece of cake!" When they were talking, the boar started to charge in their direction, intending to run them over.

Riser excitedly summoned the characteristic Phenex flames and released them towards the boar when it was around ten meters away from them. The boar stopped in its tracks as soon as the flames hit it. In an instant, the giant pig could no longer be seen, it was covered in fire.

"Nothing can withstand the glorious power of a phoenix." Riser bragged, the boar would disintegrate without leaving a trace… Or so he believed…

"Idiot." Aslatiel muttered after seeing Riser commit such a fatal mistake.

While Riser continued to brag… The flames that covered the screaming boar exploded.

"GYAAAAHHHHH!" Riser screamed as he was surrounded by his own fire.

"KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!" The entity had reflected Riser's attack with even more power, and then began to sneer with laughter.

The backyard had turned into a purgatory, even the outer wall of the mansion was already carbonizing. The boar had stopped laughing and was simply observing its masterpiece, a blazing inferno.

"Did he die?" Aslatiel asked himself with a bored face.

A reddish barrier-like thing was wrapped around him, preventing the raging flames from touching him. Even the hot air emitted by the fire was repelled, not a single drop of sweat was on his face.


A frail voice reached his eardrums. Aslatiel looked at the slightly burned object laying by his feet.

Sakamoto had crawled into the barrier and tried to cling to Aslatiel's legs, however, he was mercilessly kicked aside.

"I'm pretty sure I told you I was out of this job." Aslatiel stated as he stepped on Sakamoto's head.

"I-I'll p-pay you twice as much!"

"Twice? Is your life worth only a million?" Aslatiel took a small bag of gummies from his pocket, opened it and started to eat them.

Sakamoto however, was pretty desperate. There were already some flames that were starting to touch the side of his body outside of the barrier.


"Thank you for your business." Aslatiel ate his last gummy and said this with a smile akin to that of a demon who had made a profitable deal, probably because he was one.

He removed his foot from Sakamoto's head and kicked him aside. The previously distracted boar directed its eyes towards Aslatiel and charged straight towards him. However, he stopped it by grabbing one of its tusks with one hand, not bothering to take the other out of the pocket of his black jacket. The boar looked shocked from being so easily stopped. Shock quickly became terror, the monster desperately tried to break free but Aslatiel's grip did not weaken.

"Stand back old man, these fireworks will be pretty dangerous."


Sakamoto quickly ran behind a pillar, but stuck out his head to watch. The boar's body started to glow redder and redder until it finally exploded in a rain of little chips similar to glass shards. It only took a few seconds, the remains of the monster amounted to a few pieces of crystal-like material.

"Finished. Pay the money in three days or less." Aslatiel ordered to the dumbfounded Sakamoto.

After saying that, he walked towards something that looked like a pair of legs. They were Riser's legs, the only part of his body that survived the original explosion. Aslatiel trampled on them repeatedly for some reason, but Sakamoto protested.

"H-Hey! I don't know what happened between you two, but please show respect for the deceased."

"This yakitori stick is not dead…" After Aslatiel spat these words he stomped in the 'special place' between Riser's legs.

As soon as he did that Riser's upper body regenerated, he screamed in pain and his arms instantly went to his crotch.


"The special trait of the Phenex Clan is high-speed regeneration, they won't die from a blast of that magnitude." Aslatiel briefly explained.

"Y-YOU BASTARD! YOU ACTUALLY CRUSHED MY B-BALLS!" Riser stayed on the ground, the pain was too much to even try to stand.

"Stop being a crybaby, you can regenerate them, right? At any rate, why did you attack that pig without even noticing the way it looked?" Aslatiel was looking at Riser as if he was a mere bug.

"Did you destroy it? How? I used plenty of power in that attack!"

"Then you're much weaker than I expected. I simply overcharged its body with directly infused energy. I could have destroyed it with a long distance attack, but it would've damaged the area even further."

"How did you become so powerful? A-Are you coming back to the Underworld?" Riser was utterly scared of Aslatiel's overwhelming power.

"Not even if my life depended on it." He said this while laughing a little, but his honesty could be felt. After this last confirmation, Aslatiel finally left the mansion.

(I'm so bored, it's only 7 o'clock and I'm already sleepy…)

After returning to his apartment, Aslatiel left his black boots and jacket near the entrance and had been spending the last two hours eating sweets while sitting on his bed.

(Plain vanilla ice cream is definitely the best kind of ice cream…)

However, this peaceful moment was interrupted by the appearance of a magic circle in the floor of his bedroom. Again, Aslatiel is not good with surprises…

"KYAAAAAAHHHHH!" He fell to the floor and the vanilla ice cream spilled over the bed.

The person who appeared from the magic circle was a beautiful silver-haired woman dressed in a maid outfit. This was a woman he knew very well. She was Grayfia Lucifuge, wife and 'Queen' of the Maou Sirzechs Lucifer.

"It seems you haven't let go of your bad habit, Aslatiel-kun." She said to the frightened Aslatiel after noticing all the sweets piled in his bed.

"Grayfia-sama, it's not polite to greet people with criticism, especially if you're wrong about what you're criticizing them for. Eating sweets is not a bad habit, it's one of the best things that life has to offer. Maybe you should eat more of them yourself." Having recovered his composure, Aslatiel cheekily responded.

"Do I look like I'm joking?" While saying this, Grayfia's face transformed into that of an 'Oni'… At least from Aslatiel's perspective.

"D-Do you need me for something?"

"Actually yes, Sirzechs-sama would like to talk to you about something."

Sirzechs Lucifer, the man who gave Aslatiel a home and a loving family after Griffith Marchosias' betrayal. A person whom Aslatiel considered himself eternally indebted to. His face recovered its serious expression after hearing this.

"Ok, let's go."

Grayfia activated the magic circle again, and they disappeared from the room.

They reappeared in a room that looked like the quarters of a king. Expensive furniture and paintings decorated the room, while two statues at the entrance seemed to represent guardians of the chamber. These were the personal quarters of the Maou Lucifer. In the center of the room, there was a table where a handsome man with long crimson hair was working. The man raised his head and smiled upon seeing Aslatiel.

"I have come, Sirzechs-sama." Aslatiel knelt on the floor while saying these words.

"Come on Aslatiel-kun, you don't have to be so formal with your cousin."

That's right, Aslatiel was the cousin of the Maou himself. Anastacia Bael, the late wife of 'The Berserker', was the younger sister of Venelana Bael, mother of Sirzechs Lucifer.

"Anyway, I summoned you for a reason. Do you remember my sister Rias and Sona Sitri? You were very close back when you still lived in the Gremory castle."

"Rias-nee and Sona-nee?" Aslatiel had always seen those two as older sister figures.

"Fufufu. So you still call them that way." Grayfia said teasingly to Aslatiel who blushed a bit.

"What is it about them?"

"According to some of my sources, the Fallen Angel Kokabiel has been spotted in Kuoh Town. This is pretty worrying, as the only High-Class Devils there are Rias and Sona and their power is nothing compared to a Grigori leader." Sirzechs looked troubled as he stated this.

"So you want me to move there in order to protect them?"

"Your power is more than enough to deal with Kokabiel, while Rias and Sona would also be quite happy to see you again after all these years." Sirzechs looked very enthusiastic about this plan, but there was a small problem…

"They still think I'm dead, don't they?" Due to some circumstances, pretty much every Devil except for the Four Maou believed Aslatiel to be dead. His encounter with Riser would be very troublesome if he decided to go to the Underworld in the future.

"Yes, but that's something you can fix once you go there. I already rented you an apartment and arranged everything for you to enroll in the school where they study."

(A new student enrolling at this time of the year? Sirzechs-sama must have a very large influence in that town...)

"Oh well, since it's a request of Sirzechs-sama I can't exactly refuse." It didn't sit well with Aslatiel that his two childhood friends were living in a town where a Grigori leader had been sighted, but it was still very troublesome to move to another town and enroll in a school.

(Still, how will I explain?)

Aslatiel looked at the black glove that covered his left hand with a complicated expression.

"Don't be like that, just think of it as another job." Sirzechs reassured him while smiling.

"Anything else, Sirzechs-sama?"

"I'm still waiting for you to call me Ani." After he said this he was hit by Grayfia on the head, Aslatiel chuckled at the scene.

"Ok, I'll have everything ready to move by tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Sirzechs asked puzzled.

"I don't have anything important to do in the city I'm staying at, so I'd like to go to Kuoh Town and start the job as soon as possible." Aslatiel said this, but while he certainly wasn't the same boy that used to live in the Gremory castle, he was honestly worried about Rias and Sona.

"Ok, then take this with you." Sirzechs wrote something on a small paper and then handed it to Aslatiel. It was probably the address of his new apartment, and the location of the school.

"I'll send your new uniform to the apartment."

"What? Do I really have to wear a uniform?" Aslatiel complained, this time he was the one hit by Grayfia. Sirzechs laughed.

"This is all I had to tell you, Aslatiel-kun. See you later. Grayfia, please send him back."

Grayfia nodded, and after Aslatiel said goodbye to Sirzechs, she teleported away with him.

After they went back, Aslatiel offered Grayfia a cup of tea, as they didn't talk a lot.

"Thank you for your cooperation Aslatiel-kun, you're always dependable even if you don't think so. Do your best on this job." Grayfia said with a warm smile before leaving.

"Grayfia-sama, a hug?" Aslatiel replied with a goofy face and open arms.

"I decline. Take care and don't be reckless."

Grayfia teleported away, leaving the apartment in complete silence.

(Just another job…)

After this final thought, he laid lazily on his now clean, but untidy bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

Name: Aslatiel Bael/Marchosias.

Race: Pure-Blooded Devil.

Age: 17.

Hair: Slightly messy, a bit beyond earlobe-length silver hair.

Eyes: Narrow eyebrows and blood-red irises.

Usual attire: Black high-collared jacket, blue-grey T-shirt, dark jeans and black combat boots. He also has a black glove covering his left hand at all times.

Height: 176 cm.

Weight: 66 kg.

Likes: Sweet foods, SM play, video games and fighting.

Dislikes: Canines, roller coasters, tomato peels and clowns.