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Said girl grinned when Manon came swooping towards her the moment she stepped out of the car, her small pink backpack jiggled as Marinette met her half way from the entrance of the bakery, wrapping her arms around the small girl.

"Hey there, Manon!" She greeted cheerfully, bopping her nose that the younger girl giggled. "You've grown so much taller than the last time I last saw you."

Manon puffed her chest proudly, propping Her hands on her hips. "I've grown five centimetres taller, I'm a big girl now."

She did, and it surprised Marinette that Manon had grown so fast when the last time she saw her was around a month ago.

Then, Manon's mother rolled down the window of the car, a grateful smile lit up her face as Marinette stood. "Sorry for the short notice, Marinette, this meeting is last minute and I didn't have anyone else to look after her at the moment."

Marinette waved it away, a laugh escaping Her lips. "That's ok, I'm free anyway," She was actually sewing a dress for her mother's friend since this morning, but she could use a lunch break here and then, the dress wasn't needed until next month anyway. "Good luck on your meeting!"

Manon's mother waved her hand, before she shot off as the window rolled up.

Marinette looked down to Manon, who was already pulling her towards the bakery with a skip in her steps, her ponytails bouncing behind her as she did so. "Come on, Marinette! I need to show you my new Barbie, she's a model."

Marinette chuckled, swinging their hands a little as she pushed the door open, the silver bells tinkling above their heads. "Is she now?"

Manon nodded enthusiastically. "Yep! She has some new fancy clothes, but all of them are pink." There was a frown on her brows, dissapointed with the limited amount of colour that was given to her. Marinette thought it was a bit ridiculous to only give pink clothes towards a model Barbie, but then, it could be the theme for model Barbie, she wasn't one to judge a doll. Then again, she was determined to make Manon feel better about it.

She ruffled Manon's hair affectionately, her mind already reeling with ideas that could be made from the left over cloth she kept, all tucked in a box at the corner of the table. "How about I make some clothes for your new Barbie? With all the colours she needs for her wardrobe that no Barbie ever had before."

Manon gasped, her eyes bright with happiness that Marinette couldn't help but grin widely at the reaction as they threaded up the stairs. "Yes please! Barbie would be the most famous model ever!"

Marinette giggled. "I bet she would."

The next day, as Marinette was sitting at her desk, sketching some possible ideas for the doll to use as her clothes, Alya plopped down beside her, sighing as she slammed her books on the table that Marinette jumped at the sudden loud sound, blinking at her best friend in confusion.

"What's wrong?" She asked as Alya propped her chin onto the back of her arms, pouting slightly.

"My sisters," Alya grumbled, blowing away a stray curl from her eye. "They're in that phase where they're curious on make up, and guess who's cosmetics they decided to raid?"

Marinette winced, knowing the price wasn't exactly cheap. "Ouch."

"Yep," Alya sighed, pointing a finger towards herself. "Yours truly. And they had to use the new ones, those still in wrappers, why couldn't they just use what I have on the dresser, only god knows."

Marinette petted her head in pity as Alya let out another frustrated sigh, closing her book as she gave her best friend her full attention. "At least I know what to get you for Christmas."

Alya smirked. "Nah, just give me those Miu Miu shoes and I'll love you forever more," She held up her hand as she counted off from her fingers. "You can bake, you can sew, and you're loveable as heck. If no one's calling dibs, I'll just sweep you off your feet as we ride into the sunset in our golden carriage with our white horses pulling us towards paradise."

Marinette puckered her lips as she made it look as if she was considering on the offer. "I don't know," She drawled, tapping the pencil on her chin. "It's a bit too much, don't you think?"

"What's a bit too much?"

The question came from Nino as he and Adrien sat at their seats, looking mildly interested in their conversation as they turned around to face them.

"We were talking about our escapee to the land of dreams where we'll be getting married," Alya replied with a wiggle of her eyebrows, causing Nino to snort out a laugh. "And you guys are too late, I called dibs first."

Nino gave a pout at Marinette as Adrien chuckled under his breath. "Oh man, I was about to ask your hand in marriage because you make the best pastries one could ask for."

Adrien clicked his tongue at his friend. "Marrying a woman for her cooking is so low."

Nino patted his stomach. "At least she'll make me happy, right Marinette?" He gave a wink, to which she laughed.

"Sorry, Alya called dibs," She commented cheekily as she wrapped an arm around Alya, to which the red head showed her tongue playfully towards the boys.

"Yeah boys, she's mine."

Both of Adrien's eyebrows shot up, a grin stretched across his lips. "Possessive much?"

"What's wrong, lover boy?" Alya replied without missing a beat, laughing at the way his grin twitched into a smirk at the nickname. "Jealous?"

He slid his eyes to Marinette, and she could feel the heat crawled up her neck as she met his eyes, full of mirth that it actually glowed with familiarity that she wasn't able to pinpoint to. The smirk didn't fall as he wiggled his eyebrows at her, and she thought she was going to spontaneously burst at the action.


Then, Mme. Mendeleieve walked inside, effectively ending the conversation as the boys faced forward, and Marinette subconsciously leaned onto Alya as a breath escaped her lips while her heart raced, where her best friend gave a squeeze around her waist in silent applause for not being a total mess in front of Adrien.

"I'm so proud of you," Alya declared quietly as her eyes lit up teasingly, and Marinette poked her waist that Alya let go of her, chuckling under her breath.

Lessons were done, homework was given, all of them went out for a lunch break, as Alya talked animatedly about her progress in the Ladyblog as Marinette listened on, where they sat on their normal bench as Marinette took out her sketchbook, taking a bite of an eclair she brought in the box as she continued where she left off.

But then, Adrien's smirk still lingered in her mind, how familiar it actually looked that she couldn't help but notice that it had the same tilt as her partner in crime. It was ridiculous, of course, to actually compare the flirtatious feline with one of her sweet friends, or rather, crush, but he doesn't know that, and it was better if he doesn't anyway. She didn't want to destroy the blooming friendship they currently had. After a year of trying to form a sentence to him, she managed to talk to him properly without falling onto her own tongue once in a while, albeit that sometimes, she still stuttered.

"Oh, what's that?" Alya peeked down at the dress she was designing, a simple off shoulders number with indigo as its colour. "Did someone order another one?"

Marinette shook her head, a smile peeking at her lips when she remembered Manon's enthusiasm. "Some dresses for Manon's Barbie, she's a little bummed that model Barbie had only pink as her clothes, so I'm making one for every colour of the rainbow," She held up the book to look at it at a different angle, and was satisfied at how it turned out. "Different designs for each of course."

"And you're good with kids," Alya sighed dreamily, clasping her hands under her chin as she fluttered her eye lashes. "Dream come true."

Marinette shoved her playfully as Alya snickered. "Tease."

"And you love me."

Marinette rolled her eyes, before going back to her sketchbook. "Apparently."

Alya plucked another eclair from the box between them, taking a bite. "Anyway, the blog is actually going well, new followers every day and they're so nice about it too. And-"

Then there was a screech, causing both Alya and Marinette to leap to their feet as they saw the Akuma stalking up the stairs of the school, her hands glowed green as her face twisted into a snarl, a purple butterfly outlined her face.

"They called me a kid," The Akuma sneered at she raised her hand, aiming it towards the group of students who were too frozen in shock to move to realise that they were in danger. "I'll show you who's the kid here."

With a zap of green, the students that stood there were gone.

And in their places, were toddlers sitting on the ground in confusion.

Their clothes shrunk with their size, the baby fat had appeared once again around their faces and body as they tried to stand with wobbly legs, complete gibberish poured out of their mouths when they tried to communicate with anyone near them, even if the other party was too distracted at their bags they dropped when they were shot. Some tried to stand, some tried to walk, in the end they were just children who were helpless to do anything at the moment and Marinette had to do something now.

She was about to tell Alya to run when she found out that the journalist was gone, and Marinette swivelled around in worry as she tried to find her best friend, only to find her disappearing in their classroom where the Akuma had gone, chasing after the Akuma to no doubt post a new video at the Ladyblog as the sound of shouting could be heard from where Marinette stood.

God, she was going into trouble again.


She looked down, and saw Tikki poking her head out of her purse, eyes widen with worry. "We have to transform now!"

Marinette nodded, and quickly ran towards the toilet, where she slammed the door closed as Tikki flew in front of her face.

Once she felt the mask on her face, she bursted out of the room, hauling herself up the stairs as she landed neatly in front of her classroom, where the hinges of the door had been teared from the wall as it hung loosely on its bolts and nails, showing her the back of the Akuma as she cornered someone with her arm raised in front of her, the green magic swirling dangerously around her body that it imitated a glow.

Ladybug realised with a start that it was Alya, Nino, and Adrien, their backs pressed onto the wall in horror as the Akuma took a step menacingly towards them.

"I'm not a kid," She told them venomously, flexing her fingers that the green glow started to become brighter. "No one can tell me what to do."

Ladybug quickly swung her yo-yo forward, wrapping it around the Akuma's wrist and tugged it with all her might, sending the Akuma flying backwards at the sudden force.

"Then you shouldn't act like one," Ladybug stated easily as the Akuma looked up, her eyes filled with fury when she saw who disturbed her havoc.

"I am not!" The Akuma screeched as she shot green energy at Ladybug with the other hand, and Ladybug quickly jumped out of the way as she landed on one of the desks, before bounding off again when that desk busted into splinters the second she got off. "I'm Adolescent, I'm not some snotty child!"

Ladybug avoided every beam that was shot at her, jumping and somersaulting all over the room that it was starting to turn into a war zone. "A child doesn't throw a tantrum, kid," She retorted, wanting to cringe at how Chat-like she sounded at the moment.

It was then she realised that her partner had yet to show himself.

"Chat," She muttered under her breath, just barely missing the beam as she tried to find where the akuma was hiding, since the girl had loads of rings slipped onto her fingers and there were numerous studded earrings punctured in her ears, and the bracelets she wore weren't helping the matter either. "Anytime would be fine now."

She was so focused on finding the akuma that she didn't notice the mistake she did by jumping in front of her friends, who were watching the fight in awe, before Adrien screamed at her.


He didn't get to finish his sentence when suddenly, the flash of green hit the three of them, and Marinette watched in horror as they transformed into miniature versions of themselves, all wide eyed and shorten limbs as they sat on the floor while looking around in confusion.

Oh no.


With a surge of anger that ran through her veins she felt for the akuma, she dove towards Adolescent, feeling her face twisting into a snarl. Wrapping her arms around the Akuma tightly, they rolled on the ground as Ladybug gripped the Akuma's shoulders and pushed her down, where Adolescent's head collided with the fallen desk that she was knocked out cold as they slid to a halt.

Ladybug looked down at Adolescent, breathing heavily as she noticed that the victim was no more than twelve years old, so young and full of negativity that it made Ladybug's skin crawl with unease. And she couldn't help but feel guilty that she let her head hit the desk, and reached up to push Adolescent's head to the side to find any blood.

There wasn't.

She stood up, and immediately turned her attention towards her now much younger friends.

They were still sitting there, their clothes as well as accessories had shrunk to their size, fitting them perfectly as they had when they were much taller and older. Alya was babbling animatedly at the two boys, who were watching her with concentration as if she was telling them this great adventure she had, and Ladybug realised that particular situation was pretty much the same as they have always been whenever all of them were together.


She turned towards the voice, where several police officers were standing stiffly by the entrance, slightly unsure what to do as their eyes darted from the heroine to the knocked out Adolescent on the floor, wariness growing in them as they looked at the villain.

"Bring her out of here and make sure she doesn't go away," Ladybug informed the police as she made her way slowly towards her friends, where the toddlers were watching her with awe at the lady in red and black polka dots coming towards them. "I still haven't found out how to change her back to normal, so I need her to not make a rampage around the whole city when I do. Also, her victims," She paused as she crouched down beside Nino, gesturing to her friends as emphasis. "Well, they've became significantly younger."

The police officer nodded his head as two of his teammates took hold of Adolescent's arms, dragging her out of the room. "Alright, she'll be at the station if you ever need her. And we'll try connecting the victims' parents, see if they could pick their kids up."

Ladybug nodded, giving him a grateful smile. "Thank you, officer."

He tilted his cap, before walking out of the room.

Then, she turned towards the toddlers, where Alya stood up and flung herself onto Ladybug's legs, her smile wide as she beamed.


Ladybug smiled as the two boys wrapped their arms around each of hers, the three of them effectively pinning her to the ground as they started to babble at full speed, words tangled together that she had a hard time giving her full attention by listening to them all at once.

She chuckled, grazing Adrien's cheek with a finger before a sudden thought crashed onto her like a ton of bricks, making her frown as she looked down to all of them.

"Just how am I going to take you three home?"