Conversation between a scribe

and a King



You're smiling.

Am I? I hadn't noticed.

Reading your reviews?

Yes, I have been.

Sometimes Scribe, you are so... human.

Your point being?

You've had reviews before. Why do these make you smile so?

I was away a long time, I thought that perhaps in that length of time... they might have...

Forgotten you?

Yes, Sire. I thought they might have forgotten me.

Paisley, really?

I know, I know... But sometimes, I feel... frightened that I might have been gone too long... and I'm not really back, just stopping in.

My Scribe has been a busy girl this past year. You've published two e-novels. You competed in the NaNoWriMo... And you've gotten two more novels ready to be published. I'd say that explains your~ absence.

I hope so Sire, I truly do. I love this place so. It's safe, it's warm, it's my comfort zone.

And you know you are always welcome, Scribe.

Some mornings, it just pays to have a conversation with one's King.

The PaisleyRose is pleased to announce that she's published the first two books in a four book Forged series. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Look for Forged in the Maze and Forged Magic by Patricia M. Bryce, (your scribe's maiden name) At Amazon, Nook, and other e-book publishers... This has been a Paisley Rose announcement!