The woman shot up and look around at her surroundings. she was in strange and unknown place.

Woman : Wha...What's going on? Who are you people? Why am I-?

A medical technician tries to explain to her.

med-tech #1:Miss. Please calm down. It's okay.

Woman:No! Get away from me!

One of them grabbed her neck while she wasn't look. The others quickly grabbed her arms.


She struggled for a moment before she even knew,she threw them across the room with little effort with strength she never had before.


The woman sat on the table,completely surprised at what just happen.

The door opened and Blitz came in. she look at the disaster that happened.


Blitz: Oh dear. What a mess.

She went to the med-techs that were getting up.

Blitz:Don't worry. I'll take it from here. Next time though,don't try to subdue someone who can fling you guys across the room.

She went to the woman on the table.

Woman:Who...Who are you?

Blitz:Relax. you're safe here. We're not going to hurt you.

Woman:Where am I? I thought I- But the-

Blitz:Car crash?


She went to a data console and brought up her information on the monitor.

Blitz:Let's see. River Lee. Born August 30th,2004. New Haven,Connecticut. Died June 19th,2023 in a very crash.

River:Died?! What?

Blitz:Yup. You've been six feet under for the past 20 years. It's currently the year 2043. The reason why you've here is because. Well. You've been cloned.

River:What. Cloned?! How - Why...what?

Blitz:Look. I understand this must be very confusing for you. But rest assured,All your questions will be answered.

She went to a drawer and pull out a set of clothes for her.

Blitz: Please. Get dressed and follow me.

River:Wait, What about my family? Please, can I see them.

Blitz:...I'm sorry. I'm afraid that not possible.

She left the room,leaving River alone for the moment.

Blitz waited outside for her. the door opened,and River steps out. She wearing a black tank top, dark grey pants,and black combat boots.

River:Please, Why can't I see my-

Blitz:This way,please

River felt she's not answering her questions instantly.

River:Where are we?

Blitz:Don't worry about that that. You'll out soon enough.

They walked until they reach a set a doors. Inside were a set of monitors and a chair. Unbeknownst to them,a set of tiny metal balls about the size of sesame seeds ,rolled their way in the room and settled a corner where they change to a blue color. They began to bug the conversion and sent it out in series of super encrypted-burst transmission to the receiver.

Blitz welcomed her to sit down to sit down. As soon as she sat in the chair,the monitors came to life. A group of well-dressed people,all wearing blank white masks to conceal their identities.

(AN:I'm going to refer to them as GC for Genesis Council)

GC: Warmest Welcome,Miss Lee,to Genesis. We are a worldwide military organization commission by the United Nation and tasked with making a safer place. We been in every major war since saved the lives of all of this,the general public including the military, does not know we exist. But we proudly carry the burden of protecting the citizens of this earth in colleagues and I are the council,and we are the heads of this organization. But it is our fine soldiers here,such as Blitzkrieg here, who are the cogs that keep this machine running.

The monitor changes to a room where med-techs are monitoring a clone in an incubation pod.

GC:You are the result of years of scientific research,the height of bio-engineering and its capabilities!

The monitor changes to a clone jumping a very large gap to a clone throwing a car at a very long distance.

GC:You are not just a clone,but you are stronger,faster,more resilient than any regular human on earth. You,and the soldiers of this organization,can do everything that the military and police force cannot.

River look at herself with this knowledge,wondering what she can do.

GC:Miss Lee,we are offering you an opportunity to be part of our organization,as one of our hand picked in secrecy,shorty after death,based on intellect,health,strong genetics. Consider this a great honor,Very few people are granted the privilege of a second life. However,there are a few caveats that you first understand.

GC:Should you accept,you will no longer known as River Lee. You will given a new identity. You will be not a citizen,but a Genesis soldier. Because of that,you are absolutely forbidden from seeing any remaining friends,family and acquaintances. Given the nature of our organization,the missions you will be sent on will be dangerous. You will die,but you will always be reborn again in the next clone. In some cases, you may be required to die.

River's expression changed to an unexpected bad one.

GC: You have 72 hours,starting now,to accept or decline our offer. during that time, you will remain here at Genesis Headquarters. If you accept,you will immediately begin training. If you decline,then...we will have kill you.

GC:...In the meantime, I am quite sure you have some unanswered questions. Please allow Blitzkrieg to show you around our headquarters. Perhaps she will be able to assist you in coming to your decision. You are both dismissed.

Blitzkrieg and River walked out of the room.

Blitz:Well,What do you think? I know. It's weird. you'd think after all years they'd come up a better way to do this.

River wasn't taking the facts very well.

River:I don't understand! Why can't I leave? Why do you have kill me? Why can't I see my family?!

Blitz understands her well and she tell her the reason why.

Blitz:I'm sorry,I really wish that we didn't have to. But an operation such as this cannot be leaked to public. The world would go insane.

River:What do mean? Why?

Blitz:Because we seen enough to realized that human cannot be trusted with this great something like this got out,it would be pure anarchy. Can you imagine? Armies around the world,destroying everything and everyone in their path. Back-alley cloning producing monstrous,mutated everywhere,bringing their back dead loved ones with complete disregard to the natural order of life. Here, It is contained,it's perfected,controlled and we operate under no agenda other than to saving lives.

River:I...I guess you're right. I didn't about that.

She sat on the floor with a sad look.

River: So...I really can't see them again,can I? I...I didn't even get to say goodbye.

Blitz sat down next her. She understands what she is going though and decided to help her adjust to this new life.

Blitz:If you want to know,your brother survived the spent a long time in the hospital afterwards,and even longer in rehab to learn to walk again. But he's fine now,other than a slight permanent limp. Last time we checked,he's working at a law firm in Manhattan. He married twelve years and has two kids.

River look at her, thought her brother died in the crash with her. Now she partly relieved that her brother survived and doing well with a wife and two kids.

Blitz continued on.

Blitz:Your dad retired four years,and your mom still runs the bakery. They're still living in the same house you grew in. other than your father having heart surgery five years ago,they're still healthy and doing well.

River was now relived.

River: Thank have no idea how much that means to least I know they okay...even without me.

Blitz: It's the least we can do.

River:Sorry for throwing your employees by the way.

Blitz:Ha! Don't worry they knew what they getting into when they signed up. It's the job description. I kid you not.

River:72 hours though...That's...not a lot of time! I...Don't know how i'll be able to make a decision in time.

Blitz:Well. Maybe I Can help you with that.

Blitz got up and offered a hand to her.

Blitz: Shall we?

She took her hand and walk with her down the hallway.

Blitz:As you have learned, we are a worldwide organization. Genesis was founded in 1946 alongside the United the human cloning tech first came into existence in secrecy during World War II,and remains unknown to the public.

She showed her a map of the world where Genesis bases are stationed at.

Blitz: We have establishments all around the world,mostly in the major cities. We are located in the main headquarters in Washington D.C. The council work offsite. they oversee all activity and correspond with the U.N. Generally, We are a self-running organization.

They walked down to the next room where River slightly jumps at what saw inside.

Blitz:You've been in here before. These rooms are where our clones are incubated.

River looks at the clones inside the pods.

Blitz: Inside every clone in a microchip. it is connected to your nervous system,allowing it to save all of your memories,and transmit them into the remaining clones. In short,you and all the other clones share one consciousness. therefore,only one can be activated at a time. the next time you die,and wake up inside a new clone,you will remember everything that happen before.

River: I...dunno how i feel about dying a second time.

Blitz:You'll get used to it! It's just sleeping and waking up… usually more painful.

River nervously weighed in on this.

Blitz:However,if you choose to decline,We wouldn't blame you,many before you answered with a no.

River:Really? Why?

Blitz:They all had their reasons. Many were afraid,Other didn't want to remember their past,and some simply died consent,and had no need to come back to life. Those are the lucky ones. many of us who are here never had that luxury.

River:So...What about you?

Blitz sighed.

Blitz:Most of our lives were cut far too of us felt like we had never even up in poverty...

The scene changes to a series of peoples who chosen Genesis for their reasons. A homeless young man trying surviving a brutally cold winter…

Blitz:...War.. a group of people running for their lives from a fleet of attack helicopters…


to Evelyn Kline,who slowly died of TB before becoming Blitzkrieg now.

Blitz:When we were given a second chance to live,a salvation,we took it. And here we are now. No longer struggling,No longer sad,sick,hungry. Fighting for the greater good,I'd say that makes it all worth it. Genesis...gave me that second chance and i am grateful for it.

Blitz:Let's move on.

River smiled at her understanding with Blitzkrieg. She died once and she was brought back by Genesis to make the world a better place. Her decision was going to be an easy one.


***Chapter 2 -END***