"This is the mayor of Trap City" said Ashildr in a nervous voice "I'm sorry I didn't know who else to turn to, but I need help"

"Ah" the voice said "three words I never refuse"

At this Ashildr gasped in surprise "you'll help me then?"

"Of course I'll help" Said the voice happily "by the way who are you?"

"Ashildr" Ashildr said into the phone "mayor of Trap City, who the hell are you?"

"Avatar" Said Alex on the opposite side of the phone line "you may call me the Avatar" and with that Ashildr simply hung up the phone and waited for the mysterious Avatar

"Ah" Alex said smiling as if he too recognised Mayor Me "I assume you are Ashildr" when Alex said this, Faith gasped and then looked at the girl who was called Ashildr, Ashildr looked at Faith too like she recognised her.

"That would be correct" said Ashildr looking at Faith instead of Alex "and as it turns out I am in very great need of your help" at this Alex smiled and said

"If that's what you want, I'll be grateful to provide it"

"I wasn't talking to you" Ashildr said now looking at Alex and then walking straight towards Faith. Faith thought that this was getting awkward, either Ashildr was going to do something unexpected or embarrassing as that's usually how she worked.

"Um" Sky said getting lost "sorry, getting very confused here, who are you?"

"A friend" Ashildr said simply not looking at Sky, and then as Faith thought she did something completly unexpected, she walked over to Faith and kissed her, full on the lips. To Faith the kiss felt long and awkward, but she didn't mind it. Not one bit. As she knew Ashildr as more than just a friend.

When they pulled away, Ashildr smiled and looked at Faith for a long time "It's so great to see you" she then hugged Faith leaving everyone else wondering just what the hell was going on.

"I assure you" Faith said gripping her lover's hand all the more tightly "we will do everything in our power to protect you" she looked at Alex and Ahsoka who nodded in agreement.

"Of course we will" Alex said and he looked at Ashildr who smiled at him.

"I'm glad" Ashildr said "because I'm afraid for myself and my city" she let go of Faith's hand and address Alex directly now "my city has fallen under prey, from an enemy you know too well" she faced the window and looked out onto her city "I love this place, I will do everything in my power to protect it." She then turned and looked at Alex "but I'm afraid my power will not be enough"

"Whose attacking you?" Ahsoka asked curiously and she looked at Alex for answers.

"You may know him by this name" Ashidlr said walking towards Alex "The Trickster" when Ashildr said this, both Faith and Ahsoka looked at Alex who said in response

"Oh frack"

"For now" Ashildr said "I'm afraid you have no choice" at this Ashildr paused and wondered if she should reveal the startling new peice of information that had come to light "also, Faith has some startling new information to come to light, I'm afraid in such a circumstance I would not reveal it. But now she's willing to"

She looked at Faith and Faith nodded in conformation "during my vision, whilst I was passed out, I saw something strange, like someone, I couldn't see their faces clearly, but clearly someone will eventually betray us. Or they will have been controlled by the Brigade this entire time." Faith took a deep breath and let out the big reveal "I'm afraid there is a mole in Team Avatar, and they don't even know who they are" at that the entire room erupted into chaos.

"You've" Alex gasped from the pain "done your worse already" at this the Trickster laughed and looked on at Alez's broken body "what more could you possibly do?"

"Take away everything and everyone you ever loved" the Trickster said simply and Alex knew what that meant "I think it's time I showed you. What I'm willing to do" he stepped away and looked at Ahsoka who let out a terrified scream at what she saw.

"Alex!" Ahsoka screamed and then she ran over to him "are you?"

"Ahsoka" Alex gasped struggling to get the words out "don't...Trap" at this Ahsoka stood up and looked at the Trickster who smiled at her and sent her a telepathic signal awakening something long dormant inside her.

"I know" said Ahsoka and she stepped away from him, she opened her eyes and they were a dark gold "how may I served you my master?" She asked the Trickster and bowed as Alex looked on helpless

"You see" the Trickster said smiling as Dark Ahsoka walked forward to him "all I needed was the simple distraction, and this distraction played into my plans perfectly" he smiled at Ahsoka and wondered about the darkness inside of her "I was considering your friend Darlene, but seeing as how she is now out of the picture" the Trickster Laughed and ignoring the pain Alex scowled at the Trickster for what he had done "and what brakes the Avatar, by taking away the thing he loves most" at this he looked at Ahsoka and smiled "I'm done, this battle is done. In fact it's not even a battle anymore. This is war"

At this Dark Ahsoka spoke in the same kind voice she always spoke, but it was different, it seemed off "War!" She said happily as if enjoying the subject matter "Chaos, Darkeness, everlasting Darkness, I love that" at this Ahsoka looked at Alex and said words that broke his heart "I never loved you, you of all people I would love to see die"

"Then do it" the Trickster said "prove your loyalty to me Ahsoka Tano, and be the one to kill the Avatar" at this Ahsoka smiled and laughed with glee, as the Trickster gave her own Lightsabers "kill him and end this" with that ten Trickster dissapeared leaving Alex alone with Dark Ahsoka.

Dark Ahsoka ignited her Lightsabers and they were green, the same green as Alex's second Lightsaber "you knew this was coming, Avatar" at this she said no more and the Lightsabers struck and Alex closed his eyes...







Chapter 1: An Unexpected Rescue

Alex closed his eyes in shock as Dark Ahsoka swung her Lightsaber in for the killing blow, and when he opened his eyes, nothing happened, it was as if everything was going on in slow motion and not happening in real time. He wondered what the hell was going on as then he heard a familair sound. But that sound was impossible, for it was the sound of the TARDIS, that indescribable sound that signled something great.

It was now a sound of hope for him and the world, and it resonated with him, the TARDIS was just very well connected to him as it was to his new family. Although Alex never really thought about it, he never thought as considering Team Avatar family and he was grateful for them. And then he thought about Ahsoka, and how she had betrayed him like that. He didn't think about that now as he adjusted to the coral console room inside.

Wheras his TARDIS was more organic looking, the Doctor's TARDIS was more coral and more lifelike "I Was wondering when I'd see you again" Aled said when he found the Doctor at the console, which was also coral as well, he stood up and tried to walk but couldn't from the pain that the Trickster had bestowed upon him.

The Tenth Doctor smiled and looked at his son with an unbearable sense of pity. And couldn't help but feel sorry for him, "easy, you've just gone through a whole lot of pain" at this Alex couldn't help but smile and say

"That's all I get?" He said struggling to get the word out "I try to say hello to you ep after al this time and that's all you can say to me?"

"I just saved your life" Said the Doctor "I do that all the time, I try not to stay to get a thank you" at this he flipped a lever on one of the console buttons and helped Alex up towards the battered seat next to the console room, the Doctor Alex had noticed had changed from his nrlmal brown suit and sand shoes to his blue suit, but he was still wearing the sandshoes.

"Thank you" Alex said much to the Doctor's chagrin and he couldn't but feel a sense of regret "the battle, I have to get" he tried to get up but the pain was to great for him so he let out a cry of anguish instead "Ahsoka" he gasped when he remembered what happened "she, she's in danger, I have to warn the others"

"Easy" The Doctor said "what you need is rest" ever the old soldier, he stood up "I promise on my life I will try to find some way to save your girlfriend but Alex" Alex looked at the Doctor and for such a long time he'd wished he'd been there for him. Even though The Doctor wasn't his father he sure acted like it "you know you have to rest, if not for me, for her, can you do that?" Alex dicided it was best not to argue with the doctor so he let himself rest and talk.

When it came to Darlene, Alex said "you missed the funeral"

At this The Doctor looked up and said "I don't really like endings, and I'm sorry for that, I wish I could've been there for you" he tapped some levers and buttons on the console putting in unknown cordinates "I wish there was something I could do to make it up"

At this an idea formed in Alex's head "actually I think you can" The Doctor was smart and when he caught into his son's plan he geninually didn't like it "take me to my friends, if you do this I'll owe you one, let me beat the Trickster!

"If you face the Trickster in the state your in, you will surely die and I can't let my" the Doctor hesitated for a second there but continued on "someone I care about die" and that was said and that was that, the whole conversation was scuppered, so Alex figured there was no point in arguing with the Doctor so he headed the Doctor's words and rested...