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Alec returned fifteen minutes later with a hot bowl of soup and found his Warlock sleeping soundly. He left the food on a table and moved closer. Magnus was lying on the pillow breathing slowly, his raven unstyled hair framing his now pale face. Even like that, he was breathtakingly beautiful and Alec sighed silently thinking how he almost lost him. He leaned over him and softly kissed his forehead, noticing his fever hadn't dropped completely yet.

"Baby…" He whispered, touching his face gently. "Wake up…"

Magnus opened his cat-eyes disorientated, hearing the soft voice and saw a pair of beautiful blue eyes looking back at him. "Ale-xander?" He whispered, his voice still raspy.

"Shh… Don't speak." The Nephilim said, pushing a lock of hair away from his face. "How are you feeling?"

"A little better…" Magnus said. "The headache is gone…"

Alec sighed in relief. "Can you sit up?"

Magnus nodded, even though he was unsure and reached out to him. Alec immediately caught his arm and moved closer to help him. He adjusted the pillows behind his back to make sure he was comfortable and started to pull away, when the Warlock wrapped his arms around his waist weakly.

"Wait… Alec…"

"Shh…" The boy crooned. "What is it, what's wrong?"

"Are you still angry?" Magnus whimpered and Alec's heart broke at the vulnerability in his voice.

'Screw the punishment.' He thought, and hugged him close. He could feel his heart beating fast on his chest. "Hush…" He soothed, kissing his hair. "I'm not angry… I was just scared… I thought I was going to lose you…" his own voice broke at the memory and he squeezed him tighter.

"I'm sorry…" Magnus whispered losing himself in his lover's arms. "I didn't mean-…"

Alec let him go, and cut him off with a kiss. Magnus stared at him frozen for a moment and then kissed him back eagerly. When they had to breathe, the Shadowhunter pulled back a little, resting his forehead against Magnus' who stared at him, his pupils dilated. "I thought…"

"I changed my mind… How could I not, with you looking at me like that?" He said and kissed him once more, slowly. "But if you pull something like that ever again, I'm leaving you." He said seriously. It was an empty threat and they both knew it, but Alec thought it would be enough to keep him in line.

And judging by the Warlock's reaction, he was right. Magnus gasped and looked at him, his emerald eyes wide with terror. "I promise I won't!"

"Good…" Alec said and kissed his forehead softly, getting up.

Magnus grabbed his hand "Where are you going?"

The Nephilim turned to him. "Relax. I just want to bring you your soup."

"Oh…" Magnus said letting go, feeling silly for panicking. 'What's wrong with me?' He thought. 'Must be the fever…'

Alec smiled sweetly at him and took his hand again, kissing it softly, then turned his back again on the Warlock who was staring at him frozen, swooning at his gesture.

The blue-eyed boy placed a tray with a bowl of soup on his lap. "Eat up…" He told him. "I hope it's good…" He added a little nervously.

"Did you make this?" Magnus asked, his cat eyes widening slightly, staring at his fiancé in awe.

Alec blushed. "Yeah… But I don't know if it's good… If it isn't, I will get you something else…"

"You made this, for me?" Magnus looked so surprised and ecstatic that Alec laughed.

"Do you see anyone else here?" He joked, poking his nose. "Now… Try it… And if it's awful let me know so I can get you something else…"

"Impossible." Magnus said with conviction, smiling widely, his cat-eyes shining. "You made it for me, so it's going to be the best soup ever made! For sure!"

"It's going to be so embarrassing if it actually is bad…" Alec told him, a soft smile playing on his lips, happy to see his beloved looking so excited.

"Nonsense." Magnus said taking the spoon, when an idea seemed to occur to him. He smiled mischievously for a moment, then turned to Alec, batting his eyelids, and putting on his most charming smile. "Alexander…?"

Alec was taken aback by the sudden change in his Warlock's behaviour, and was left staring at him. "Y-yeah?"

"Feed me?" He asked, offering Alec the spoon, looking extremely adorable.

Alec blushed again, and moving closer, sat on the edge of the bed, taking the spoon, their fingers brushing as he did. "As you wish…" He smiled, leaning in, to give him a soft kiss on the cheek.

Magnus didn't expect Alec to really take him seriously, and was left gaping at him. He had only said it to tease the boy, wanting to see his adorable flustered look. Not that he minded that outcome.

Alec smirked at him, reading him like an open book and took a spoonful of soup, blowing air at it to cool it down. The Warlock stared at him mesmerised as the boy smiled and brought the spoon to his lips, and opening his mouth let Alec feed him, his golden-green cat-eyes never leaving the Nephilim's blue ones.

Alec looked at him expectantly, waiting nervously for his reaction, as Magnus tasted the soup. His eyes widened, and the Shadowhunter frowned, certain his fiancé hated it.

"Oh my God…" The Warlock muttered.

"I'm sorry, I will get you something else to eat!" He made a move to get up but Magnus stopped him.

"Alec! Wait!"

"What is it? It's okay, you don't have to force yourself to eat it…" He muttered, nervous again.

"What are you talking about darling? It's amazing! You are amazing! Thank you so much!" Magnus beamed at him.

Alec smiled back at him, radiantly. "Seriously?"

The Warlock nodded and opened his mouth so Alec could give him more, and he chuckled obliging, and kept feeding him, as they stared at each other in silence, smiling, until the food was done.

He left the bowl aside and ran his fingers through Magnus' hair softly. "You should rest…" He told him.

Magnus reached out and grabbed the edge of his shirt, to keep him from leaving. "Alec… Will you stay with me?"

'So adorable…' He thought, smiling gently at him. "Of course I will…" He said lying down beside him, holding him close. He kissed his hair, tracing patterns on his arm.

Magnus hugged the Nephilim's waist, his head resting on the crook of his neck, and sighed contently. "I feel better already…" He said making Alec chuckle.

"The power of cuddles will heal you…" The Shadowhunter told him making them both laugh. He kissed his hair again and crooned, "Sleep now, my love…"

Magnus nodded, yawning and hugged him tighter.



"Thank you…"

"What for?"

"For taking care of me…"

"Always…" Alec smiled, "That's what I'm here for after all, right?"

"I'm sorry for worrying you… I promise I will be more careful…"

The Nephilim smiled softly, even though Magnus couldn't see his face. "You'd better…"

Magnus nodded once more. "I love you…"

"I love you too my Magnus… Rest…" He whispered, kissing his eyelids and the Warlock relaxed in his arms, drifting off to sleep, Alec joining him soon.

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