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Chapter 1

"I have no home, I have no family, I have no love, I have no childhood, I have no life. Everyone is gone. This time, it didn't go as planned. How did it happen? Wasn't Princess Serenity supposed to be happy and live forever in peace and Love with Prince Endymion? And What happened to small lady? She will never be born now.

"Why me? I was left with nothing. Not even death. The evil came and destroyed us all one by one. I was the one it left. Why? Poor Michiru and Haruka. They died to save each other from one that they would have entrusted there life. It wasn't her fault though. Makoto hadn't meant it. Not really. She had been the first attacked. She had needed love and children. She was two hundred and seventeen and she hadn't had a boyfriend since before she met the Princess. She was lonely and that was where the monster had struck. It wormed itself into Makoto and then Ami and then Minako. Rei was the only of the inner senshi not to have been taken over.

"Rei, the beautiful intelligent girl that always lived life to it's fullest. They all showed me how to live. Before I met them I was nothing. My Queen and My King, the leaders of Crystal Tokyo, They were murdered in there own beds. and Why? For Jealousy. The girls were Jealous of there all consuming Love. So jealous that they ignored the fact that The King and Queen loved them as well.

"Mentoria. The only being to have successfully overthrown Earth. She didn't live to tell about it. And No matter how much I may wish to die, I know that Setsu-mama and Michi-mama, and Ruka-papa would want me to live. I don't know why. I don't even know if I can transform. What good is Sailor Saturn if no one else is there. Sailor Moon was the one who had wanted me there in the first place. It was she who showed us all the way to live in peace. So what do I do now that everyone is gone?"

"Hotaru?" A voice called through the mists of the time gates. The young woman looked around.

"Who disturbs me?" Hotaru glared around her.

"Do you not know me, after all the years that we spent together?" A figure moved forward through the shadowy mist.

"My Queen?" Hotaru looked as Usagi came forward, "but I have been here for almost ten Earth years. Why do you come now?"

"I come now because You are the last hope for peace," She had a sad look on her face.

"What are you talking about? The Earth is gone, I am the only living being left here," Hotaru said it in a quiet voice.

"I realize that you have not had an easy time, but you must listen to me I haven't a lot of time."

"Yes my queen,"

"Oh Hotaru, you alone were left here and I know it has been hard. I need you to take the powers of the planets and give them to people worthy of them. I don't want you to split them into nine beings though,"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I am sending you to a new Dimension. That you will stay Sailor Saturn, but instead of just being Sailor Saturn, You will be Sailor Dementia. You will have the power of Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and the Moon,"

"What? I can barely handle the full power of Saturn,"

"I know, but where I am sending you, they will teach you to handle it,"

"Yes my queen,"

"I want you to find another girl, one who is worthy and has a pure heart. She will be Sailor Universe. She will have the power of Mercury Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. You have the Power to create rips in time and space. Please do not. You now have the mirror, the space sword, the time key, and the Glaive. You may use them as you like. We are all watching. Do not despair, we all love you. Minako apologizes for trying to kill you," a tear slipped down Hotaru's face.

"Tell her I'm sorry for killing her."

'Hotaru, you didn't kill me, you put me out of my misery,' a voice said in her head. Queen Serenity smiled. "Come and give me a hug, I must go, and so must you," Hotaru ran over and hugged her.

"Good bye, but wait, what will happen to Universe?"

"What do you mean,"

"Will she be Immortal?"

"Only if she finds a true love to spend eternity with,"

"Thank you," She watched as Queen Serenity shimmered away into nothingness.

"Here goes," hotaru put her hands in the air, "Wait, how am I supposed to transform?"

"The usual way firefly,"

"Ruka-papa," Hotaru cried throwing herself at the form.

"Calmly now," Haruka patted Hotaru's head, "I have only a minute so listen to me carefully, You have all of our powers in you at the moment, but you can only use those given to you," She put something into Hotaru's hand, "This is your Transformation Pen, Don't let anyone touch it, This is sailor Universe's Pen, Only she may touch it. "

"I don't want to be alone anymore, please stay,"

"shh, I have no choice. Think about it this way though, now you can put those sword lessons I gave you to good use."

"Please stay just a while longer,"

"I can't Michiru and I love you, please, be happy," Haruka stepped into the shadows and was gone.

"I'm alone again. At least I have somewhere to go," She looked down at her hand. Her pen was Silver and black striped with four symbols on it. One for each of her power sources. Se held it up in the air. "DEMENTIONAL POWER MAKEUP," she cried. She was suffused in light and then she was completely transformed. She looked down, her hair was trailing on the ground and her Tiara was the same. The rest was different. Her Boots were now Black with Silver trimming. Her sailor outfit was almost the same, except that The skirt was Black with a silver band on the hem, along with the collar and the bows, which had silver centers. Her shirt was silver and her gloves were silver with black bands at the top.

She held out a hand and called "Space Sword Blaster," It appeared in her hand. It looked the same, she put it back in her subspace pocket. "Silence Glaive," Her Glaive popped into her hands. "How do I get to this other place?" She called into the mist.

"trace a circle around your feet and say where you want to go," Setsuna's voice came into her head. She did as she was told and the next thing she knew, she was falling at an enormous pace to the ground.

"I hope you know what your doing Odango," Rei told her Queen.

"Rei, calm down, this world needs peace and I know how to make it live. Hotaru was lonely, Do you want her to always be alone? There is no one there for her at all. At least you all had friends while you were there."

"Some of us had more friends than we could count," Minako said looking at Ami.

"Some of us had more one night stands than Ami could count," Makoto said with a smile.

"I admit that I was a bit active, but I needed to feel alive some how," Minako answered.

"Stop squabbling, we have to help Hotaru, she may be over four hundred years old, but she still has the body and the heart of a nineteen year old. Her mind doesn't allow feelings of Love to enter her heart, She needs to let it go," Michiru interrupted.

"I hope we did the right thing," Mamoru said, hand on Usagi's shoulder.

"So do I," She answered, "So do I."