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Killian Jones often wondered why he was doing what he was doing. Did the end really justify the means? He had allied himself with the Evil Queen and now with the Queen of Hearts, betraying the first to help the second. Both women were treacherous. If Liam could see him now… But he didn't think of Liam. He couldn't. If he did, than the guilt would consume him and he knew he couldn't let that happen. If he did, then he knew he wouldn't have the stomach to do what needed to be done. Anyway, what Cora offered was too tempting to pass up. A chance to finally end the Dark One. Have his revenge. Problem was that he would be here, in the Enchanted Forest, while the Dark One sat comfortably in the realm without magic. And he knew too well how hard it was to travel between realms and there was no way he would go to Pan for any form of help. So he was stuck.

"Captain," Cora appeared behind him, her mere presences sent shivers down his spine, and not the ones he preferred, "You look conflicted."

"It's just you promise my revenge, yet I'll be stuck here," Killian turned to her, "Waiting."

"You'd think a man who waited two hundred years, could wait twenty-eight more," Cora dismissed, clearly disinterested in the matter.

"No, I'm fine with another twenty-eight years, I'm talking about a missed opportunity," This seemed to peak her interest and Killian gave her a sly smile.

"Of what opportunity do you speak of, dear Captain?" Cora asked.

"Well, I've been thinking," Killian said, "A window of opportunity presents itself once the curse does break, as you said, you have no doubt that the Dark One will bring magic to the realm as soon as possible. Why not strike him while he is weak? Powerless?"

"You do realize what you are suggesting, Captain?" Cora asked, "You would be cursed, cursed to live another life."

"I have risked far worse on my quest for revenge," Killian simply replied, "And besides, you'll need someone on the inside when you do find a way over to the realm to show you around, who knows exactly how to navigate this new realm."

"Well I do suppose it will be useful to have insight to how my daughter will be fairing," Cora thought for a moment, Killian could practically see the idea forming in her mind. It both frightened and intrigued him at the same time. He couldn't trust this woman, wouldn't on any other day but today was different and he was relying on her. "You'll need to be prepared for when you do go over in the curse," And with a wave of her hand, blue magic engulfed him, "A gift dear Captain, one you may thank me for when this is all over."

Killian didn't ask what exactly what that meant, it was better if he didn't know, so he simply nodded at her. Off in the horizon, Regina's curse was ripping through the land, rolling in clouds of purple grey mists sparking with blots of green lightening flickering. "Your daughter? Wouldn't it have been easier to reconcile with her before her curse destroys the land?"

"Regina doesn't need me- not now," Cora replied, "Not when she thinks she's about to win. But I still have a place in her heart. The saviour will come. And she'll break the curse."

"Aye," Killian nodded, turning to Cora, "So I guess I'll see again in twenty-eight years."

"You won't even notice," Cora said, keeping her staff close, idly looking off into the distance, "You'll have no concept of time in this new land. But, when the curse ends, out quest will resume. And when it does, Regina truly have lost everything, and then she'll need me. That gift I have you, will come to be useful then and you'll get your revenge. And me, I'll… help her pick up the pieces."

Killian took a few steps back from Cora, watching as the woman slammed her staff into the ground and a burst of magic surged from it. A beam of pure white light shot from the staff and formed a dome to appear over her and the land, Killian only being a few steps outside of it.

Well, there was no going back now. "So, I guess this is farewell then."

"Only for now, dear Captain," Cora had a smile that Killian was unable to read upon her lips, "Only for now."

And with that the smoke engulfed him and his world went black.

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