Full summary: The TARDIS makes an emergency landing in the year 1964 after it's damaged while saving Clara from her fate with the raven. Now she and the Doctor are stuck there posing as uncle and niece until he can fix the TARDIS.

While Clara adjusts she becomes intrigued with the landlord's shy and slightly nerdy son, David, who works at the diner with her and is a talented stage actor but doesn't seem to believe a girl could ever love him for him.

As she grows close to David the Doctor advises her to just stay friends because they can't stay long and he knows it'll break her heart when they do have to leave but Clara falls in love and as the reality of leaving draws near she's not sure if can. What will she do? Can she handle another heartache and which life will she choose; her old life or the new one she's found with David?


Clara walked outside very slowly and very scared. It would be her last walk, her last breeze, her last breath but it was her fault.

She had messed up and the Doctor couldn't save her, not this time. Still she lived a good life that was something to remember, right? "Let me be brave, Let me be brave." Clara told herself.

Tears formed in her eyes thinking of all she was leaving behind including the Doctor, who she hoped wouldn't be alone. "Let me be brave, L-let me be brave." She softly choked fighting back tears.

In the back of her mind she wondered what death would feel like. Would it hurt? Would she see her whole life flash before her eyes? Would she feel anything at all? Her heart beat stopped a second upon hearing the raven's cruel unfeeling call.

This was it, this was real. Inhaling deeply she outstretched her arms and closed her eyes and waited for pain, fear, death just waited as the raven flew closer and closer. Clara braced for her death before darkness finally overcame her.

Suddenly Clara woke up with a gasp like out of a horrific nightmare. Her breathing slightly heavy it took a minute to realize she was in the TARDIS sitting in the pilot's chair. She glanced over at the Doctor who was busy working the working the control panel.

"Doctor?" She groaned softly.

He paused and briefly looked at her. "Ah, you're up. How are you feeling?" The Doctor asked. She tried to sit up but was dizzy. "Blimey, I feel like last year's New Year's Eve party." "Yeah, sorry had to rush the process a bit. Didn't want to take chances." He replied.

Clara slowly remembered what had happened earlier. "Wait, wasn't I facing my death with the raven?" She said confused.

The Doctor nodded and gave a smile. "Yes but thankfully the TARDIS saved you just liked I planned." She frowned. "What about Rigsy?" "Oh, he's fine just dropped him off, actually." He waved his hand as if brushing it off.

Clara nodded as she started to feel better and was able to stand. "That's good. So am I going home?" The Doctor's nonchalant expression changed. "Yeah, we've got to talk about that." He scratched the back of his head nervously.

She shook her head. "What do you mean?" "Well, it took a lot of power for the TARDIS to save you and now she's experiencing some issues." He replied reluctantly.

"What kind of issues?" Clara asked leaning against the console. "Extensive damage and power loss." The Doctor answered bluntly. "Will she be alright?" She replied concerned. He nodded. "Oh, yes but we'll have to make an emergency landing somewhere other than your home so I can assist with her repairs."

"Okay, where?" She asked. "Well, that's the problem we're landing in 1964." He replied. Her eyes widen. "1964? For how long?" He shrugged. "I don't know I really don't. The TARDIS put every effort she had to save you so it could take a while."

"How will we blend in?" Clara asked. "The TARDIS has already integrated us in our new surroundings including our apartment. We should be meeting our landlord as soon as we get there." He replied.

She arched her eyebrow and folded her arms. "Excuse me?" He scoffed. "Don't worry I'll be posing as your uncle."

Clara gave a nod. "Good." He rolled his eyes just then there was a loud alarm and a blinking red light. The TARDIS started shaking. "What's that?" She yelled nearly falling over. "Hang on! She just about to lose power, it's going to be a rough landing!" Clara grasped onto the control panel bracing for impact and her temporary new life.

A/N: Hi! So this is a rewrite of "If I Stay." I'm sorry but I wasn't happy with the story so I decided to redo it and since I wrote "If I Stay" after the DW episode"Face The Raven" I decided that's where this story will be picking up as well. The prologue's pretty similar to the old one but the the rest of the story will be different with some minor changes:

The story will take place in 1964, the Doctor and Clara are sharing an apartment and posing as a niece and uncle and David is the landlord's son, he's a stage actor and works at the diner. I hope you'll like it, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

(Oh, I loved the idea of Clara working in a diner so I used it in this story :D )