Title: superman's guardian angel


A superman fanfic

Chapter 1

Twice now today that Clark kent had left Lois lane write a story by herself after making a lame excuse or another about forgetting one thing or another. But this time, lois forgot her vow to keep track on how long clark kent was out instead, she was nibbling the pencil in worry as she frown at the article.

It was late, she decided that maybe she should call clark and ask him to buy her a takeout while he is out in the mean time. Her phone ring just when she grab it. She frown at the unknown number and decided to accept the call.

"Lois lane, planet earth." She cracked as she massage her nape.


That voice freeze her in her tracks. Although it was faint, lois knew it was superman. If the faint sound didnt alarm her, it was his next words that did. "I ...i...goodbye lois."

"S-superman." Lois stammered. "What do you mean goodbye?! Your bleep invulnerable! What is wrong with you?!"

"Doesnt...matter." He whisper with a hint of amusement on his voice seeming to find it funny the more lois rant and rave. He look at the sky and a sigh of contentment hit him. If he have to go, this is how he like it, with lois screaming at him. It is peaceful despite his bleeding ear.

"Where are you?!" Lois hiss.

Superman gulp and hurriedly whisper his coordinates. He is confident that he is a dead man by the time lois will arrive anyway thus saving him from a scene where lois will throtte him to death so he give the coordinates almost cockily.

Lois look at her smartphone with a thoughtful look before she stand up

And cocentrate to pinpoint clark's sluggish heartbeat.

"You are so dead buster." She thought before she shimied out of her clothes and transform into her kyrpton alter ego "mad dog"