It has been 2 years since my husband Roman Brady left to rescue some of our friends and family after a plane crash. Shortly after he left, his brother called and informed us that Stefano Dimera shot and killed him.

A few months ago a man showed up at the hospital. He was in a terrible accident and does not remember anything about who he is or where he came from. The day he was released from the hospital he saved me from an attacker. Ever since then, we have spent a lot of time together. We have gotten really close. He has also become my patient. During a session, he remembers being at a ranger station that has many computers inside.

4 months later:

We did go to looking for the cabin and at first some of the things that we learned pointed to the fact that he was Stefano but in the end we learned that he is in fact Roman Brady. I was so thrilled to learn that my husband has come back to me.

It took a long time but everyone including our daughter Carrie has finally come around to him really being Roman because looks so different but I don't care because he is still my husband.

He has finally started to remember everything about his past and our life together. After we learned that he is Roman, we renewed our wedding our vows. I can't wait to see how our life unfolds in the future.

He was promoted to captain of the Salem Police Department and I have decided to give up my practice for a little while to be able to focus on my husband and children.

My family and I are so lucky, not everyone gets to have the second chance that we have had.