Hi, all. I'm GeneralIrritation, and I'm here to talk to you about the sequel to Gun, With Occasional Hella.

Before I do, however, I'd like to thank everyone who read the story, even if it was just one chapter. I like to thank everyone who faved and followed, everyone who Kudo'd and commented, whether it was on , or on AO3. In the early days of the story, I had the altogether sobering suspicion that I'd just be entertaining the same thirty people every day. But between the two sites, I've received thousands of views, and for that, I am eternally grateful. And if reading what I wrote gave you just a sliver of the enjoyment that I got out of watching the numbers rise and the reviews come in, then you had a hell of a good time.

Life is Strange isn't a game one would immediately link to something like a hard-boiled detective story, but quite a few of you did. You were willing to take a chance on something different, and I hope I held up my end. You're adventurous people... Sexy, sexy, adventurous people.

And in that same spirit of adventure, coupled with the spirit of your generosity, I'd like to spread word about a couple of Life is Strange stories that had an impact on me. You can't take as much as I have without giving a little back. And if you enjoyed what I wrote, then you may enjoy these two in-progress gems...

-On , she is known as "SorainaSkye." On AO3, she is known as "cjwritergal." To me, she is the reigning champ. One of the reasons I picked such an odd tone for my own story is because I didn't think there was a way to get the game's magic back. But her story what we make proved me spectacularly wrong. No one in our sphere of the internet has captured the feel and tone of the source material as the author of this story. I could hear the voice-actors delivering the dialogue in my head, clear as a bell, and I haven't played the game since October. It brought me back to that place, and what we make made it look so damn easy. It's in progress right now, and judging from the description of the story, it's going to be ambitious as all get out.

-Not every fan writer will take a shine to, or capture the voice of, every character in the source material. Case in point in my own experience with Life is Strange is Nathan Prescott. I had to age him five years, alter his appearance, and therapy the hell out of him to get anything I could deem workable. And then along comes autumnmycat with Room 93 and delivers the absolute best version of the character I've seen. Yes, even better than the game! There, there is an unavoidable chasm between what were told about Nathan and what we're shown. We're told he's a troubled kid, but most of what we see is that he's a rampaging asscrack with the morals of a piranha on meth. But autumnmycat manages to bridge the gulf in a spectacular way. The dual sides of his nature are both shown and told in a way that evokes sympathy and revulsion, sometimes even in the same sentence. Now, Room 93 isn't just about Nathan, but if you're all up in it with Arcadia Bay's favorite vulnerable little bastard, then it's mandatory reading. And if you're not a fan of Nathan, then you just might be by the time the story is done and over with. I should know. I'm living proof.

what we make is on both and (and the author's name is "SorainaSkye" on FF and "cjwritergal" on AO3). Room 93 is by autumnmycat, and from what I can tell, is an AO3 exclusive. They're both in progress as of this writing (March 3, 2016). For whatever the GeneralIrritation Seal of Approval is worth, those two have it.

Now. For what you all came here for...

Let's talk sequel.

To me, there are three things that made Life is Strange so memorable and unique.

The first is the characters. Life is Strange was about the dynamic between Chloe and Max first and foremost, and no one who played the game will ever forget them. Now I could argue that the game focused on the character dynamic to the detriment of everything else in the story, leading to a nonsensical plot, dropped storylines, and an atrocious ending all in the pursuit of garnering unearned tears from a vulnerable audience... So I will.

The second is the mystery. No matter how wonderful Max and Chloe are, they still needed to go somewhere, and a good ol' whodunit is a great way to put them through the wringer. I was very receptive to the mystery aspects of Life is Strange, and centered Gun, With Occasional Hella around them. Can it be argued that Gun, With Occasional Hella focused on the central plot to the detriment of everything else? I dunno. You tell me. I suck as a judge of my own writing.

The third and final thing is, well, the strangeness. The kind of strangeness that facilitates time-travel, ominous totem-poles, missing people, and janitors that may know more than they let on. So if Life is Strange focused on the characters, and Gun, With Occasional Hella focused on the mystery... then I think you can tell where this is going.

Strap in, kids. The sequel to Gun, With Occasional Hella is gonna be... weird.

Does that mean I'll skimp on the characters? Hell no. I don't fancy myself a shipper of anyone, but I do go where the story is. An in-love Chloe and Max are where the story is. Does that mean I'm gonna skimp on the central plot? Again, hell no. Chloe is a detective, and technically has been since she was nineteen. And if there's anything Chloe and Max excel at (respectively), it's getting in trouble and making things worse. It's just that there are more players on the board... older, unknowable players...

What else can I tell you?

-It's rated M for language, violence, and light and friendly sexual content.

-Yes, there will be more of Warren and Victoria. I've gone from "I'll pair these two off because the reader reactions will be funny!" to "THEIR LOVE IS PURE! DON'T TOUCH THEM!"

-Chloe will switch between the beanie and the fedora she got at the end of Gun, With Occasional Hella. I just have no idea what's gonna be a sticking point with people, so I might as well tell you that now.

-I'm treating it as though it's the end of a trilogy, so... All bets are off. Just sayin'.

-Speaking of which, it will be my second and final Life is Strange story.

-The title is Legend Has It.

-And the first chapter drops on Monday, March 7, 2016.

I hope you'll be there.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease...