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Being poisonous makes the form something that would require more brains when brawn, so I thought it suited Hermione. Harry relies a lot in his instincts, something that a lot of birds do (case in point flying). And finally Ron is more of a brash, run in head first kind of person. Being a bull made sense to me considering his personality.

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Chapter 4-Sneaktooth and Trollsnot…


Over the next week while staying at the Leaky Cauldron Harry helped Ron and Hermione as they began their Animagus training, trying to coach them through the still painful forced transformation and giving advise where he could while they learned how to move in there animal forms.

Luckily the rooms they had been given at the Leaky Cauldron had silencing charms on them that stopped the sound of the two teens screaming from bothering the other guests, something Harry had not known about before but was very relieved to hear about.

By the end of the week Ron was able to get up and walk around in the limited space of the room he and Harry shared. Though he still had a habit of knocking things over and at one point when he tripped over his hooves had put two holes in the wall with his horns. They had just been lucky that the wall connected to Hermione's room and not some random witch or wizard that would ask questions about a bull being in the room.

That and the owner of the Leaky Cauldron Tom was a nice guy and simple wave the damage away with a swish of his wand and a chuckle, though the knowing look he had sent Harry at the time had made him a little nervous. He had always like the innkeeper though, and was sure that even if Tom did suspect them of anything as long as it wasn't too dangerous or illegal he wouldn't say anything. The man had a lot of experience with Wizards of all kinds and knew not to go spreading peoples business around, it would be bad for business.

Really they would need to wait to practice Ron's form somewhere more open so he could really stretch his new form to the limits, all three very interested in how fast Ron might be able to run when he had the practice and the room.

Hermione however was still struggling to move in her form, which moved more by leaping then walking. The main problem she was having at the moment was her aim. She had the power to jump across the room, but little control over the jump.

However while struggling with what many may consider the easiest part Hermione was doing very well in others. They had discovered that while she was poisonous, with a little concentration she could control it and make it weaker, and after a little effort on her part was able to stop her skin constantly secreting it. This was very lucky considering how during one of her failed attempts to jump she had accidentally landed on Ron's face. It had been funny to see his friend panicking before remembering that Hermione was only poisonous when she wanted to be.

However it was the effects on his friends while they were in human form between taking the potion that made it harder to hide what they were doing.

Hermione for the most part seem to be effected the least, though she had stopped lecturing them every second of the day. The bushy haired teen had taken to spending a lot of time sitting very still for hours at a time and only moving when necessary, to the point she seemed to have stopped breathing.

However when she did move it was a lot quicker and more sudden then, sometimes making him jump at the unexpected movement. Harry had also seen Hermione absently grabbing insects either out of the air or off the floor and eating them, something he wasn't sure even she had realised she was doing.

Out of the three of them including Harry himself, Ron seemed to be the most effected by his Animagus form. The first and most noticeable difference was the fact that dispute still being skinny and pale, the red head could now lift his bed without stringing himself. He also seemed to have more stamina then before. However with his new strength and stamina came a shorter temper though it was rarely directed at Harry or Hermione.

At one point after a drunk wizard had bumped into Ron in the hallway it had taken both Harry and Hermione to hold him back long enough for the wizard to walk away before Ron punched him, not an easy task considering how much stronger the redhead now was. After that Hermione had started teaching Ron to use breathing exercise to keep himself calm.

Then there was Ron's eating habits, something that both Harry and Hermione found hilarious. It had taken Ron three days before he suddenly realised that he hadn't eaten any meat since he started his Animagus training before he turned to Harry with a horrified look on his face. Harry still couldn't help but chuckle at Ron screaming 'I'm a Bloody Vegetarian!' in the middle of dinner at the Leaky Cauldron. While not at the point where he would go outside and eat grass, Ron's diet had taken a drastic turn where the teen found the mere idea of eating meet turned his stomach.

Yet while upset about this change, Harry ideally noticed that neither Ron nor Hermione showed any signs of stopping there training. If anything they were more determined. Hermione had went into Muggle London and brought books on all three of there Animagus forms and spent hours reading about her own in an attempt to understand everything she could.

Even Ron had taken the time to read the books she had brought for him and Harry had browsed through them, having already done his own research. It was because of this however that Hermione had noticed a few things…off, about their Animagus forms.

For one thing her own form, there was nothing in any of the books she read that suggested that she should be able to have any control over her poison. Harry also seemed to be sturdier then a normal bird, as proven by all the times he had failed landing without breaking anything. Ron's was harder to find anything though because they hadn't had the space to really test his form yet.

In the end the only explanation any of them could find for the abnormalities was…well Magic. As cheesy as it may sound it was the only explanation that made any sense.

Before the three realised it the week had passed in a flash and it was the day of the World Cup. They had everything packed and ready, Tom the Bartender had even been kind enough to shrink Harry's trunk with all his school stuff inside which would be dropped off at the Burrow before they took a Portkey to the campsite.

Right now the three were sat in the room Harry and Ron had been sharing for the last week while they waited for Mr Weasley to come and pick them up. It was only 4am, but the Portkey they were taking to the campsite would be set for 6am and they were still making a stop at The Burrow first. They would be taking the Floo Network, much to Harry's chagrin.

Though he was looking forward to being able to stretch his wings again after being confined to a room for the last week. Hermione had made a valid point about it looking suspicious if a Harris Hawk was seen coming and going too often from the Leaky Cauldron, meaning had hadn't been able to go flying.

While it was legal to train and be an Animagus without alerting the Ministry provided you didn't have a criminal record, none of them wanted anyone to know about what they were doing until at least they were done. He was sure that McGonagall would be furious with them when she found out, and something Harry knew she would.

There were no actual spells for detecting an Animagus, which was actually why Sirius had been able to escape Azkaban in the first place. You could force them back into human form like they did to Wormtail, but while in animal form the only way to recognise an Animagus was either to know the form and person beforehand or simple notice if the 'animal' was acting in an odd way. It was the same with when in human form, at least usually.

But there was no denying that all three of them were different…more wild then they had been before starting the training. Harry was sure that McGonagall would be able to spot the signs with a glance. By this point Harry had technically completed his training, though he did still experiment with turning different parts of his human body. However Ron and Hermione were still reliant on the potion, which they were all sure they would be banned from taking at Hogwarts if found out.

When Mr Weasley arrived they shared short greeting before he lead them to the fireplace, Harry not missing the slightly confused look the ma got on his face. Clearly the changes the three were going through more noticeable then Harry had thought, they would have to be careful.


They hit their first major bump within minutes of arriving at The Burrow.

Everyone was already awake and moving around, with Mrs Weasley in the kitchen cooking breakfast for everyone. The moment she saw they step out of the fire the plump woman smiled at them warmly and called out to them to come and sit at the table. She seemed not to notice anything off about them unlike Mr Weasley, though it was probably more because she was busy.

"Breakfast is ready you three, come and sit down. Harry you can take your trunk up to Ron's room after you eat, you look a little thin again."

Knowing better then to argue with Mrs Weasley the three teens quickly moved to take a seat, and Harry was quickly introduced to the only two Weasley's he had yet to meet. Both Charlie and Bill seemed like good people, both funny some of the stories then were able to tell him were very interesting. Between Bill being a Curse Breaker for Gringotts and Charlie working with Dragons they had plenty of stories.

Bill was telling them about one of the Tombs he was working on in Egypt and how three of his colleges had been caught in a nasty curse that seemed to have similar effects too the Cruciatus Curse that Mr Weasley spoke, making all three teens stiffen slightly.

"Ron are you all right son, you've hardly touched your food? In fact you look a little pale."

Looking at the plate sitting in front of his best mate, Harry could only inwardly groan. Mrs Weasley had piled it with sausages and bacon, along with fried eggs. Ron looked sick to his stomach at the sight of it, and was pocking one of the sausages with his fork as he stuttered.

"I-I'm not really…"

By this point all the other Weasley's had turned to look at their youngest brother with wide disbelieving eyes, both Harry and Hermione flinching at the poor lie.

Mrs Weasley quickly abandoned the stove and walked over and placed a hand on Ron's forehead, feeling for his temperature before frowning slightly.

"You don't have a fever, are you sure you're ok Ron? It's not like you to pass up food…"

Ron was panicking, Harry could clearly see the sweat falling down his face as he tried to think of something.

"I-It's not that I'm sick or anything, I just…why are you all staring at me?! Fucking stop it already!"


Finally Ron reached his breaking point and snapped, slamming his hands on the table a little too hard and leaving a crack in the wood as his face turned red and his eyes flashed black. The action was enough to startle the other Weasley's from their seats, and surprisingly both Mr Weasley and Charlie had actually gone as far as to reach for their wand at the unexpected display of strength.

Knowing that Ron was seconds away from really exploding Harry's mind started to go into overdrive and acted before he could think.

"Just tell them Ron!"

Harry's sudden outburst was enough to snap Ron back from the edge, and also had the effect of getting all other eyes on him in the process. He quickly carried on talking before Ron could speak and draw the attention back on him as the redhead started to go through one of the Breathing Exorcises Hermione had been teaching him.

"It's not like it's a big deal or anything, I know you're embarrassed but you need to tell them."

Mr Weasley's hand was moved away from his wand now and he was sending a worried look between both Harry and Ron.

"Tell us what exactly?"

Thankfully at this point Hermione jumped in, seeming to understand where Harry was going.

"Ron's a vegetarian."

The worried expressions of the gathered Weasley's morphed into either shock or surprise as they turned to look at Ron, with the exception of Fred and George who seemed to be sending the three a suspicious look before seeming to grin at the same time. Though without a doubt the most surprised of the group seemed to be Mrs Weasley, whose mouth was wide open and seemed to be trying and failing to form words.

The silence lasted for several minutes before Mr Weasley was finally able to get over his shock and moved to stand next to his youngest son, Ron keeping his head down with his hair covering most of his face from view.

"Is that true Ron?"

Instead of talking Ron simple gave a little shrug of his shoulder, still not looking up at his family. Mr Weasley let out a sigh as a small smile came to his lips and he rested a hand on Ron's shoulder.

"Well if that is what you want…it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Molly why don't you pass Ron the fruit bowl for now?"

Still seeming to be in slight shock Mrs Weasley gave a small nod before reaching over and passing Ron a bowl of fruit, taking his plate away as she did.

Things remained quiet for another minutes as Ron started eating an Orange before the others Weasley's started talking amongst themselves again, and before long talk of Ron's knew diet was replaced by talk about the Quidditch World Cup.

Ten minutes later Harry, Ron and Hermione were quickly making their way up to Ron's room to drop off Harry's trunk, said redhead grumbling under his breath about losing his temper again. Only for all three of them to stop when Fred and George stepped out of their own room and blocked there path, cheek splitting grins on their faces that made all three very uncomfortable and nervous.

"Well, well, well…what do we have here, George?"

"Good question Fred. I have an idea, but it seems very unlikely that my theory I right…after all these three are responsible and well behaved little boys and Girl."

"That's true, very responsible, not like us at all. But even the most responsible people can be tempted to do something…irresponsible"

Harry was getting more and more nervous by the second and could see that both Ron and Hermione weren't doing much better. Ron was trying to force down his anger but was visibly shaking, and he could smell the poison that had replaced Hermione's sweat on her skin and was stood frozen in place like a statue. Even Harry was starting to fall back on his animal instincts a little, letting his body tense and ready to move at a movements notice.

Seeing as he was technically the most in control at the moment Harry took it upon himself to break the silence that had fallen between them, being sure to keep his voice even and face blank.

"I don't know what you are talking about, so just let us pass so I can leave my truck in-"

The words died in Harry's throat before he could finish, his eye widening in shock as all three took a step back. Neither Twin had moved or stopped grinning at them. As Harry had been talking Fred's eyes had flashed a sickly yellow with a very small pupil in the middle, while George's had turned almost identical to Fred's only a very pale blue instead of yellow. Both seemed to have a slight glow to them in the poor light, making them stand out even more.

What was worse Harry felt his own eyes flashing into his golden hawk eyes in response, and was able to see out of the corner of his eyes both Ron and Hermione's eyes changing too.

Without a word the twin's grins grew even more before Fred tilted his head to their open door, motioning for the three to step inside while George walked over to the banister and checked that no one was watching them.

Still in slight shock the three did as they were asked without a word, Harry walking in last with George falling in after him and closing the door behind him. It was the first time Harry had ever actually been inside the Twins room, though he had heard horror stories about it from Ron. The easiest way Harry could think to describe it was 'Controlled Chaos'.

While it looked a mess at first sight Harry was able to see how everything seemed to have been place somewhere for a reason, even the bunk bed standing in the back corner of the room which were both surprisingly clean and made. There was an old table with only three legs in the middle of the room, the third leg being replace by what Harry thought looked suspiciously like Lockheart's books they had been forced to by in his second year, with wooden stools around it.

On said table were several Cauldrons set on what Harry would have sworn were Muggle Bunsen Burners, each with a different coloured liquid bubbling away in them. There were also several sheets of paper covered in a mixture of sketches of seemingly normal objects and marking that Harry was able to recognise was Ruins thanks to Hermione. The smell was horrendous, even with the window wide open and Harry wondered how he didn't notice it before entering the room.

His inspection however was cut short as the Twins moved forward and each sat in a chair facing them, and it was at that moment that Harry noticed that there grins had been replaced with slight frowns. The frowns actually made Harry more nervous than the grins had, and when Fred started talking it was in a very serious voice that almost made Harry flinch.

"First off I feel I should point out just how stupid the three of you are for doing this, even though I feel like a hypocrite seeing as we did it a year ago. However unlick you three, we had enough sense to do it at School in case anything bad happened."

It was at this point George took over for his brother, his voice equally serious.

"What if something had gone wrong? Did you even think of that? What if you had gotten stuck, or worse gotten stuck half way with no one to help? Animagus Training is dangerous even with the Potion, which I am sure you used as none of you are Masters in Transfiguration. I don't even know how you found out about it, because I also know there is no record of it at Hogwarts. We got it from a book that at Diagon Alley that took a year to save up for between the two of us."

Again they switched with Fred taking over the conversation.

"Not only that but you are hiding it terribly! I mean do you really think that people wouldn't notice that Ron 'The Belly' Weasley had suddenly decided to become a Veggie? Not to mention all three of you are acting different. You might as well be wavering a giant arse sign saying 'Animagus!' over your heads…its embarrassing really."

Harry wasn't sure what to say, though mostly it was from the sheer shock factor that Fred and George Weasley were chewing them out for being irresponsible! The only thing that would have been weirder was if Snape walked up to him and apologised for being a dick, and even then it was too close to be 100% positive.

However before Harry, Ron or Hermione could say anything in their defences, not that they could if they wanted too really, both Twins faces returned to their grinning at the exact same time and leaned forward. Harry could see the excitement in their eyes and they looked over the three of them before Fred spoke again, his voice full of humour like it usually was.

"So what did you guys get anyway? You can never really tell from just the eyes."

Letting out a sigh before stepping forward, Harry gave a small shrug before answering for the three of them and pointing at each as he said the animal.

"Harris Hawk, Phantasmal Poison Frog and Giant Arse Bull."

George let out a low whistle while Fred merely raised his eyebrows, both looking slightly impressed before George spoke.

"Not bad, good range of sizes and possible abilities. You also have air, land and even though a little limited water covered between the three of you which can be very useful…"

They fell into silence again for a moment as the Twins seemed to fall into their thoughts, sending each other silent signals as Harry, Ron and Hermione stood uncomfortably. Finally when it got too much Ron couldn't hold it in anymore.

"What about you then? What are your Animals?"

The questions seemed to break the two older teens out of their thoughts, both turning to look at their brother as there grins turned into smirks. Without a word both stood up from there stools and gave a low bow, their bodies changing faster and smoother then even Harry was able to yet showing hey were more practiced.

In a way Harry couldn't bring himself to be all that surprised at the two animals now looking up at him, the only difference between them being the colour of their eyes. Standing on all fours at about the height of his knee were two Foxes. Most of their coats were a deep reddish brown, with the exception of the white that ran from there lower jaws to the base of their tails. Both the end of their tails were tipped with white along with thin rings around there eyes but there feet, lips and the tips of their ears were black.

Without knowing why Harry felt his eyes once again shift to his Hawks.

Even though neither of their faces were remotely human, Harry could clearly see the very human like smirk on their lips. Smirks that were still in place as they change back to human and gave another bow, pointing at each other as they did with George speaking first with Fred following.

"My I proudly introduce my animal brother, Sneaktooth."

"And my I introduce with a great deal of personal shame my animal brother, Trollsnot…ow! Ok-ok, he's Swifttooth."

Unable to hold it in any longer now that the tension was broken by the twins being there usual ridiculous selves, Harry burst out in laughter. He was soon followed by Ron and Hermione, before after giving clearly fake affronted looks the twins joined them.


I had at first considered ending this chapter here…but then decided to keep going because it would have been a little too short ;)


Half an hour later they left the Burrow and joined up with Cedrick Diggory and his father Amos before starting the trek to the Portkey that was going to take them to the site of the World Cup. Harry knew Cedrick mostly from the Quidditch Pitch, the older teen being the Seeker for Hufflepuff.

The older teen was almost the picture of 'Handsome', with short brown hair and brown eyes. He had the body of an athlete from spending hours training, and while not considered the best student was not a slacker either.

Despite not talking much Harry had heard a lot about him and had a lot of respect for the guy. Like most Hufflepuffs Cedrick gave off an aura of…well just being a nice guy. Everyone love him and even some of the Slytherins didn't have a bad word against him, at least none that actually bothered to think instead of insult him for being Hufflepuff. Even then the guy never had a bad thing to say about anyone, and from what Harry had heard was an avid supporter of the idea that students shouldn't limit themselves to only making friends in their own Houses. He was even know to talk the time to talk and help the younger student, which included Neville several times over the years.

It was literally impossible not to like the guy, even if you wanted too. He was the sort of person that would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it more than him.

He was also the only person to ever beat Harry to a Snitch, even if it was because he fell off his Broom because of Dementors swarming the pitch. A fact the older teen not only didn't hold over his head, but also had refused point blank to except because of it not being a far match.

Amos Diggory on the on the hand was a rather short man with a pot-belly greying brown hair that feel to his shoulders lick straw and light blue eye that shown with joy. Like his son the man gave off the general feel of a nice guy, but it was also tinged with a fun loving feel that seemed to just make people want to smile.

The moment he had seen Harry the man had walked over and shook his hand with both of his own, and much to Harry's surprise had not even glanced at his scar. He had then went on to talk about how proud he was of Cedrick for being the only person to ever beat Harry to a Snitch in a way that was clear to all he was only teasing, not that it stopped Cedrick from blushing and rebutting the claim over and over again.

The sight of the father and son actually made Harry's heart ache slightly, but he was still able to laugh with the others and Amos contained to embarrass his son by both praising him and telling them stories from when he was younger.

As they continued the hick through the woods Harry, Ron and Hermione found themselves starting slow to the back of the group with the Twins so they could talk. The fact that the two older teens were not only Animagus but seemed to have used to same method they had/were gave them a chance to ask a few questions.

At the moment George was explaining the advantaged they had found being added to their human bodies since becoming Animagus.

"I guess the easiest thing to explain is the fact our sense of smell have gone through the roof, the headaches were a killing until we got used to it. I could actually smell a fart from across the Great Hall during a Feast and tell you who had done it and what they had eaten that made it smell like it did. I tell you Marcus Flint needs to lay off the beans a little, that guy has a serious problem."

Fred quickly took over while that all chuckled.

"Then there is the night vision, which is very useful by the way. The moon is like to sun to us at night now, even a little and we can see perfectly in the dark. Only problem is that it is a little confusing if we go from dark to light too quickly, but it's only for a moment. Then there is the fact we can move though pretty much any environment like the wind, George did a little research and found this thing the Muggle's call 'parkour' or 'Free Running' that would best describe. Our centre of balance is like a mountain, though not quite as good as a cats."

Again this time George started speaking.

"The last thing is being able to move around without making a sound, we haven needed to use a Sound Dampening Charm on our feet for a year after we finished training."

It was at this last piece of information that Harry notice that despite the fact they were walking through a forest and over dray leaves, neither of the Twins footsteps were making a sound.

"So what about you guy? What perks have you got?"

Harry gave a slight shrug.

"Never really thought that much about it too be honest, Ron and Hermione are still taking the Potion but I stopped a while ago. I guess the first thing is my eyes are now perfect, better if I change them to my Hawk's. My reflexes have shot up to inhuman too, and my hearing is a little better. Ron can probably bench all four of us with barely breaking a sweat, but his fuse has shortened as you saw at breakfast. Hermione sweats a paralyzing toxin that if left uncheck could be strong enough to paralyze a person's lungs or even heart, but so far nothing else has shown up that sticks out."

The Twins simple nodded alone as Harry spoke, though at the mention of Hermione's toxin did send her a slightly unnerved look and took a playful step away from her and getting a role of the eyes from the bushy haired girl in response.

They carried on walking for another minute before Hermione broke the silence with a question of her own, one that Harry himself had been meaning to but forgot because of everything else going on.

"What was that thing you did with your eyes before, I mean I know Harry does it all the time but why did ours react to you doing it?"

The question got a loud laugh from the Twins that caught the attention of the rest of their group and a slight frown from Mr Weasley, who narrowed his eyes now that he noticed the five of them lingering back out of earshot. It wasn't until he gave the man an exasperated shrug and rolled his eyes at the Twins that the man seemed to relax a little and turn his attention back to the conversation he had been having with Amos, though Harry was sure the man was getting suspicious and would be keeping a closer eye on them for a while.

After waiting another minute to make sure the attention was truly off of them and they could speak freely, Fred gave the them a small grin and tapped the side of his head on his left temple.

"Animal Instinct Hermione, Animal Instinct. When two or more Animagus come face to face if one shows the other there eyes it's like a beacon to their inner animal and the magic 'flares' in response. It's like an instinctive reflect for Animagus and is one of the only ways to tell if someone is one, even if it only works between Animagus and you can't really tell what they are."

Harry's mind quick ran over this information before a realization hit him that made his face pale and eyes flash in nervousness.

"Wait, if that's true then how the Hell hasn't McGonagall busted you guys already? What to stop her busting us too for that matter?"

This time it was George who answered, giving a slight shrug of his shoulders as he did.

"Never gave her a reason to suspect us in the first place for one thing, we actually got lucky in that our animal natures are a little tame and mesh with our Human nature well. The only advice I can give you is to try and keep a low profile and not look into her eyes wherever possible. If she'd in the middle of yelling at you for something just look guilty and stare at your feet, adults never think twice about kid not meeting their eyes when they are being told off."

It was good advice and Harry was sure all three of them would be carful to follow it, but at the same time when had things ever been that easy for Harry?


Hope you liked the chapter :)

I will say now that Cedrick is going to be an alley to Harry throughout the Triwizard Tournament. I am not saying he will survive at the end, but also not confirming he will. I plan to have all of the other champions taking a different approach to having an unintended fourth champion who clearly didn't want to enter and is too young to know enough magic to compete without help.

I don't want to go into too much detail, though I might have already.

In regard to Fred and George's Animagus forms being Foxes, I thought a lot about different ones before settling on them. I kid you not I even considered Squirrels. Their names however were a lot harder. While they don't know about the Marauders being Animagus, I thought they would want to names themselves in a similar way to their 'idles'. All of whom might I add, have some of the oddest nicknames.

Also easy way to remember the difference between there Animagus forms is Fred has Yellow eyes and George had Blue. (I admit I also put this last sentence in to remind myself later without needing to read through the whole scene again ;P)

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