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It was about a year after the end of the war that Ron and I split up. I honestly don't know how we lasted that long. We all dealt with some serious PTSD but no one more than Ron. Even Harry didn't suffer as badly. After 6 months, Ron had lost 50 pounds, couldn't sleep more than a two hour stretch at a time and would viscerally react to flashing light. We begged him to check into a full time care facility and for another month he attempted to heal himself and then gave in.

He began to get better after that but he and I couldn't reconcile the time or the oddness we felt around one another. For all intents and purposes, I had tended to Ron like a full time nurse to an invalid for 7 months. We shared an intimacy that was not the kind that you share with someone you're passionate with. In that sense, we only ever shared kisses but believe me when I say; I knew every inch of his body and its functions.

We parted ways as "lovers," though that term could only ever be applied loosely to us, but we never parted as friends. It is still part of my daily routine to call or text when I first wake up and failing that, I send my patronus along with a cheerful good morning. I know I shouldn't worry any more, it has been years, but therapy taught me, Ron and Harry the importance of a support network. I had to recover too. I think this is part of it.

After that first year when we licked our wounds and hid, for lack of a better phrase, I decided I was probably recovered enough to begin to work again. I won't lie. It took time to build my magic back up. Casting felt foreign to me as a vehicle to do work. To this day, I probably don't use magic as much as the average witch. I prefer to use muggle technology and my own two hands when I'm able. Ron isn't the only one who finds wand flashes unsettling at times.