A/N: Fin and Epilogue

"Draco have you seen my bag?" I hollered across the vast hall.

I heard his steps approaching and gurgling giggle from his arms, "No, but I bet you it is in the last place you'll look."

I smirked at him, "Thin ice methinks."

He kissed the smiling girl in his arms, "Always with you love, always."

I threw a shoe at his feet and he told our daughter to duck and cover as they exited the room. I finally found my bag in the foyer on the coat rack beneath my heavy coat. Draco was waiting there and had bundled up Sophia. She was a beautiful baby, even in a heavy infant flannel onesie.

"We'd better be off or Harry and Ginny will try to steal Scorpius and add him to their brood. You've heard how in love with him they all are. Are you sure you want to take Sophie with us? It'll be the first time she's been in company with other kids and you know we'll pay for that with sick nights."

He shrugged, "Of course. I have to show off my beautiful girl when I get the chance. Besides she's 8 weeks old now. She'll be fine."

"OK, but you have to get up with her."

He gave me one of his sly looks, "If you get up with me then we could have much more fun."

"Incorrigible rake!"

"Only for you love."

We picked up Scorpius and the kids played for some time. Ginny was heavily pregnant with what they claimed was going to be their last child. Since they were on number five (or six with the addition of Teddy), I was skeptical.

Draco and I will always remember this day. Harry had just stepped out for some things for dinner and Ginny groaned. I asked, "What's the matter? Is it time?"

She giggled, "I told Harry this would happen. I've actually been having small contractions all day but I didn't think it was active labor, but….. ouch….. this is it. I'll just….. go upstairs and grab my bag. Can you keep an eye on the children and send Harry along?"

Draco and I eyed one another and silently decided we'd call Molly to come help us and then told her yes. About 10 minutes later when Ginny had still not come down with her bag for St. Mungos I went after her with Sophia strapped to me in a wrap and found her on all fours in her bathroom. She was naked from the waist down and she said between pants, "No time. Baby is coming now! I have to push."

I panicked but had enough wherewithal to send my patronus to Draco and Harry and St. Mungos. Sure enough three pushes and I was catching a baby. May I never have to see Ginny ass up giving birth again, but that isn't the interesting part. No the interesting part is that as I was wrapping him in a towel his bright green eyes were wide open and he was staring quietly, with an oddly rapt look for an infant, at Sophia. She reached out and tried at swat at his wrinkled face and began to cry and his cry soon joined hers. It was a sweet moment before bedlam broke out. Healers and men and the whole nine yards.

We were exhausted when we got home and finally got Scorpius in bed and Sophie was asleep in my arms. We decided to have a light dinner in the library but with almost a 6th sense Draco stopped dead in his tracks upon entering.

"Hermione, look there."

I looked up and gasped. There, high in the library was a book glowing a faint rose color. "Do you think…..?"

Draco gingerly took the ladder over and pulled the book down. He started laughing a deep laugh, "Oh father and mother are just going to love this…."

The Love Story of the 19th Generation of the Mal-foi House

Arthur Sirius Potter and Sophia Narcissa Malfoy