Deadly Love

(nuclear explosion. Wanda stalks through the trees, looking pissed. Tyene follows behind her, glancing over her shoulder a couple of times)

Wanda: Okay, if that doesn't kill Block, I'm running out of ideas.

Tyene: You could always recall the Rocket Launcher, you know.

Wanda: Well, if that didn't finish it off the FIRST time...!

Tyene: You can never go wrong with an over abundance of firepower.

Wanda: I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter 2: Chains of Retribution

It was a home in Florida, a small two story house on the edge of Daytona Beach. It had been for sale for two weeks, snatched off the market and bought a bare twelve hours ago. A simple and happy place, in the sunshine state.

An elf was busy making breakfast as sunlight fell through the windows of the house.

At the end of the hallway, two children were sleeping in two soft beds. A young boy and a girl, who despite having no parents in sight, looked both comfortable and happy. While they weren't sharing a cot, their hands were hanging off the sides until they were nearly touching.

It looked cute without context, but anyone who knew who the two children were recognized how intimate their bond was.

"Tracey, Harry, it's time to wake up." Missy said, her voice bright and sunny. "It's past nine. You need to shower!"

Tracey sighed and rolled over, placing her pillow over her head. "Ten more minutes," She asked sleepily, a smile on her face.

Harry grunted in agreement; he had never slept so comfortably before. When your horizons in the world were the cupboard under the stairs, a memory foam bed felt like paradise.

"Tracey, it's time for breakfast!" Missy said in affectionate exasperation. The elf teleported in to the bedroom and shook the redhead's shoulder.

Something very strange had happened when the motly crew crossed the border into America – Missy had gone through a startling transformation. Once an twisted, stunted creature, she had grown three feet, grown out soft blonde hair, and was clad in a white dress.

As it turned out, the House Elves were not in their natural state of being as abused servants.

Once they were wood elves, one of the original practitioners of magic. While many avoided human contact, being more at peace among the animals and the trees, there were a number who loved their mortal companions and stayed by their side.

One day, a Dark Lord wished to create a branch truly loyal servants, for he feared betrayal among his own ranks.

He created an enslavement seal that he placed on his wood elf lover, and her entire family. This transformed them into

At first, this was rightly condemned as a sign of his viciousness and cruelty. Several witches and wizards attempted to undo the damage, including the legendary Rowena Ravenclaw. While she couldn't break it entirely, Ravenclaw managed to weaken it and install a failsafe – love magic could shatter the curse and return the elves to their rightful life.

Unfortunately, after the deaths of the Hogwarts four, the nobility took the House Elves as their slaves. They made no attempt to trigger the fail safe, and found amusement in torturing their unwilling serfs.

The House Elves were subjected to more and more indignities as the years went on, their rights systematically removed and their history suppressed and forgotten. But then, in the 19th century, there was hope.

When America abolished slavery, they abolished it in its entirety. The mundane and magical governments in tandem decided that in removing slavery, they removed all slavery – including that of magical creatures.

America had her faults, but it was universally recognized – when she made decisions, she did nothing by halves.

So now Missy was a free agent once again, restored to her Wood Elf form. She adopted Tracey and Harry as her children and vowed to protect them. Now five feet tall, blonde hair and blue eyes, pale skinned and beautiful to behold, she turned and pulled Harry's blanket back from over his head.

"Come on, Harry. Breakfast is ready." She chided.

Harry frowned petulantly for a moment, before grinning and getting up. He was excited; Missy was a great cook.

There was a pair of packages sitting next to the door as Tracey and Harry passed by to get to the kitchen. The two smiled at each other; the order had finally come in. The final touches of a retribution for the abuse they had suffered.

As they ate, Missy stepped back into the hall and opened the packages.

One of them contained a number of glittering golden bracelets. They looked pretty, but they were used on criminals and especially troubled magical children to prevent them from using their magic until they were removed. They suppressed magic entirely and could only be removed by another power.

Harry was the one who found the bracelets and came up with the plan.

The other box simply contained textbooks for those who preferred to be home schooled.

In the kitchen, Tracey slurped up one of her three pancakes. She was beaming; Harry had introduced her to this breakfast food and she immediately became addicted to them. Her plate was nearly drowned in maple syrup, with two more large pancakes just waiting to be eaten.

Harry was eating more sedately, mainly because he was grinning. "It's nice, huh?" He smiled.

"I can't wait to make some with you tomorrow," Tracey said.

Harry actually liked cooking; it was one of the few things Petunia had done well for him. He was pretty good at it too. Tracey wanted to learn from him; so starting with something fairly easy was smart, especially when you were looking forward to the result.

"It'll be fun. Then we can go to Disney World. I can't wait to show you some of the rides there," Harry enthused. While obviously the Dursleys had never taken him, Miss Figg had shown Harry some of the Disney movies when he had stayed over at her place. Harry had grown attached to them and had hoped that someday he'd be able to go to one of the amusement parks himself.

It was one of the things he loved a lot, and he wanted to share that with Tracey.

Tracey beamed. "I can't wait." She responded cheerfully. "We can go in the evening after we deal with the 'thing'; maybe the lines will be shorter then."

The 'thing' went without saying; it was why Missy had bought the bracelets after all.

Once the dishes were done, Missy took both Harry and Tracey by the hand and apparated out of their house. They transported to a border terminal to get the portkey they would need before returning to Britain for the last time.

**~Great Britain, Davis Mansion~**

Kaius Davis slept in a large, medieval style bed next to his wife/sister Priscilla. In the room next to him, Fredrick Davis had fallen off his bed and was now sleeping on the floor.

Missy appeared out in the hallway. Tracey instantly tensed up when the house came into focus for her. Harry reached out and held her hand. The redhead nodded gratefully before taking one of the golden shackles and pushing the door open.

Missy stood on her right and cast a sleeping spell over the two jailers.

Tracey bit her lip, her eyes narrowing into slits. She snapped the shackle on both hands, tightening it as closely as it would go. She locked her mother's wrists next.

Harry smirked when Kaius and Priscilla both shuddered as the power limitation took hold. There was no sympathy in the twelve year old as the magic was stripped away from his dear friend's tormentors.

As the years had gone by, the nobility had forgotten one extremely important lesson:

Be careful who you try to destroy. It may come back to visit you.

Tracey, feeling rather vindictive, slapped three manacles on her uncle instead of the usual two. Once that was done, she walked back to Missy's side.

The Wood elf snapped her fingers and teleported herself, her children and the manacled victims away from the mansion to the middle of muggle London.


Kaius and Priscilla were rudely hauled away by the muggle police when they tried to punish their daughter for disappearing. Kaius attempted to obliviate the nosy non magicals...only to discover his magic was dormant.

And then the humiliation began...

Both him and his family were both declared insane by the police and immediately hauled into custody. They were strapped into straight jackets, and put in separate padded rooms.

They were handled like children, and several cops laughed at them when Kaius attempted to intimidate them with his rank within the Ministry. The 'therapist' wrote this down as part of their delusions and promised they'd be transported to the most comfortable hospital they could afford.

During Fredrick's interview, the therapist discovered his 'sickening sexual appetite' and declared that he couldn't be released. When Kaius tried to protest, he was slapped with a transfer away from his wife. DNA testing proved they were siblings.

None of them would ever leave the mental hospital.

End Chapter

Yeah, if you could suppress a wizard's magic, they would be committed in seconds when they entered the muggle world. Especially since the pure bloods never bother to learn anything about their non magical neighbors. Sorry about the shortness compared to the first one, but...writer's block. Again. Sorry.

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