Answers To Your Questions

^.~ & WhitneyLin : I know don't you just hate it when a story ends? I know I do.

Inuyasha luver: Thank you =^-^=

Nankinmai: *claps * I must say reading 21 chapters all in one night 0.0 I congratulated you! * round of applause * Hehe, I just had to end the story with a slight cliffy huh? Shippo wasn't able to hold Inu back very well, but he was trying to. And as for the doggy ears well . . . everybody just loves them and you can't leave them out. Its hard too. *giggles * But thank you very much, am glad you enjoyed the story.

AznGurl : Yeah I guess I did right a lot of chapters *nervous laugh *

Amcifc : I didn't know shit was good . . . sorry I just had too! Anyways Am happy you like it =^-^=

Cepherin : Yes . . . hehe I noticed I made those boo-boo's me and my bad spelling. Its good to know someone likes my style of writing. *glares at one of my friends that maybe reading this * See! I write good! I've gotten better!

Vixie: Thank you so much! I literally almost cried, that was one of the best reviews i ever got! *sniff sniff * I feel up for making an Sequel I think *reads further down * 0.0 Oh dear! Please don't kill me! If you do I can't write the sequel! *hides in a closet then pokes my head out from behind the door * Wow! My story stayed in those lines . . . 0.0 I think I wanna throw a party! AM SO HAPPY!!!!! *giggles like a school girl scary everybody away as I dance with a broomstick chanting 'Am so happy and I got over 100 reviews and also that I made the readers really get into the story * YOU ALL GET A COOKIE! *gives everyone a inu-yasha shaped cookie *
And for all you people who have been wanting to know about a sequel the answer to this is . . .




Okay had to build suspense hehe




*evil laughter *

In fact I have just started on the second chapter of the sequel! The title is called Ai, Of The Okami! Translation: Love Of The Wolf! Hehehe I had just put up the sequel not to long ago. Heh, I love making sequels to things, its so much fun!

Well until I see you all again


^ ^ (=^-^=)