Mal decided to take a huge bowl of strawberries from the café and eat them in the dorm she shared with her best friend, Evie who was on a lunch date with Doug.

As she headed past the boy's dorm, she heard a loud, lonely whimper. She placed her hand on the knob and turned it, pushing the door open to investigate. She gently sat her snack on the wooden table in the center of the room and walked slowly towards a yellow crib next to Carlos's bed. Two little bodies squirmed and whined, kicking the fleece blanket. Mal grabbed a card that sat on top and read : Made for 2 hearts that could use 2 little miracles".

No signature. Nothing but those words in black ink.

Mal cautiously peeled back the blanket and gasped. Two pairs of golden eyes stared back at her in wonderment. The smaller owner was a gorgeous baby girl wearing an pink onesie with a puppy on the front. Mal decided it would be okay to pick her up and examine her.

The little one practically cheered when she was lifted up from that stinky bed she had to share. She reached for Mal's purple bang and almost had it in her mouth when she was stopped .

"No. That's not food. You can eat Jay's hair but not mine" Mal scolded lightly. The little one decided to be okay with that answer and taste her hand instead. Mal smiled at the cuteness and noticed a stroller by the door that wasn't there before. She placed her in the front seat next to a cute little stuffed dragon.

The other baby she cautiously grabbed was fussing about the sock on his hand. She smirked as he nipped and growled at the cotton barrier. His little beanie fell off revealing a puffball made of chocolate brown and platinum blonde strands. "You are definitely Jay's offspring" she snorts with amusement when he cackled at the toy snake he found in the stroller.

Once she retrieved her snack, she pushed the stroller out of the room and headed back to the lunch room where she knew some of her friends were. She ignored the odd looks from the other students and finally parked the stroller next to Carlos who had locked lips with Jay. She awkwardly cleared her throat and grinned when they both blushed. "Now I can understand where these guys came from" she teases.

A small growl was heard as Jay grabbed the baby girl and tickled her for a bit while Carlos lifted the other out. Once he noticed who was holding him, he stopped snarling and started cooing. "Oh you are too cute" Carlos coos and lets him hug his pale neck.

The little girl nuzzled Jay and latches into his hair like a pacifier. "I knew it" he grumbles while looking at the cutie in his arms. "Well at least we know they came from you" Carlos snickers as the baby boy growled at the Arabian teen. "You wanna take this outside, buddy?" Jay growls back. The baby froze before cackling with glee so hard, his dimples became visible.

"Well now I have a mini me. Wicked cool" the elder teen smirks at his boyfriend. "Okay so you just basically named him Jayden Junior" the platinum blonde grinned. "The girl can be Cayden" he added while switching babies with him.

"This is going to be either really cute or really really hilarious' Mal smiled softly.