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'Cayden Jayla Golden hereby has been accepted into Auradon Prep. Please join us for Freshman Introduction Day'

Cayden screams as she runs around the entire mansion before arriving into the orange painted kitchen to show her father.

"Oh you got accepted too? Nice"

She groans as her twin brother Jayden showed her the letter he got. "So you both got in? That's great" their father Carlos grins softly. Their dad, Jay came in sweaty from a run around the gym they had and read the letters.

"Why can't you go to Arendelle High?" Cayden grumbles to her twin.

"Too far and too cold" he smirks, the exact one that her dad wore when he was up to no good.

At AP….
The twins snuck past their parents who were conversing with King Ben and Queen Mal (who also had freshman attending).

"Room 236 with Makida Thatch. Who do you have, JJ?" She asked as he checked his phone. "210 with Demetrius Romanov" he reported before disappearing down a hall with sky blue walls.

She heads further the main hall before turning the left corner right into someone's chest.

"Ow! What's the big idea?! Can't you see I'm walk–?"

She stopped herself as she looked into soft sea blue eyes and was helped up.

"Are you okay?" The gorgeous boy asked with a soft smile that made Cayden blush in embarrassment. "Oh I am so sorry! I didn't mean to be so rude" she face palmed. "It's alright. I'm Ares by the way" he grins with deep dimples.

"Son of Merida" he added, pointing to the bear tattoo on his wrist. "Cayden" she shook his huge hand, nearly fainting after witnessing his arm flex.

"So maybe I'll see you around?" She grins as her platinum blonde waves rested on her left shoulder. "Lunch tomorrow we could sit next to each other, if you want" he blushes after stuttering.

She smiles and nods before he blows his red curls out of his face after the rubber band holding it in a ponytail popped. She softly giggles along with him. She hands him one of hers before waving bye.


She jumps and grins innocently at her dad. "Yes?" She answered. "No boyfriends until you are 45" he growled before her father whacked him in the head. "What daddy means is doesn't let a boy distract you from getting good grades and doing the right thing, okay?"

"I'll be good. I promise" she smiles, eyes trailing down Ares' backside while her parents looked away.