"What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame but something wild to run with."

[Good Morning]

"Good Morning!" she said while smiling brightly "No…Not good." she huffed "One more time…" her black hair fell forward with the zest. "Good Morning!" her eyes sparkled. Those light orbs shimmered with joy. "Long time no see, how are you?" her reflection mocked her, smiling sweetly. "No, no stick to small steps." she said twirling around and leaving in hurry.

The Hyuuga Manor was just like every other day. Quiet yet fast steps echoed through the halls, small whispers bouncing from wall to wall.

Hinata couldn't help but smile while she pulled on her boots. The air was chilly and she had to pull her coat tighter around her. January seemed endless this year, she thought and watched as the small white cotton balls followed her step. When nobody watched she blown big clouds and followed her creations way up into the air.

Even though she wasn't so fond of winter she was fine with it being this long this year. She bowed before the Manor, saying goodbye every resident, she opened the large wooden gate and after closing it she jogged down the street. The snow assembled into little piles on the concrete and on the roofs making it seem like someone sprinkled sugar on everything.

She greeted all of her neighbours as she made her way to the old nursery. Her steps becoming slower as she came closer and closer to her goal. The cold she felt before disappeared as the ever present blush started to sneak up her neck.

When Hinata arrived at the small garden gate her embarrassment peaked. Her hand rested on the top of the carved leaf, without noticing she was already pinch down the wood.

How could she be like this, when she still didn't meet him? She threw a last experimenting look at her clothes and she was ready to step up her game.

"Hinata?" a cheerful voice made her literally jump.

She pushed the door open falling head first into the garden. She managed to grab the fence just in time to break her fall. She blinked several times before her brain could recognize who was behind her, her heart already knew miles ago.

"He-he, still the same huh?" the blond culprit asked holding out his hand to help the doe eyed maiden up.

"Na…Naruto-kun!" she uttered collecting herself and standing up leaving the helping hand alone. She examined her long time crush the boy went to Army service three years ago, right after they finished high school.

Naruto became taller and his shoulders boarder, she felt a shiver run down her spine from the bright smirk which played on the guy's tan face.

"G…Good Mornin…" she heard herself say dumbly.

For a minute or so Naruto stared at her then reciprocated the gesture, smiling even brighter.

Hinata wondered if the sun just became paler in comparison to the boy and side stepped so Naruto could finally come through the door. The mornings were always a hassle in the nursery and she could already hear the kids giggling. She spun around her heels and met kind brown eyes, plus a half hidden face with questioning looks.

"Hinata, here for the cousins?" Iruka sked and watched the Hyuuga heirs face change color.

"N…No! I just came to visit before my…my morning classes." her hands flew up and made a sorry excuse to hide her embarrassment.

Iruka sent her an understanding smile and poked his companion's side.

"That's really nice of you Hinata!" Naruto eschewed her and now faced the flustered girl. "You changed a lot!" he said grinning, making Hinata's blush deepen.

She could feel the tell-tale signs of her old fainting habit. Hinata took a step back in wain before she could feel an arm wrap around her. The familiar feeling made her heart slow down.

"Kiba-kun!" her voice was full with gratitude.

"Oi, is your falling habit back?" the ruffled guy asked with a huff. He looked up and found the cause. "Oh, I see." his voice was almost a whisper, and a smirk graced his lips.

Earning a little huff and a glare from his childhood friend.

"Yo Naruto! Long-time no see!" Kiba shook the blonde's hand, glancing at Hinata while the Uzumaki started to ramble around and about.

She watched the boy mesmerised before her peripheral vision caught Kiba point at his watch. She looked down her own and with a shrike she bowed before running down the street.

Kiba snickered and watched her leave.

"Well, that was rather surprising." Kakashi said closing the gap between the three of them.

"What?" Kiba asked, whistling fro Akamaru

"You don't see the Hyuuga walk to school, and she is the hier none the less."

"Yeah, where is the super luxus black car from before?" Naruto asked lazily fighting with his scarf.

"Oh, that." Kiba smiled "Hinata hated it so she begged, and now she can go on foot." he explained and patted Akamaru's head who finally decided to join the party too.

"Oh I see…" the lieutenant said "Is she your mate?"

The other guys froze on spot. Naruto was the first to recover

"Kakashi-sensei, that's kinda rude, you know…" but glanced at Kiba waiting to satisfy his curiosity.

"Nah, she still didn't found her mate." he pulled up his hoodie showing of his side, four full symbols craved into his skin. "I already have Shino tho." he said grinning.

Naruto flinched, envy and joy swirled in his chest, and he boxed Kiba's side playfully.

"Does she come here often?" Kakashi pressed on the matter.

"Nah," Kiba smirked, glancing at Naruto who was now playing with Akamaru. "today she came for the new spectacle."