Summary: Voldemort finds out about Harry being a Horcrux and now he has to keep Harry with him and now he's found a way to do it.

Author's Note: Ok readers, this is my first Harry/Voldemort slash, so go easy on me.

Voldemort's Proposal

Chapter 1

Voldemort's eyes closed as he looked into Harry Potter's mind. He had to admit, his thoughts were interesting, but then he came to something he didn't like.

"No, the seventh Horcrux, it's can't be. That would mean that he would have to stay alive or risk myself dying."

The dark wizard then opened his eyes.

"Now I've learned Harry Potter harbors a piece of my soul. Then, I need to tell my followers that once they find him, that they shall not harm him."

Voldemort then stood up, his black robes flowing behind him. He had been staying at Malfoy Manor for a while, but at the moment, he was currently staying in his dead father's home in order to lay low. He would use his magic to give this place a makeover. After all, it was where he would rule the wizarding world from; as well as the place he now planned to keep Harry Potter. Voldemort's mind flashed back to a few years ago when he first came back to power when he had the boy that time. Then he remembered the Ministry after possessing him.

"What was I thinking? I could have destroyed a piece of my soul. Well, that will change."

Soon, he would signal his followers for a meeting and discuss the change of plans. He then sat back down, only to hear a sound of his beloved snake, Nagini.

"Ah, Nagini, it's good to see you. I have just made a sudden realization."

The snake then crawled up the arm chair. "What hassss Massster found out?" asked Nagini.

"I've just found out Harry Potter has a piece of my soul inside him. This means I can no longer kill him, but I will now have to keep him by my side." Voldemort thought for a few minutes, and then the answer hit him. "Yes, now I know what to do. I marry him. Yes, he has a piece of my soul in him and that makes us soul mates." Voldemort stroked the snake's scales. "You would like the idea of having Potter here also, wouldn't you?"

Nagini then climbed up Voldemort's chair and on to his shoulders. "Yesss, I would."

"Good, then it's settled. I'll have Potter brought here as soon as my followers locate him," said the Dark Lord.