Voldemort's Proposal

Chapter 5

Author's note: Okay readers, I'm back! Hey, you don't have to thank me for killing off Umbridge. I know she isn't very well liked on here. Thanks for reading!

"Insolent little boy!" said Voldemort. He was currently at Malfoy Manor, Nagini on his shoulders. "But, I shouldn't worry, he will give in soon," he said, petting Nagini. The doors to his chamber flew open.

"My Lord," said Lucius, "we have caught the woman."

"Excellent. Bring her into the parlor. I will be down in a minute," said the dark wizard. With that, Lucius left the room. "Well, shall we go and welcome our guest?" Voldemort asked, turning to Nagini.

"Absssolutely, Massster," said Nagini. At this, Voldemort stood up. The snake still on his shoulders, he made his way down the stairs and to the dining room, where his followers were waiting with a woman dressed in pink. Her face was shaped like a toad's, but Voldemort's eyes were on something she had around her neck; a locket.

"A thank you, Delores Umbridge, or returning my locket." Voldemort then took hold of the locket and took it off her neck. Umbridge didn't say anything, but looked at Voldemort with fear in her eyes. "Did you honestly think you could get away with stealing from Lord Voldemort?" asked the Dark Lord.

"No, my Lord; you misunderstand. I was just about to give it back to you," said Umbridge.

"Ah, Delores, you are lying. Wasn't it you who told Harry Potter 'one must tell lies'? Yes, I know everything," said Voldemort. "I know how you made him write on his own skin. I'm afraid your time is over." He took out his wand and uttered the killing curse, Avada Kedavra.

Umbridge fell to the floor. Voldemort turned to the Death Eaters. "Let this woman's death be a warning to you all. No one is to harm Harry Potter. He is mine," said Voldemort. He had thought about feeding the woman to Nagini, but the snake took one look at Umbridge and said to her Master, "she'sss too repulsssive," said the snake.

"I couldn't agree with you more, my pet." He then motioned to the rest of his followers, "take her out somewhere and bury her. Come Nagini, let's go to bed," said the dark wizard, as he apparated them both back upstairs.