A/N So I've had the idea of writing a story for assassins creed syndicate for a while now but I never knew how I was going to write it until recently so R&R, constructive criticism always welcomed :)

What am I doing, thought Jacob, sitting here whilst London needs the help of me and my twin. This is the Industrial Revolution for hells sake! A time of technological advancery, poverty, whealth, injustice. They say in the burrows by day there is death in sickness and by night there is death in murder. All crooks and crannies controlled by templars, by Starrick.

A city with such greatness should belong to those who built it, the heart and soul of the city, the operators. The people.

To long have the people been deprived of what is rightfully theirs. Of what was taken from them! But now, the time has come, for assassins to thrive, for templars to die, to free the innocent and destroy all those who stand against our cause!

"Having another of your motivational speeches inside your head Jacob?" quipped Evie, Jacobs twin.

"I believe it is good for ones health to have a motivational speech everyday." Jacob shot back, playfully.

Evie raised an eyebrow and got up from the chair she was sitting on to grab an apple on a nearby table, " I'm not entirely sure that applies to those who do it inside their heads" she replied easily, biting into the apple. "What was it about, if I may ask" questioned Evie.

"London" Jacob said simply.

"We where told not to think about London you know that," she scowled disapprovingly "but something really does need to be done about that place, they say London is the heart of the world and what will happen to the world if its heart is so corrupt"

"So you agree, we should hop on a train with a one way ticket to London each!" Jacob exclaimed exitedly.

"No that's not what I meant and you and me both know that."

"I know" he said, deflating "I just wish there was something that we could do to help the city return to its former glory." he complained, thinking of the stories their father used to tell them about the industrial city.

They sat there for a minute lost in thought.

"Evie," Jacob said with a great ear-splitting grin plastered on his face,"I've got a plan."

That night the assassin twins formulated a plan to which they would complete their missions the next day, and a plan to get them into London.

A/N Ik it's short, meh sorry. This was intended to be a one-shot but if anyone wants more don't be afraid to leave a comment saying so and even an idea if you want,

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