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[epilogue] Shining

Things actually kind of went back to normal for Ryou Bakura. Hell, they even went past what he considered normal and into even more normal territory. Well, there was the slightly odd behavior of his yami and friends of late, but that could all be correctly blamed on his own odd behavior without too much guesswork being involved.

So, with a sigh, Ryou decided to complete the normalcy of it all, and go off to school after a weekend of deep recovery. He'd even gone to the extent of putting the Ring back on under his clothes. As there was nary a peep from Bakura's soul room, he figured all was well and headed out.

He wandered past Malik's house, it being en route to school anyway, and waved to the blonde leafing idly through the newspaper as he sat on the stoop, completely ignoring the fact that the rest of the general teenage population was going to school.

Malik looked up. "Hey – oh. Oh, shit!" He immediately leapt to his feet and fled into the garage.

Ryou blinked. "...oops." Mental note to self: Call Malik. Wait, wait, bad idea! Uh...write a letter? Talk to him when he can't get away? Send a message through Isis? Somehow reassure him that I'm harmless? Something...

Pondering this, he once more set off for school, idly swinging his briefcase at the legs of passerby and seeing who tripped.

He stopped at the downtown drugstore and stared blankly at the darkened windows.

I've come a long way from terrified whimpering hikari to whatever the hell I was back to...well, I don't know what I am now. I'm not afraid of yami, since I think he's more afraid of me at this point, but I'm not...eesh. Ew. Not going to think about what I was. It's just hard to be afraid again, but if I'm not afraid...?

Oh well. I can think about this during nap time – er, calc. Yes. Calculus, not nap time. Oh, who am I kidding? Ryou smiled to himself, shook his head, and once more set off for school, this time at a run. I'm going to be late!

Within minutes, he managed to drown himself in the vast hordes of uniformed students, keeping his head down and avoiding anyone he knew. This tactic worked for roughly forty seconds.


With a stifled sigh, Ryou spun to face Yuugi. "Yes?"

"You're okay! I mean, you're really okay! And not like you're on pot and some aphrodisiac at the same time. Are you sure you're okay?"

Ryou turned a very odd shade of magenta and sweatdropped. "I'm fine. Thank you," he said, eyes darting around for an escape route. "I, uh, I have to get to, uh, class...yeah...class...uh, I'll talk to you later..." With those stammered words, he fled in a cloud of embarrassment. Omigod omigod omi-fucking-GOD! He noted briefly that he seemed to have retained an ability to curse freely, then went on to wallow in humiliation once more. How am I ever going to live this down? Those things I did...oh my god...this is worse than I thought it would be, he concluded with a shudder. Class now. With people who don't know what I was up to all weekend. Yes. Class now.

Ryou promptly did the smart thing, and walked straight into the wall next to his classroom door, after which he collapsed in a swirly-eyed heap to the floor.

Let us all give forth with cheer for Ryou's ability to be utterly humiliated and yet function like a normal human being.


"Ryou! You're alive! I win the bet!"

Ryou stared into the racks of chemicals set before him and began mentally listing all the reasons why he shouldn't pretend the last bit of his weekend had never happened and he should whip out his Earl of Demise and set it on Jounouchi. Prominent among them was Eeep! Nononononooooo! Bad Ryou! Very bad!

"What bet?" he asked the chemicals.

"The one I had on with Yami," Jounouchi said smugly. "He said you'd be a bloody pulp today. I said you'd be fine. He's quite dense in that respect, you know."

"What respect?" Ryou asked, still not daring to face Jounouchi for fear of an irrational reaction.

"Oh, you know. Snogging over beating the crap out of someone," Jounouchi said airily. "I should know."

Ryou choked and contemplated pouring the very flammable substance at the end of the rack over Jounouchi's head. If it got lit on fire, so be it. The Bunsen burners were in need of repair like that, and if it took a human sacrifice to get the school on it...

Argh! Very, very bad Ryou! No kill!

"There has been no snogging going on," Ryou said, forcing his voice to stay relatively level.

"'Course not! Bakura's practically in snog-shock, here," Jounouchi answered carelessly. "You were busy this weekend."

Ryou hastily tilted his head forward somewhat, allowing his hair to obscure his burning face. "I know," he said in a rather small and squeaky voice. And I've got another hour and forty minutes of this hell...

Jounouchi's hand fell lightly on his shoulder. "You know I'm teasing you. Or maybe you don't. But I am. C'mon, Yuugi and I are like the only people who know about this here at school. I'm not telling anyone else."

"Thank you," Ryou said devoutly. "Could you do me a favor and let Malik know I'm normal again? He's a bit skittish."

"I can imagine," Jounouchi muttered. "Malik is high-strung, you know. He'll get over it."

"Now there's an understatement," Ryou replied.

Jounouchi made an affirmative noise. "I'll leave you alone before you start pouring chemicals over my head."

Ryou blinked and began to stammer out protests. "But...wait, I didn't...I mean, I..."

Jounouchi laughed and brushed him off with the airy wave of a hand. "Oh, please. I see that expression on Seto's face about nine times a week on average. I know exactly what it means. See you."

With that, he sauntered back to his seat and was immediately glowered at by the rather annoyed teacher, who considered conversation during lab time to be utter blasphemy.

Ryou stared blankly at the racks of chemicals, then began writing down procedures with yet another internal sigh.


Having survived his school day without dying of humiliation, Ryou managed to fight his way out from the throngs of students and begin heading down his usual after-school, slightly longer walk down the back streets of Domino City.

It was quite a peaceful walk, really, with very little traffic and not too many other people.

This tranquility lasted all of fifteen minutes. Ryou was practically home by that point, and figured he was all set for the day as far as being traumatized by the public went.

The universe figured he wasn't. However, it neglected to inform Ryou.

So, of course, he wasn't really expecting to be pulled back by his hair into a dark alley.


Bakura had taken advantage of being able to leave his soul room without encountering Ryou and was lazing around in the sort of semi-awake coma he preferred during daylight, idly sharpening his pet knife and waiting with some discomfort for Ryou to get home. Awkward silence was reigning king between them, and seemed to have comfortably set up court in their home. If it made itself any more a part of their household, it might even have gotten its own soul room.

Bakura also was totally unaware of any impending doom, and was also taken by surprise when Ryou made a startled squeaky noise inside his head.



This was accompanied by the sound of a metal trash can flying violently into the side of their house. Bakura immediately snatched up his dagger, put a handful of cards between his teeth, and began climbing out of the window, keeping one eye on the Ring as he did so for an indication of his hikari's whereabouts.

If he's gone all psycho again I swear there's going to be some hell to pay with that judge, Bakura mentally vowed as he touched down on the ground. Now where's my hikari?

The Ring stirred, then pointed left. Bakura immediately sprinted off in that direction, then skidded to a screeching halt after about twenty steps.

"...the fuck? There's two of them!"

"There's only one of me, and you'd better start thanking the gods for that," Bakura snarled around his mouthful of cards as two of the five harassing Ryou peeled off to face him. He spared a brief awed glance for Ryou spitting blood into the face of one of his attackers, then spat the cards out and picked his favorite. "Man-Eater Bug!"

"What the – HOLY SHIT!" This panicked scream was quickly accompanied by other such vocalizations, as well as a few pained and/or terrified ones. One of the three remaining rallied enough to throw a punch at Ryou –

And was met with a screaming face in a rope of darkness, hovering just above where Ryou had ducked.

"Morphing Jar," Ryou hissed, and scrambled away on his hands and knees towards his yami.

Bakura was almost too busy gaping at Ryou to field the knife assault on him, but not quite. Very quickly the knife fight turned into a free-for-all organ harvest as Bakura decided to entertain himself at his attacker's own peril. The final one began to turn and flee.

And found himself facing what appeared to be the Grim Reaper.

"Reaper of the Cards," Ryou said, flicking the card through his fingers and tucking it back into his pocket when the Reaper was finished. "We done here?"

Bakura did a very handsome goldfish imitation momentarily, then finally stammered, "Are...are you sure you're cured?"

Ryou blinked at him, this being the first real conversation they'd had since the night in the fireplace. Awkward silence arrived and decided to make itself very well known in order to make up for its inactivity all day. "I...um...I...do you, uh, want me to...to be like I was...you know, before all this? I...I don't know if I can go back, you know, I mean, everything looks all..."

Bakura waited for Ryou to stutter into silence, looked at him meditatively for a few more moments, then finally looked at the wreckage of the five attackers. "What do you want to do with them?"

Ryou blinked once more. "Oh. Bugger. Bodies. Um..." He pulled a full array of cards out of his pocket and began going through them again. "Morphing Jar, Morphing Jar...I used it once, I know it's in here..."

"No, no, I got it," Bakura said, raising his eyebrows briefly as the bodies shimmered and then vanished. The Ring glinted conspicuously as he continued, "I meant...you usually are kind of...averse to violence, shall we say."

Ryou, for the third time, blinked and looked confused. "I don't care."

"You don't care," Bakura repeated.

Ryou nodded. "I mean, I don't want to do this every day, but, I mean – mmph!"

Bakura had apparently grown tired of Ryou trying to worm out of this conversation, and had decided to end it on his own terms, as per Ryou's way of ending arguments.

The pair broke apart for air after what each considered much too short a time and stared blankly at each other, both thinking much too rapidly for their expressions to follow.

"You...are still fucking amazing," Bakura finally breathed.

Ryou looked confused. "Huh?" Realization set in. "Oh," he squeaked, and turned brilliant red. "You...you dared..."

"I figured you're fixed," Bakura said carelessly, bracing himself on the wall that Ryou was using as a full-body support. "'Sides, I initiated it this time, and I want you staying the way you are."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, hang on, is this you want to fuck me senseless because I've got talent or is this you actually like me? 'Cause going by your attitude on Friday, this is the former, here," Ryou said mutinously.

"Would you care so much if it was?" Bakura asked curiously.

"Um. No – I mean, yes, of course, I would...oh, damn it, no, because it's better than anything else I could reasonably expect from you!" Ryou yelled into his face.

Bakura blinked. "You're lying, sort of."

Ryou glared at him. "Yes. I am."

"Look, going by your attitude on Friday, you don't want me except for sex either!" Bakura flared up. "Hell, why don't we continue back onto Saturday and Sunday, too?"

Ryou's eyes dropped away as Awkward Silence finally located the pair and made itself known again.

...bugger, Bakura thought as Ryou brushed past him and picked up his school bag.

"Yes. Let's go back to Saturday and Sunday, when you didn't want me at all except to use my body. Just like normal."

A faint fizzling from the Ring hidden under his shirt signified that his yami had given up on trying to talk to him and had retreated to his soul room to sulk. Ryou scrubbed one hand over his neon face, then trudged back down the alley and up into his room. He tossed his bag onto his bed, then turned to his laptop.

And found his yami sitting in his computer chair, glaring at him.

"Before you ask, you were so distracted that you wouldn't have noticed if I took you to the Shadow Realm and back, so that's how I got out here without you realizing it," Bakura snapped. "Sit."

"No," Ryou answered.

Bakura ignored this. "I told you why...why I've done everything I've done. I've told you why I did what I did for every topic you brought up. And you still want me gone." He tilted his head up defiantly. "All right, then. Wish me away. Take the Ring off, flush it down the toilet, get rid of it in any way you choose. Melt it down! Free all the souls in it! Burn it, bury it, throw it out the window! I won't come back if I know you don't want me!"

Ryou very composedly walked over to Bakura, pulled him to his feet, and shoved him hard against the nearest wall.

"Ow," Bakura breathed, wincing. "Or beat the shit out of me. Whatever you want," he added, sounding slightly winded.

Ryou shook his head. "Shut up," he said dispassionately.

Bakura shut up.

"You know what I really want to do with you?" Ryou said meditatively, toying with the Ring on Bakura's chest. "You want oblivion. You want to be left alone. That's not what I want for you."

Bakura began feeling some creeping feelings of apprehension seeping through the pain, shock, and horror already firmly rooted in his mind. "What do you want, then?"

"I said," Ryou began, clapping a hand over Bakura's mouth, "shut up." He smiled. "What do I want?"

Bakura just stared at him.

"You," Ryou finished, taking his hand away and replacing it with his lips. And then his tongue. And occasionally his teeth.

ohmygod i think i'm dying...

Ryou pulled back and smiled at Bakura. It was a smile, but it wasn't the normal, nice one. It was something else entirely.

And it didn't hurt that it was dead sexy.

"Well?" Ryou prompted.

Bakura thought about what he could be doing at the moment.

"Ooof! Hey, my homework!"

"You really want to do your calculus?" Bakura taunted, barely sparing an upside-down glance at the bag on the floor, having knocked it flying from the bed.

"I have more interesting things to do," Ryou replied, bracing himself with both hands, as he was pinning his yami by the shoulders and was sprawled across him.

"So tell me," Bakura said, stopping Ryou inches away from his face. "Are you back to normal?"

Ryou giggled. "Fuck...no..."

Bakura smiled. "You have no idea how much I loved that voice. More than anything else, perhaps."

"Care to be proven wrong?" Ryou breathed.

"Go ahead...make my day," Bakura replied. "And do that biting thing again. I like that."

"Mmm. This?"


Who needs calculus, anyway?

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