Well. Here is the last chapter in my first really though out, my own plot, outlaw star story. And although I'm sad to let it go, I'm very happy I finally got off my lazy butt and finished it. So without further adue...the conclusion to Teach me to Dream.

Teach me to Dream

Epilogue~ With You

"Where the hell were you guys?" Aisha shouted as Jim and Gene, who was carrying the still unconscious Melfina in his arms, entered Starwind and Hawking enterprises.

Gene and Jim ignored her, dragging themselves past her, toward the living room. Gene lay Melfina gently on the love seat, and then collapsed onto the couch while Jim lay down in the large armchair.

Soon both were asleep.

Aisha stared for a minute before shouting, "what the hell is going on?!?"

"Shut up Aisha." Gene grunted.

As the ctarl-ctarl screamed in indignation, Suzuka slowly headed down the stairs toward the living room and smiled, this was how it was supposed to be.


"Gene." Melfina said quietly, gently prodding him.

"Nuh." Gene moaned, waving his arms around.

"Please Gene. Can we got to the graveyard tonight?" Melfina asked.

"Graveyard?" Gene asked, suddenly awake, and looking bewildered at Melfina.

"I know it's been nearly two weeks since it all...happened. But I can't get her out of my head. Please I need to be there." Melfina pleaded.

"Alright." Gene agreed, looking around. It was still dark. He shrugged on his trench coat as Melfina sat in the darkness.

When he was ready at last Melfina walked ahead of him slightly, opened the door, and stepped into the cool night.

They walked in silence for what seemed like hours; at last they were on the outskirts of town. They stopped in front of a large old iron gate in which the words 'Rest haven Cemetery' were printed in faded silver.

They had been here only one week ago, and that was for the small and quiet funerals for Lydia Johnson and her father. Gene frowned slightly as he remembered what Johnson's dead eyes looked like.

He shook it off.

Melfina lead the way, finally stopping in front of two small identical gravestones.

Melfina sniffed sadly and kneeled down in front of them. Gene stood silently behind her, head bowed.

"Rest in peace." Melfina murmured sadly, reaching her fingers out, gently touching Lydia's head stone.

It happened at once. A light flooded all around her, and she was in a meadow. A beautiful meadow full of sunflowers. And in the middle, in a bright yellow sundress, stood Lydia, her eyes glowing as she looked at Melfina.

Melfina pushed her way through the flowers until she reached Lydia. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around Lydia and whispered, "I'm sorry you have been used so much. I know what that is like."

Lydia continued to smile before she too wrapped her arms around Melfina.

"Please. You have no need to feel sad." Lydia said, now taking her hands and placing them on either side of Melfina's face, forcing Melfina to look into her bright green eyes.

"What you and Gene Starwind have done is amazing. I cannot thank you enough. You have helped me. I'm not in that cold dark world anymore. I'm free. I'm free!" Lydia cried out, tears dripping down her cheeks.

"Lydia!" a deep voice called out from nowhere.

Both girls turned to look at Mr. Johnson, who had just appeared in the field.

"Daddy!!" Lydia shouted as she ran at brake neck speed towards her father. She launched herself into her father's chest and began sobbing.

"I never though I'd see you again. I love you so much daddy." Lydia said, her voice muffled.

"I love you too." Mr. Johnson said, burying his face in his daughter's hair.

They hugged for a long time, while Melfina sat and watched, her heart filled with happiness. She and Gene had done the right thing.

"We have to go now Melfina. But you tell Gene to take care." Mr. Johnson said, starting to turn around and walk away, still cradling his daughter. But he soon stopped and called over his shoulder, "if Gene breaks your heart, you call me."

And with that the entire meadow melted away, once again revealing the dark graveyard.

Melfina sat shocked for a minute, before turning around to face a concerned looking Gene.

"Mel? Are you ok? You went into some type of trance. I-whoa!" Gene cried out as Melfina had hugged him with all her might, tears slowly making their way down her face.

"Gene! We did that right thing! We didn't use her. She doesn't hate us. She's happy now!" Melfina cried out, hugging Gene tighter.

"That's good." Gene said, though he didn't have an idea what she was really talking about.

"Gene." Murmured Melfina, her brown eyes widening slightly as she looked up into his blue ones.

"Melfina, I-" Gene began, but stopped. What could he say?

'Say you love her you idiot!' a familiar voice floated around Gene. Gene smirked, good old Johnson offering his last bit of advice.

"Gene, I'm sorry. I know it's late. I shouldn't have dragged you he-" Melfina began stuttering apologies quietly before she was cut off as Gene slowly covered her mouth with his in a simple chaste kiss.

Melfina's eyes widened, but soon she closed them and enjoyed the romantic moment. But to her they broke apart to soon.

"Melfina. I-I love you more than anything." Gene stuttered, the words felt foreign on his lips.

Melfina gasped in spite of herself. She barely muttered an 'oh Gene' before she fell into sobs and threw her arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder.

"Mel, I-" Gene began, very disappointed. This wasn't working out like it was supposed to. "Mel. Are you sad?"

"Sad?" Melfina hiccupped, "oh no! I'm crying because I'm so happy. I've waited for so long to hear those words Gene, though I didn't realize it until just now. I'm so happy."

Gene almost cried with relief himself. He dipped down and once again kissed Melfina, only with a little more passion this time.

From a distance a small girl and a tall man seemed to be floating in the sky, watching the kissing pair, and smiling.

The End.

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