AN: This idea has been chasing it's tail around in my head for awhile now. Yeah, I know I snuck my name in there, but it's just an aunt that you won't see again. And besides I know how to wrap.:)

Jumanji-SeaQuest Style

By Shell Lee

'I saw this in an antique dealer's place. Thought you night like it. I know you liked board games when you were younger. Consider it a late birthday present. Or maybe an early Christmas one.

Your Loving Aunt

Shell Lee'

The note was an old style scrawl across the page, barely legible but Lucas understood it well enough. Unfortunately that meant Tony got the translation out of him.

"Hey didn't your Aunt Shell give you somethin' for your birthday? And when can we play?" Lucas had received the gift earlier that day in a shuttle loaded with letters and care packages. Even with things like e-mail and instant messaging, there were somethings that just couldn't be sent though a computer. So many people thought like this that, time permitting; there was such a shuttle every day.

"Yes she did, but it never stopped her before when she thought of me when she saw something. She's always giving gifts." Lucas was currently trying to get into the package that came along with the note. And Tony was sitting on his bunk acting like a bump on a log. Aunt Shell liked her tape that was for sure. "And we can play as soon as I get into it. Why don't you be useful and help me?"

"What and spoil the fun of watching you struggle with all that tape?"A few minutes later he said, "Think she used the entire roll?"

Lucas rolled his eyes. He was finally fed up. "I'm going to go get a box cutter for this. Be right back."

Lucas got back to find the tape all stuffed into the small trash bin and Tony unfolding an old looking game board. Setting the knife down Lucas shook his head. "You know curiosity killed the cat."

"Yeah, but satisfaction brought him back. You took too long." Tony ran his hand over the surface of the board. "Wonder what this is made out of."

Lucas sat down. "Looks like wood."

"It doesn't feel like wood. Come on, let's play." Tony picked up a couple of tokens, only to have them fly out of his hands and fix themselves onto the board. "Did you see that?"

"Yeah. Probably magnets or something."

"Or somethin' is right. Do you want to go first?" Tony held out two dice made from the same material as the board.

"Actually let's get a couple of others in here to play. It's made for four. Put the other tokens on the board and I'll go get some others." Lucas paused. "And take back this knife."


"A game for those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind," Tim read off from the game board. "Sure I'll play. I wouldn't mind leaving seaQuest behind for a little while."

"Great. Do you know anyone else who might be interested in playing?"

"Tough one." Tim thought for a little while. Miguel was on duty. Dagwood? No, he was helping Dr. Smith today. Jim had that cleaning thing, maybe it was an inspection thing, anyway he couldn't play. The captain was sleeping. Who could play? "Maybe Commander Ford would like to play."


It took some convincing for Ford, but he eventually caved. They now had four players and were ready to get going. Lucas and Tony's room was just a bit too small to play in so the four had found an unused storage room.

"Who wants to go first?" Tim held out the dice and waited, and waited, and waited.

"Would someone go already?"

"Ever since I got this you have been so anxious. Why? I mean you don't seem like the board game type." Lucas asked.

Tony smiled. "There was this movie I saw when I little. 'Jumanji.' Had this really old guy in it. Robin Williams, I think, and I loved that movie. So are we going to play or what?"

"I'll go first." And Ford grabbed the dice from Tim and rolled. Adding the dice up came to seven.

Tony jumped up. "Did you see that?" He pointed at the game board where a token moved without being touched.

"It's probably not that old. There must be something inside of it," Lucas said. "But isn't it cool."

"Hey, there's words." Ford read out loud.

"Under the sea

They're top beast

And on your friends

They will feast."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tim asked. No one noticed Tony backing away from the game board, shaking his head.

"I don't know." Lucas leaned forward, like there was something small in the game that he could make out if only he got close enough.

"It means something bad is gonna happen." All eyes turned to Tony, who had retreated far back into a corner. "It's just like in the movie, and now something bad is going to happen."

Ford opened his mouth but before any reply could come out a voice boomed out, "Commander Ford to the bridge, Commander Ford to the bridge."

"I'd better go see what that is. Someone else can go while I'm gone."