AN: Last chapter right here! You didn't really think I'd stop there did you? This one gave me no end of trobles though. :P

Jumanji-SeaQuest Style

By Shell Lee

Ford looked at the game board. It was just sitting there on the floor, like it hadn't just caused a whole lot of destruction and death. Like he hadn't taken that first turn so long ago. It just sat there looking like an innocent game, the kind one might play as a kid, only older. The faded colors made that fact clear. The word 'Jumanji' was nestled among the leaves and vines, four pictures surrounded it.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Tony, Tim and Lucas around the board, beyond them the pristine walls of the seaQuest seemed to gleam. Some boxes were stacked around the room.

Was he really dieing a few moments ago?

"What happened?" Tony asked. It was a good question, Ford had clear memories of dieing and then... not.

"The commander won the game." Lucas was sounding a little overwhelmed with the sudden change too.

"I know that," Tony snapped, "but I was sure I spider chow and then..."

The room fell silent as all four players returned to staring at the game board.

Lucas snickered.

"What's so funny?" Tim asked.

"Curiosity killed the cat." The sinkers became laughter.

"Yeah, but satisfaction brought me back." Tony said the words again, and joined in on the laugher.

Ford didn't get it, and looking at Tim, it appeared he didn't it either.

Behind them the door swished open.

"Hey guys. I heard you were in here-" Ortiz never got the chance to finish as he was hit by three bodies, and subsequently crushed in a large group hug.


"Ok, here it is. It took me some time before I found a copy, but I did." Lucas typed a few more commands into the computer. Everything was back to the way it was before they had played the game and no one but the four players remembered it.

"Well, play it already!" Four of them were in the same room that the weekly poker game was held. Lucas, with some help from Tony, had set up an entertainment system in there. They were going to watch the movie, 'Jumanji' starring Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, and Bonnie Hunt.

"Just a little more... There." The opening disclaimer appeared on the screen. After that the small clips for Columbia and Tri Star played.

"Been a long time since I've seen this."

"Yeah and if you would've finished it then, we wouldn't have had to worry so much about what would happen at the end of the game."

"What are you doing in here?" The captain said from the doorway.

"Ah, captain, we were just-" Lucas was cut off.

"You were just going to watch a movie without me." Bridger faked a hurt look. "You didn't want me to join?"

Behind him Jim's voice came. "Did someone say movie?"

He pushed Bridger into the room ahead of him. Soon as the two were settled and Lucas got ready to push play again, there was a knock at the door.

"Come on guys. You have to let me in. I brought popcorn." The door opened and let Ortiz in. After all what would a movie be without popcorn? Before the door could shut though, Wendy and Dagwood came up.

"Hey what's going on? Ohh a movie. I haven't seen one of these in ages."

"What's a movie?"

"You'll love it, Dag. It a story told as pictures."

"What are we watching?"

"Jumanji, with Robin Williams."

"Oh that's an old one." Wendy sat down by the captain, and Dagwood sat down by Tony. Ortiz found a place by Tim and Jim.

"Is this everyone?" Lucas asked sarcastically. "I'd like to start the movie sometime."

"Now that you mention it. We are missing Lonnie," A friendly Jim pointed out, just as Lonnie came through the door. "Speak of the Devil."

Tony got up and stopped her. "Stop. What's the password?"

"I've got soda." Tony considered a moment.

"That works." Lonnie found a place between Tim and Dagwood to sit.

"Now is that everyone?"

"Yes, now would you start the movie already?" Lucas didn't argue. He just did as he was told and took a place beside Tony on the other side of Dagwood.

The lights were shut off. The door shut. The only illumination came from the old fashioned flat screen T.V. Lucas and Tony had really gone all out for this.

The word Jumanji came to life in the center of the screen.


"Hey, how come we didn't get any drums?" Tony asked out loud. It was only him, Lucas and Tim stuck cleaning up. Everyone else had something to do, or some place they had to be right after the movie ended. Tony personally thought it was because Lucas had put his foot into the popcorn half way through the movie, sending it flying every which way.

"Because they were younger than us." Lucas was on his hands and knees picking up the kernels of popcorn over by the T.V.

"I bet it's because they needed some extra incentive to play the damn thing. I mean who in their right mind would play a game they just dug up?" Tim asked from where he was cleaning up someone else's spilt soda.

"Yeah, but still the movie brought up an interesting question. What are we going to do with the game?" Lucas hooked his foot around the trashcan and pulled it forward so he could throw away what he had picked up.

"Why do we have to do anything with it? It's not like it hurt anyone." Tony was busy unhooking and boxing up all the equipment that was used. The party had been fun.

"Because it's dangerous. What would happen if someone didn't finish the game? Would everyone still be dead?" Lucas said from the other side of the room. Over his head Tony saw Tim about to say something. Tony caught his eye and held up one finger to his lips. Tim nodded his head and looked over to where there was a vacuum cleaner sitting in the corner. He wouldn't tell Lucas.

"Why don't we send it someone? Hey Tim, who do you hate?"

"I don't know. Who do you think deserves it?" Tony saw the look on Lucas' face, shocked that Tim would agree that it was a good idea. "What?"


"Luke, you missed one."

"Oh thanks."

Tim shook his head, grinning. This was fun. "Hey, how do you think we missed that warning in the game board?"

"I don't know. Could it have something to do with the fact that we were running for our lives at that point?" Tony asked sarcastically.

"You know, I remember reading it now. Must've slipped my mind during the game." Lucas went around a chair to look for more popcorn kernels.

There was a silence between the three friends for a few moments, then Lucas asked, "Still what should we do with the game?"


"Captain, I am picking something up on the sensors. It appears to be a small wooden box."

"Interesting. Put it on screen Mr. Zoulo."

"Yes, Captain."

"'Jumanji,'" the captain of the Starship Enterprise mumbled to himself, "have that beamed aboard, Mr. Spock. Let's have a look at it."