Chapter 1

Regina was nervous, it was her first day of university, but she was lucky because her friend, roommate and baby Henry's godmother, Emma Swan, was in the same university.

It was 7am, time to wake up. She took her little baby boy, Henry, to her chest and fed him. He was only 6 months. She said good bye to him with a kiss on his soft cheek. "I love you, my prince," she said, and during the kiss she remembered how young she was when she got pregnant. She had ended the school and she was ready for go to the university, when she met someone older than her at a two year camping trip. When the trip ended, the man just disappeared, and she discovered that she was pregnant. She wanted go to the university, but her father told her, "First you will be a mom and then, when the baby gets more 'ndependent' you can go to the university." Besides that, Emma took a sabbatical year while Regina was pregnant, so it was time for her to be professional, and give to her baby a better life style. She was leaving baby Henry in his crib, when Emma's phone was ringing. She took it very fast so she would not wake up her baby. It was Neal. She went to Emma's room.

"Emma, Neal is calling," Regina whispered. Emma does not answer. "Emma!" she whispered again.

"Answer….him," She heard a drowsy voice.

"Hey Neal. It's Regina…Emma is busy in the bathroom. She is going to call you later. Take care, bye," Regina said quickly. "It's done. Now wake up. We have to go to the university." She went to the kitchen to take breakfast with her mom and dad.

"Regina, did you leave food for Henry?" her mom asked her.

"Yes, mom I did. And guys thank you so much for taking care of him while I'm at the university," Regina said, smiling to them.

"Regina, my love, it's ok. You're doing this to give him a best life," her father said, touching her hand.

"Thank you again, for everything. I love you guys," Regina stood up. "I'm going to the university, see you later." Regina went to Emma's room. She knocked the door 3 times. She was almost leaving, when she opened the door very quickly. "Regina, wait! I'm almost ready." After 3 minutes both friends were walking to the University.

"Did you sleep last night?" Emma asked, looking at her.

"I couldn't." She said. "What about you?."

"Same," She said, worried.

"C'mon it's ok. I'm not gonna leave you alone. Now, promise me the same. Deal?" Regina said, extended her hand to Emma, who obviously accepted it.

"Deal" She answered.

Regina and Emma were outside the University, exchanging looks. "Let's do it," Emma said. Both of them were in different classrooms waiting for the teacher.

Regina went into her classroom. She took seat and read a book, waiting for the teacher. A young woman was looking at her.

"Hi, I'm Mary Margaret, but you can call me Snow, like everyone. Is this your first year?" Snow asked her, friendly.

"Hi, I'm Regina Mills. Call me Regina, and yes. This is my first year here. What about you?" Regina smiled at her.

"Mine too…Last night I didn't sleep at all! I was so nervous!" She laughed.

"Me too! Now we're here, and that's what matters," Regina said.

"Regina, have you seen our teacher?! He's so handsome! He has a beautiful eyes," Snow said, excited.

"Oh, I'm afraid that I haven't see him, yet. Sorry." Regina answered, sadly.

"It's ok. Now I'm going to my chair. he can get here at any moment. See you later," she said, leaving her.

One of her classmates threw her a paper ball. She struck him with the look, but he wasn't afraid. She read his lips. "Open it" he said, raising his eyebrows. Regina read the paper and her face changed. How dare you!. She thought.

"Hey luv, tell me, what do you think if we go to a dark place?" She read it again. She was so angry but she answered the paper anyway.

"What the hell are you thinking, guy liner?!. Send me an answer and you'll see." She stood up, and went to her classmate's desk, raising her eyebrow.

He took the paper, and then Regina came back to her chair. Just in that moment the door opened, showing the teacher, but Regina didn't notice it. She was very busy reading her favorite book. The teacher started to talk.

"Good morning, guys. Welcome to the university. Good luck and please enj-". He stopped, one of his students weren't listening to him. Come on lady, first day and you aren't listening what I am saying. He thought. He got closer to her, waiting for a reaction, but she was reading. He took her book, and she raised her gaze from it. His eyes found hers and the world stopped. It can't be. No way! Damn no! He isn't here, it's not real!. She thought.

"Robin," Regina said, before running away.