Thank you very much for being part of this fanfic. I know that i didnt tell you that it was the last chapter, but it was because I didn't know that I was going to finish the fanfic until now. I guess that losing Robin took some of my inspiration away...I really enjoyed writting this, so, thank you very much and enjoy the last chapter.

Chapter 15.

Regina found Robin in his office. She knocked and went inside.

"Regina," Robin said, standing up. "What a beautiful surprise." Regina smiled and got closer to his desk.

"God morning," Regina said, nervous. "I wanna show you something, Robin." Robin smiled and took seat next to her.

"And I wanna ask you something as well."

"What is it?" Regina asked him, searching for the video.

"First let me see what you came here for," he said, and Regina rolled her eyes.

"Yesterday, our son said his first words!" Regina said, excited. Robin smiled and Regina showed him the video.

"Regina," Robin started, with watery eyes. "This is wonderful." Regina smiled.

"I know. He's so sweet!" Regina said, laughing. "Now, tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"You said that you wanted to ask me something, Robin," Regina said, serious.

"Oh yes…" Robin stood up and walked around the office. "Listen, Regina, I don't know if this is the right place or the right time to ask this, but I can't hold it anymore."

"You're scaring me. Spit it out." Robin smiled and sat again.

"Doyouwannabemygirlfriend?" Robin asked, nervous. Regina laughed.

"Slower, please," Regina smiled and Robin took a deep breath.

"Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" Regina froze. She wasn't expecting this, but of course she wanted to be his girlfriend.

"What about this? The university? You're my teacher and I'm your stu-" Robin kissed her.

"I don't give a shit about them, Regina," He said, holding his forehead against hers. "Do you want to?" Regina nodded.

"Yes! Of course yes," she said, smilingetting, and kissed him.

"I love you, Regina. I know that it's soon to say those three words but I really do and I don't wanna waste more time without you nor Henry. I wanna be part of your life." Robin said, and Regina smiled.

"Doesn't matter what people say, we're a family and no one is gonna change that," Regina said and they hugged. "I love you too, Professor Locksley."

"Ready to be a family?" Regina asked him, and Robin smiled.

"Of course yes," He kissed her and she stepped back.

"I have to go," Regina said, grabbing her things and going to the door. "I have classes."

"See you in the afternoon?" Robin asked, walking toward her and kissing her.

"See you in the afternoon," she said, and she left.

3 years later.

"Welcome to the Locksley's," Regina greeted her pregnant friend, Emma Swan. "How are you and the baby doing?"

"Good," Emma said, getting inside the house. "What about you?"

"We're doing amazing," Regina smiled, caressing her belly. She was almost 8 months, just like her friend.

"Where is Henry?" Emma asked, looking around.

"He's with Robin. They're outside," Regina said and they made their way outside. "Where is Killian?"

"He is helping Charming with the baby shower thing. You know how excited Charming is about their first baby." Emma smiled.

"Mary Margaret is resting upstairs," Regina said. "I'm so glad that we're having our baby showers together."

"Aunt Emma!" Henry ran to Emma, hugging her.

"Hey there little one!" Emma said, excited. "Ready to start to celebrate?" Henry nodded excited.

Snow, Charming, Emma and Hook, were waiting for Robin and Regina to announce their baby's gender.

"What is it!?" All of them asked. Regina laughed and Robin spoke.

"It's a girl, and her name is gonna be…Agnes" Robin said, kissing Regina.

The end.