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Jo Wilson paced the floor, nervously nibbling her fingernails. She glanced at the clock and took a deep steadying breath as the timer chimed. She slowly made her way into the bathroom closing her eyes and biting down on her bottom lip. Her hand closed around the plastic stick lying on the vanity. With another deep breath she opened her eyes and was greeted with a dark blue plus sign. Tears sprang to her eyes as her fears were confirmed.

Choking back a sob, she tossed the accusing evidence in the trash can and washed her hands. She shook her head as she studied herself in the mirror above the sink. How did this happen? This wasn't who she was. This wasn't supposed to happen, not to her. She had dreams and plans that didn't include having a baby, not now, not while she was in the middle of medical school.

She finished in the bathroom and was once again pacing the length of the living room a thousand thoughts running through her head. Levi would be home soon; his class ended ten minutes ago. She was just going to tell him, come right out and say it she decided. In her mind she invented different scenarios as to how he might react. The one she settled on, that she expected to happen, was that he would be shocked at first and then slowly a smile would spread across his face as the news sank in. They weren't planning on having a child any time soon and in reality had never discussed it beyond "some day", and the timing was horrible for her, but he was older and more settled. As an established English professor at Harvard, where Jo was in medical school, a baby now wouldn't be a burden to him and she thought that he secretly had been edging closer to being ready than he let on.

Hearing the door open, Jo whipped around biting her lip to keep the words from immediately spilling from her mouth. Startled by her sudden movement, Levi froze, "Jo?" his eyebrows scrunched up as he looked at her closely, "Are you okay?"

"No, no I'm not okay. Nothing is okay. I'm pregnant," her voice broke as she gulped down tears.

He wanted to ask if she was joking, but the tortured look on her face proved that she was all too serious. He slowly entered the rest of the way into the house quietly closing the door behind himself. He struggled to find words as Jo peered up at him through wet lashes. What happened next was far from any of her imaginings; she hadn't seen it coming at all. "How could you let this happen?" he spit out anger underlying his voice as he obviously tried to stay calm.

Jo's mouth gaped open and she stumbled back as if she had been physically slapped in the face, "Me? I didn't do this to myself; I didn't want this," she cried incredulous.

"So what are you saying? I did?" he huffed back.

"No," she said on a sigh shaking her head, "what I'm saying is that this was an accident. An accident that is on both of us."

Levi regained his composure as he made a decision, "Well, it's on you to take care of it," he pointed at her before walking away into the kitchen.

Jo stared after him in stunned silence. Who was that? She had never known Levi to be so nasty towards her. She pulled herself together and grabbed her keys. She needed to get away; she needed a moment to herself to figure things out. She rushed out of the house the door slamming behind her. "Jo..?" Levi called from the kitchen.

She drove around aimlessly for almost an hour trying to make plans for her now very uncertain future. She knew two things for sure: she was a mother now and she would never abandon her baby the way her mother had abandoned her, and she was going to need to find somewhere to live if Levi didn't come to his senses.

She hated asking anyone for help; she was a strong independent woman who had gotten this far all on her own, but she was going to need some help now. So with dread, she hesitantly knocked on Laci's door. Laci was her quiet studious lab partner. She went to her because she had a big heart and she would keep quiet. Jo didn't want to talk her situation to death. She needed a place to crash and she needed to be left alone.

"Hey Jo, what's up?" the petite blond asked surprised at seeing her classmate at her door.

"Laci, I hate to ask this, and I don't want to impose, but I might need a place to stay for a couple days until I can find something of my own… I wouldn't ask if…"

Seeing that Jo was upset and obviously uncomfortable with asking, the kind girl raised her hand stopping Jo mid-explanation, "If you need somewhere to stay, of course you're welcome here," she stepped back opening the door wider to let Jo in. She was always willing to help someone out.

Jo puffed out a sigh of relief and her eyes slid closed, "Thank you Laci. That really means so much to me. I'm gonna go home and try to work this out with Levi, but I may be back later depending on how it goes." Spontaneously she leaned forward and gave her sweet friend a quick hug.

When she quietly let herself in the home she shared with her boyfriend, Jo found Levi on the couch waiting for her. His demeanor seemed to have changed from when she left. "Jo, I was worried about you," he said getting up and meeting her in the middle of the room pulling her into a hug. She clung to him and cried softly into his shoulder.

He led her to the couch and sat down with her holding her close to his side, "This is going to be so hard. I still have so much school left. What are we going to do?" Jo whimpered.

Levi stiffened, "What do you mean? I told you I'm not doing this."

Jo's heart sank. She pulled back staring at him wide eyed, "Wh..what are you saying?"

He sighed and rubbed his face, "I'm not going to be a dad, Jo. I want to be with you… but I don't want a kid… At least not now, I don't know if I ever will."

She didn't know how she had read him so wrong. She stood up; she couldn't be so close to him. She paced over to the window looking out trying to reign in the anger she could feel rising up inside of her. Finally, she turned to him arms crossed tightly in front of her, "So that's it, you're just walking away?"

"I'm not ready for this."

"You should have thought about that before you knocked me up," she snorted sarcastically.

"We're not ready," he reasoned moving to stand by her reaching out for her.

"Don't," she glared causing him to step back.

"I mean, we were just having fun, Jo," he shrugged.

Now she was really angry, "Having fun?" she gasped, "We've been together for two years, living together for over a year, and we were what? Just playing house?" she asked voice raising shock etched on her face.

"I like you Jo. I don't want this to ruin what we have," he tried again.

Her eyes widened and sarcasm laced her voice, "You like me? When you asked me to move in it was 'Jo, I love you; I don't want to be without you'. And I'm pretty sure the night this happened," she gestured wildly to her belly, "'like' wasn't the word you were whispering in my ear… But now.. Now you like me?"

He spoke calmly trying to get her to follow suit, "There are options, I'll pay for you…"

She stopped him, "No. You won't. I don't need your money, and I don't need you," she paused and took a breath and finished in a quiet but determined voice, "If you don't want to be a part of this, that's fine, you're out, but you're out for good. Don't try coming around later when you finally man up and want to be a dad. If you don't choose us now, you don't get us ever." She walked back to the bedroom, stopping in the doorway, she turned to him and said resigned, "I'm finding my own place, and I'll have my stuff out by the end of the week. That should be enough time for you to figure out what kind of man you are. Once I'm gone don't try and contact me." She closed the bedroom door and packed her bag.

A/N: This chapter was just a brief look at how Jo ended up a young single mother all alone. Next chapter will jump forward to her being in Seattle for her internship. Thanks for reading!