Set in 5B - Enjoy x

Harvey Specter had won yet another trail and was on his way back to Pearson Specter Litt. The past 4 weeks had been a complete blur to him, firstly he resigned from PSL because Forstman was never going to back down and then Mike was arrested for fraud shortly after. Of course with Harvey being Harvey, and the best closer in New York City, he managed to get Mike off the hook. Both men were back were they belonged and continued to practice law. The look of horror on Rachel's face when she broke down in his office is a sight he will never forget. He promised her there was no way Mike was going to prison, especially a few weeks before Christmas. Jessica, Louis, Donna and himself worked endlessly to ensure Mike would not get locked up, it was a bonus when the court ruled him still able to practice law within New York. Things seemed easier now everybody knew Mike never attended Harvard, let alone any Law school, no one dared to mock him cause even if he didn't have a legitimate degree he was still the best lawyer of his age not just at the firm but in the whole city.

The only good thing to come from Mike's ordeal was how close it brought him and Donna together, nothing romantic happened between the pair but spending countless night's together working on Mike's case definitely got them close to how they use to be. Donna was still with her boyfriend and Harvey was happy for her, he was still attending meetings with Dr Agard and she was still helping him to express his feelings.

He entered his office and was faced with Mike playing HORSE alone, the young lawyer was forever grateful for Harvey for getting him out and the pair's bond had definitely strengthened.

"The look on your face means you won, didn't it?" he questioned his boss

"Have you turned into Donna? Reading my body language" Harvey mocked "if I can get a fake lawyer out of fraud charges I can assure you I can get anybody out of a bribery charge"

Harvey scrunched up some scrap paper near his desk and joined in playing HORSE.

"It's been a week Harvey, are you ever going to let this go?"

"Beat me at this and I wont mention it for a day"

"Make it two days and you have yourself a deal"


Both men continued to throw scrunched up paper into the bin for the next 20 minutes until Jessica walked in the office disturbing them.

"HORSE? Really?" she frowned at the pair "I don't give either of you enough work"

"Jessica… if you don't mind we have a bet on" Harvey paused to look at her "if I win, I can't bring up saving Mike's ass for 2 whole days"

She ignored Harvey's comment and turned to Mike "Mike, I want you on the Coleman case. Her company fired her for no reason and she wants to file for discrimination"

Nobody was more pleased than Jessica when everything was out in the open with Mike. The moment she found out he had been arrested she felt the world around her crumble, not because he could potentially be going to jail but because her company could have been taken from her.


Donna had left her mobile on her desk and had to get out her taxi and walk back, it was Christmas in 2 weeks time and the traffic was awful it only made sense for her to walk back to the office. As she waited for the elevator in the lobby to take her back to the 50th floor she noticed a tall, black haired man running towards her. It was Mitchell. She split up with him the week previous but he was not taking no for an answer, he continued to accuse her of cheating during the past few weeks. She had enough on her plate with trying to comfort Rachel and helping Harvey, Louis and Jessica with the case but he carried on with his accusations of her spending too much time with Harvey.

"Get off me!" she shouted quietly trying not to cause a scene and attempting to pull her arm away.

The lobby was quiet, it was 6:30pm and most people had finished work for the day, there were only the 2 security guards sitting behind their desk, Mitchell and herself there.

"Not until you tell me the truth about what went on between you and that lawyer"

Donna was still struggling to pull her arm away from him, his grip was getting tighter and tighter the more she tried to get away.

"Get your hand off me now before I shout security" she stated

"Sh-" Mitchell stopped in his tracks when he heard a male's voice

"Are you deaf? Get the hell off her!" it was Harvey

Mitchell forced a laugh and pushed Donna away from him and walked right up to Harvey's face. The too men were around the same height, Harvey maybe an inch or two bigger, and around the same build. It was clear the black haired man worked out.

"You must be Harvey" he spat in his face

"I'd say I knew your name but in fact I don't give a shit about irrelevant people in my life. Now get the hell out of this building" he yelled back at him

"Why? So you can take my girlfriend upstairs and fuck her on your desk?" Mitchell howled back at Harvey "I don't think it's a coincidence the 2 of you are here after work" he turned to Donna and started to shout getting the attention of one of the security guards "so this where its been happening"

Harvey wasn't responsible for his actions, how dare this man speak to Donna that way. He grabbed the man by his shoulder and swung a punch, then Mitchell swung one back. The 2 men both threw a couple of punches each, Donna stood there screaming too afraid to get in the middle of them and both security guards were now running over. They finally separated Harvey and Mitchell and both security guards grabbed hold of a man each.

"Get him out off here and don't let him back in this building ever again" Harvey told the security guard. The security guard holding Harvey let go of him and helped escort Mitchell off the premises.

Donna ran into the elevator and tried to close the door before Harvey got inside but he was too fast. Tears streamed down her face as she looked at him in front of her, his eyebrow and mouth were both oozing blood.

"It's probably not as bad as it looked" he tried to joke "now are you going to tell me what the hell all that was about?"

Donna nodded to his question but remained silent for the duration of the elevator ride to the 50th floor. Harvey followed her to her desk where she retrieved her phone.

"Is the first aid kit still at my desk… my old desk… or has Gretchen moved it?" she asked him quietly

Harvey shrugged "you don't have a first aid kit at this desk?"

"Do you really think Louis gets himself into fights that often?" she tilted her head and smiled at him.

The pair walked to his office and Donna rummaged through her old desk until she found the kit. Harvey had already poured 2 glasses of Scotch before she walked into his office. She grabbed the decanter and slowly poured some of the liquid onto a bandage.

"You do know that's $400 a bottle?"

"I replaced it often enough for you, of course I know. It'll help heal your face quicker and stop any infection" she said dabbing the alcohol soaked bandage on the side of his mouth.

Harvey pulled away sharply as the pain grew stronger once the alcohol got inside the cut. Donna gave him the look that said 'don't move' and carried on dabbing his face.

"Are you going to tell me why your boyfriend was grabbing you in the lobby?" he quizzed her

"Ex boyfriend" she corrected him "we split up last week, he accused me for the past 3 weeks of having an affair so I ended it and now he's turned up here demanding the truth "

"Donna" Harvey shut his eyes and took a deep breath "please tell me you didn't?"

The thought of Donna going down the same path as his cheating mother killed him on the inside. Of course Donna didn't have as much commitments as his mother but cheaters have to start somewhere.

"He accused me of having an affair with you. So the answer to that ridiculous question is no"

Donna's phone started to ring and the name Mitchell flashed on the screen

"I'm going to sue the shit out of him for assault and for stalking you" Harvey went to grab the phone off the table but Donna got there first.

"He'll get bored eventually; leave it" she told him "why were you back at the office anyway?" she asked

"I offered to give Mike a hand on a case and left the files here, I wanted to work on them tonight to give him a head start tomorrow. You?"

Donna just waved her mobile in the air without speaking and Harvey got the message.

"Well, now your face is cleared up and I have my phone I'm going to head back home. See you tomorrow Harvey" she smiled and went to walk out of his office

"Donna" Harvey shouted to get her attention so she would turn back round "is that really a safe option? This guy seems like a maniac what if he turns up at your place?" Harvey was genuinely concerned for the redhead

Donna let out a small laugh "I can handle myself Harvey"

"No Donna, I seen how he was pulling you about and I hate to admit it but he has a good punch on him" he admitted "you can either crash at my place or I'll stay at yours or ask Rachel to come over. Either way you aren't staying alone at your apartment"

"Harvey I'm fine, honestly"

"Donna" Harvey begged

She knew he wasn't going to let this go. Quite frankly she was happy he offered to stay at her place because she did not want to be alone tonight.

"Fine" she shuck her head "we'll stop at your place on the way so you can get a clean work clothes for tomorrow… and you'll be sleeping on the couch"

Harvey mirrored her smile and nodded his head. He cared about this woman. Well he was in love with her and he promised her he wouldn't let anything happen to her and that was a promise he was taking to the grave with him.


They jumped a cab and were now back at her apartment, they decided to pick up a pizza from the takeaway a block down from her apartment. Donna was far too engrossed with some reality TV programme so Harvey thought it was best to leave her and get on with some work on the Coleman case. Once her show was finished she took a seat next to him at the table and handed him a glass of wine.

"How's it going?"

"Good, there's a lot of evidence that shows Potter Inc has fired 6 women in the past year on no grounds whatsoever" he smiled at her "it'll help Mike win the case anyway"

"Him and Rachel are really grateful you know, for what you did. I know Jessica and Louis and even myself helped but you not only risked your career for him you risked getting put behind bars" she responded

"It's not that long ago I saved my guilty secretary from fraud charges "he laughed looking at her "and now I've had to save Mike who was getting convicted of the same charge. Shouldn't I have some sort of medal?"

Donna stood up and sat back on the sofa in front of the TV "you're such an ass!"

Harvey followed her over "When Harry Met Sally? What a classic! Has this just started?" Donna heard the excitement in his voice and couldn't help but laugh

"I think you like chick flicks more than the average woman" she commented

"'There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance'" Harvey began to quote the movie "I wonder what category you fall in" he raised an eyebrow at her and a started to laugh

Donna hit him in the chest with a cushion "did I mention you were an ass?"

The pair never made it to the end of the film. Harvey fell asleep first and Donna was going to move to her bed, she really was, but she couldn't get herself away from him. She decided to close her eyes for a few minutes until she had the energy to resist him. Harvey and Donna both fell asleep on her couch that night, her head had sloped down to his shoulder and her hand made its way to his chest. Somehow his arm was wrapped around her waist, this was going to be an awkward encounter in the morning…