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Chapter 12: A Death In The Family

3 years later.


Gohan wearily turned his head towards the sound of Goku who was in his room.

"What is it son?"

Goku called, "Grandpa? I need to pee."

Gohan froze. The toilet had broken earlier that day from some, ahem, clogging, that required the plumber to make a day trip to fix it the next morning.

The two had been trying to hold it in all day. Well, Gohan tried and failed. He secretly went outside just before dinner to relieve himself. "My old body can't take it," he comforted himself, making an excuse to himself.

It wasn't fair that he could go and Goku couldn't. He grudgingly allowed the young alien to go outside as he had.

"Be back in 5 minutes!" called the old martial artist.

Sure Grandpa," said Goku, running to the door as fast as he could.

He threw the door open, almost breaking it for his mad dash to the nearby field where he crashed down 7 years ago. He made sure to dodge all the animal droppings on his way.

15 seconds later, he was near the middle of the open plain. Goku almost tore his gi off as he pulled down his pants.

2 seconds later, he was sighing in pleasure. As he was almost finished, he glanced in the direction of the sky. He started trying to count stars.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6," he said, still staring up. 7…" he stared at the full moon. "Wait… That's not a star…"

Goku grew increasingly transfixed. His tail waved back in forth. The wind picked up, blowing his uncombed hair in front of his face. His eyes lost their focus. He began to drool.

Slowly, Goku lost control as his height grew, and fangs appeared out his mouth. His clothes began to rip and his face grew hair all over it. The Power Pole attached to his back fell as the alien's body grew out of his clothes, growing to almost 50 feet tall. His black irises turned to fierce red, glowing orbs. His arms were 20 feet long and stronger than steel. His hands alone could grab an average man easily. His famous hair turned to a bald head. The transformed boy roared and the trees shook under the pressure.

Gohan jumped out of bed, terrified. He was a respected martial artist, but the sound of the roar shook him to his core. He quickly ripped off his pajamas and grabbed his gi.

He ran outside, calling Goku's name.

Goku was now ripping trees from their roots, and throwing them everywhere. He roared as a yellow beam shot out of his mouth and exploded a nearby cliff into rubble. He began running full speed at the rest of the forest out of the clearing, his red eyes searching for prey, and a trail of destruction in his wake.

Terrified deer, birds, rabbits and other forest animals ran for their lives, as Goku jumped high in the air, and stumped trees and rocks flat. He started spinning wildly, his arms smashing everything he saw.

Gohan had reached the clearing just as he saw the monster rumble into the forest.

"Goku! Goku!" he called, scared that his adoptive son had been murdered by the beast. He wiped fresh tears from his eyes and he ran directly at the monster, willing to challenge him.

"Hey!" he screamed at the furry ape. He prepared a blue sphere in his two cupped hands.

"What have you done with my son!?"

The ape licked his lips and charged at the old man, incapable of thinking, only of hunger.

"KA-ME," By this point, Goku had reached the edge of the forest and bounded into the clearing on all fours.

"HA-ME," chanted Roshi's pupil calmly, but rage mixed with fear was shown on his face, betraying his own voice.

The Great Ape leapt into the air, directly over the old man head. It smiled.

"HAAAAAAA!" screamed Gohan, as the blue ball transformed into a beam, stretching towards the transformed Goku. The Great Ape only opened its mouth and shot a beam of his own.

The yellow beam rocketed to the blue one, and with an enormous thunderclap, they clashed.

Gohan felt his spirit diminishing. Sweat and tears fell down his weathered face. He gritted his teeth and forced as much energy into it as he could. "HAAAAAA!"

Goku was unaware of the new power, and didn't place more energy into his beam. The yellow beam was instantly overpowered by the renewed energy of the Kamehameha, and quickly retracted back into the ape's mouth.


The beast flew into the air, and crashed heavily into some trees, flattening them. He growled.

Grandpa Gohan was standing, panting heavily as he tried to regain his breath. He never ever expected what he just did to happen.

He assumed a Turtle School fighting stance as Goku charged towards him.

Before Gohan could say Turtle Hermit, Goku swiped with a furry clawed hand, and raked a new trail of blood down frail Gohan's body.

Gohan gasped and clutched his chest. His eyes opened wide as he saw the teeth of Goku in his face.

He rasped, "Ex..plosive… Wave."

Just and Goku nipped at Gohan, a blue ball of energy covered Gohan, and created a barrier between him and Goku. Stunned, the ape stumbled back, and tripped over its tail, falling on his back.

It may have paused him, but it didn't stop him, and Gohan knew this. He capitalized on the distraction by jumping into the air over the transformed monkey.

"JAN KEN!" screamed the 95 year old.

He punted his grandson into the air then rocketed towards him. He hammer-fisted Goku, back to the ground. Goku screamed as he fell, but was quickly shut-up when Gohan palmed him. The ape covered his face with his hands. Gohan then jumped in the air and scissor kicked him in the stomach.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, thought Gohan cracking a grin.

The ape retched, Gohan's last attack having done him in.

Gohan froze.

What came flying out out the transformed boy was a meal that strangely resembled the spicy Chinese rice with the saucy sweet-and-sour chicken that Gohan made earlier that night.

"Go-Goku?" questioned the old man, disbelief on his tired face.

The ape, turned, his eyes showing nothing but malice. It roared and lumbered towards the respected martial artist.

The Great Ape had no fighting experience, but made up for it's sloppiness with its brutality.

Using Gohan's pause as an advantage, it grabbed the 90+ old and threw him directly over itself. The enraged Goku then leapt into the air and headbutted the old man. As Gohan fell, the ape did a backwards kick and Grandpa Gohan flew 30 yards before slamming into the ground.

Now, the old martial artist was fighting for his life. His face was torn and pieces of flesh hung from his face. He had a two broken fingers and his skin was burnt. He gasped, trying to stay on his feet. He faced his challenged with new resolve to stop this transformation, but at the same time, was trying not to hurt his grandson to0 much.

Gohan jumped into the sky, his foot arching towards the ape's head. The adopted grandson-turned-monster was unprepared, and the kick slammed into his face. Goku did a whole backflip, the kick was so hard. The ape was now pissed, and began to try his hardest to hit the man.

But Gohan was still much to fast, albeit injured. He began after-imaging himself, moving faster than the red eyes could see. When an image of Gohan popped up, the beast took the bait. He swung and missed, his hands flying through air. Gohan appeared again. Goku tried again. Nothing was there. The Great Ape grew frustrated.

Even though the ape was uneducated, it wasn't stupid.

Goku knew that the next image he saw was fake, so he didn't bother trying to hit it.
Gohan after-imaged in a circle, trying to find a perfect time to counter-attack. The monster knew the pattern of images and when another image appeared out of nowhere, he punched the air directly 5 feet to the right, where he guessed another image would appear. He guessed right. The real Gohan appeared and right into a black furry fist. He was instantly hit, and flew back, crashing into the ground, creating a 20 foot crater.

The Great Ape ran towards the stunned man, before grabbing him in his massive hands. He took hold of him with one hand, then like a toy in a frustrated child's hands, slammed Gohan into the ground as hard as he could.

There was a sound of broken bones being snapped like sticks. The old man coughed up blood. There were tears in his eyes. He began to try to speak.

"Son Goku," tried the man. "Please… I know you're in there.. Fight it… Control yourself son…"

The ape picked Gohan up, took hold of his leg, and swung him around, and around, and around until, at top speed, let the man go. Grandpa Gohan flew past the image of the moon. As Gohan took an unexpected flight once again, the ape himself after-imaged and appeared at Gohan's landing spot.

The grandson of Gohan opened his mouth and fired.

A huge yellow beam zoomed to the almost-comatose martial artist and hit him squarely in the body.

He dropped like a rock.

The night sky was now turning to early dawn. Their fight had taken several hours.

Gohan's vision was fading. He tried talking to his grandson for the last time.

"My son," he said, fighting back tears and trying to push back death's door. "Goku. Please."

"I know you didn't want th-this to happen," spoke Gohan. "I ju-just want you to know, I have always lov-loved you."

"Please son. Do right. Always re-remember, do me proud."

The ape shrugged.

The last thing Son Gohan saw was the foot of his grandson, crushing his legs, body, and still-beating heart, to dust.

Power Levels

Goku: 100

Grandpa Gohan: 150

Grandpa Gohan (Full Power) 250

Goku (Great Ape) 1,000