Sequel to Curls and Bruises

Full Summary: Dumbledore's death was just the beginning. Months spent on the run brought no solace and even though she gave it her all, the heart wants what it wants. She can fight tooth and nail, she can run, and she can hide, but a Malfoy always wins.

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Hermione stood in the center of the room, her somber gaze restless as her eyes flittered around from wall to wall, picture to picture…book to book. She gripped her wand and scarf tightly in one hand with her coat draped over her arm. She swallowed, throat thick with emotion and shoulders taut with tension as she took in her sanctuary, her room, for what would probably be the last time. She brushed her hand over her bed, struggling to leave this place behind as she made her way out and downstairs.

She was on auto pilot as she slowly crept up behind her parents until she was directly behind them. They were engaged in a quiet conversation and as Hermione watched her mum pour her dad a cup of tea, a hesitant feeling overcame her. She mentally shook her head and squared her shoulders. This is the right thing to do, this is the right thing to do, she chanted. She couldn't lose anyone else. Ginny.

No one had seen or heard from her best friend since the night that Draco had let the Death Eaters into the castle. They had all been sick with worry for months as they searched for her with no avail. It wasn't until a few weeks ago did it finally click in Hermione's head. They had taken her. She just knew it. That night, as they had stood in Knockturn Alley, Draco had told her that they were waiting. He didn't say what for, but now Hermione had guessed that they had been waiting for someone and she was willing to bet that that someone had Ginny with them. Of course, this was purely guessing on Hermione's part. That was simply one of the best cases. Sometimes Hermione feared that Ginny was dead or being tortured by you-know-who on a daily basis.

Shaking those thoughts from her head, she raised her wand and forced herself to think of nothing but their safety. She had to protect them from Voldemort, the Death Eaters…him. She had not heard a peep from him since that night. She was extremely grateful for that, but that also worried her. Draco had never been one to keep quiet, to not act. No, he was waiting, biding his time for the opportune moment. She wasn't going to make it easy for him though, she wasn't going to make it easy for any of them. With a newfound determination, Hermione focused her eyes and concentrated, uttering the word that would keep her parents safe.


Everything had been going great, in fact, more than great. Bill and Fleur's bliss had done what it was supposed to; take everyone's' minds off of what was going on in the outside world. The newlyweds had danced and danced and looked at each other with complete adoration. Hermione found herself smiling a few times, momentarily forgetting about the elephant sized weight that was on her shoulders. The atmosphere inside of the tent was…light. It was a pleasant feeling that she hadn't felt in months. She had danced and laughed and for once…Draco and the Death Eaters were at the very back of her mind. They were at the very back of everyone's minds. Until it happened.

Suddenly there was panic and everyone was running, screaming and apparating out of there. It all happened so fast and everything became a blur as she and Ron collided into each other. She had looked around for Harry, but everything was a blur. Everything was a blur except for one thing. It had happened so fast that she had questioned whether or not she had seen what she thought she had. Her frame had been frozen and her eyes fearful as the wind blew the opening of the tent, giving her a glimpse of the yard. His stance had exuded nothing but complete confidence as his dark hair ruffled in the wind. His obsidian eyes bore into her own as a Malfoy like smirk graced his lips. She had opened her mouth in shock, but before she could utter a word, her world was suddenly spinning.

As Hermione set the enchantments, she could hear Ron's pained whimpers behind her. She had done what she could, but at this point all they could do was wait. As she waved her wand and murmured the words, she tried her best to hold it together. Nothing had gone like it was supposed to. They had gotten the locket, but Ron had gotten splinched in the process. She knew that until Ron was healed they would be forced to travel on foot. Her shoulders sagged at the thought of this setback. She forced herself to focus on something else.

Like Zabini. Her jaw clenched as she thought back to the wedding. She had seen Zabini; that she was sure of now and she knew that if Zabini had been there, then so had he. Why hadn't she seen him though? Why hadn't he had just snatched her up then and there, put her out of her misery? She shook her head. Those were cowardly thoughts. Those were the thoughts of someone who was ready to give up and she was not that person. Just because she… Just because she cared about him more than she had believed, it didn't mean that she was throwing in the towel. It was so much more complicated than that. She and Draco were completely wrong for each other in every way. He was toxic and whenever she was around him she couldn't think straight. They would destroy each other. She was determined to fight this with every fiber of her being.

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