Furuichi felt his body shiver as he stared at the Ishiyama school again; the tall dirty building and the broken off sections of walls and windows. For most of the students there, it was home, and maybe a safe haven, but for Furuichi it was a place where dumb apes and animals scurry about. This realisation, dawned after only a year in the place already, was only spurred on when just shy of two seconds from entering the place, a gang fight had already occurred right outside the main building.

The white-haired teen couldn't help but cry inside as he watched the two big apes break bones and smash faces in. He would have cried, honestly, if he hadn't seen the Red Tails, the beautiful young women gang of Ishiyama, strolling into the school.

"Oomori!" He cried happily as he immediately moved towards her. The young redheaded woman, with a rocking body that Furuichi couldn't help but comment on, turned to him and sweatdropped. He could see her eyes narrow tightly as she sped up her gait. Worthy of the name Creepichi, Furuichi quickly rushed behind her, hands behind him at the speed he walked in. But the redheaded woman was faster and he couldn't keep up entirely.

"Oh! Tanimura!" Furuichi greeted as he stepped up to the side of Chiaki Tanimura, another member of the Red Tails Femme Fatale. The white-haired hot-blooded teenage boy was rather disappointed though when he noticed that her, while her stature was short, her beautiful milky white legs were covered up due to the winter cold. Damn weather seasons.

Chiaki turned to him, her eyes as blank as they always have been, and greeted him. "Trash." Furuichi felt a sharp stab in his heart, his smile faltering as he tried to maintain his pleasant expression. But inside his Tsukkomi screamed, You're still going on about that.

"W-what Tanimura, surely you don't still see me like that right? Right?! I'm Oga's #2! DOES THIS POSITION REALLY GIVE ME NO PRESTIGE?" Tanimura stared at him, then slapped a hand to her lips to feign laughter. Furuichi's eyes bulged, "What is that? What is with that reaction?! Is that really my reputation even now?!"

Tanimura didn't reply and instead turned back to Nene and zoomed past him and a pace faster than Furuichi could keep up with. The young man with slight perversion, because really he still at least understood boundaries (to a certain extent), watched the Red Tails disappear past him with their faces blank and sweat rolling off their shoulders.

"Ah...oh well," he muttered to himself. If he wasn't mistaken Oga had already arrived to school earlier and there was no doubt that Hilda was somewhere out and about watching him. The thought of beautiful Hilda somewhere here made him get a spring in his step, even if his fantasies were vastly different from real life.

He stepped two steps forward, then felt two familiar burly arms encircle him. At first he wondered if he should bring out his demonic tissues, since ever since the fight with Satan the effects of the tissues diminished somewhat with the contracts he signed, but thought better of it. Jabberwock was still pretty pissed at him the first time he summoned him accidentally to smack Alandelion away.

"What is this?!" He yelled instinctively before he felt the familiar(damn that word!) sensation of entering Alandelion (damn that even more!).

"Don't worry Takayuki-dono, you can rest easy that I would do nothing to you without your permission!" Alandelion whispered into his air.

"DON'T WHISPER SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO MY EAR YOU OLD MAN!" Furuichi yelled in desperation as he struggled again the old man's tight grip. His vision was ensnared in a bright blinding light before he was encompassed by the sides of the old man.

It was a brief moment later, much like the slow gait of a smack, before he was tossed onto the ground of where he had visited a few odd months ago. "Huh? I'm back at the castle?!" Furuichi exclaimed as he stared at the large gate. Alandelion stood stoically next to him, hands to his side as he bowed in respect to he woman standing serenely at the front of the gate.

"Furuichi-dono, thank you for accepting our call so soon," Laymia, the mother of Lamia and a member of the 84th Pillar Division, bowed her head in greeting to Furuichi.

Whatever qualms Furuichi had in the matter of Alandelion's sudden appearance was washed away at the sight of the beautiful Laymia standing before him. Thought a part of him was rather obstinate at ogling the mother of Lamia, the greater whole of him had overridden the small voice for the desire to appreciate the body of a young gorgeous woman.

"Oh, Furuichi-dono, you are still learning I see. It's a shame, Laymia's coat makes it difficult for me to see the object of my own desire," Dr Forcas, the self-proclaimed 'Man who loves ass more than tits', walked up to greet Furuichi. Both of them grasp hands in brotherly camaraderie, their perversion having long since developed their friendship as men of desire. If anything else, Furuichi was glad that there was somebody else that shared in his thoughts, and wouldn't give him the nickname of Creepichi.

"Oh Dr Forcas! And Laymia-san! I had no idea you were the ones who called for me. I thought it was Alandelion disturbing me again!" Furuichi said as he scratched the back of his had in embarrassment.

"Hmph! How rude Takayuki-dono, I would never disturb you in such a way," Alandelion muttered as he glanced away.

"Like hell you do!" Furuichi's Tsukkomi side yelled, "And what is that reaction?! Are you a tsundere from a shounen manga?! Die! Seriously die you old man!"

In reaction Alandelion grabbed his face with his hands and blushed, "Please stop Takayuki-dono, I alone truly understand your feelings."

"JUST DIE ALREADY!" Before anymore could be said Furuichi felt a rough tug at his collar and he was unceremoniously dragged away by Dr Forcas.

"Sorry kid but your comic relief isn't really needed right now. Laymia has already continued on into the castle without us." Furuichi sweat dropped as he was unable to stand up to his feet and had to endure being hastily dragged up the stars, where the lesser ranked Pillar soldiers saluted at every turn.

Furuichi knew that ever since he had accepted a contract with all of the Pillar Generals and Barons that he had been elevated to a rank of prestige among the lesser soldiers. Even in school he had already been given the title 'The Man with a Hundred Faces' and he had even once almost destroyed Ishiyama in an Oga-like way due to Jabberwock.

"Good afternoon Lieutenant!" The soldiers greeted. Furuichi sweat dropped at their formal respect.

"Why are they calling me Lieutenant?" Furuichi asked uncomfortably, though he admitted it felt nice having a few mob characters for himself as well.

"I apologise," Laymia said as she slowed down her pace, "Considering your contract with the top Echelons of the Pillar Squads, it was considered to formally induct you into the unit so as to stave off any confusion."

"HUH?! I was inducted into the Pillars?! Is that okay? I'm a human! How is a human so nonchalantly accepted into a demon army!"

"It's quite alright," Laymia said while smiling patiently, "You already have a contract with our current General, so in no ways are you a regular human. As such, it was deemed fit to give you the rank of Lieutenant, so that it wouldn't seem weird to see you among the Barons and Generals, especially when they call upon you to bear their strength in the human world."

"Still! This is an unexpected circumstance, especially for a high school student."

"It's fine," a new voice interrupted. "As a Tactician even you must understand that this would provide the best possible situation for you among the Pillars."

"Hecadoth?!" Furuichi yelled in greeting. It was generally accepted that Hecadoth was among the most frequently called Pillar to Furuichi's side, and the one that was most at use within Furuichi's body. His power fit most with Furuichi, who didn't favor the destructive force of Jabberwock or the dancing agility of Agiel which could be considered cowardly among those of Ishiyama.

"Can you stop shouting Lieutenant?" Hecadoth muttered, smirking in slight bemusement when he noticed Furuichi looking uncomfortable being called by rank. "Be glad, we could have made you a lowly Private that listens to our every beck-and-call."

Furuichi started to sweat at the vicious smile on Hecadoth's face. "Hehe, of course. I am ever grateful."

"However the situation is rather drastic. We wouldn't have called you unless the situation was indeed dire enough to demand the call," Hecadoth said seriously as he went to step next to Laymia.


"All will be explained soon, Furuichi-dono, but please for now exercise patience," Laymia suggested. He clamped his mouth shut and nodded, rising to his feet when Dr Focas allowed him to. Looking at Laymia, Furuichi was able to understand the situation well, considering the frown on the familiar face the mother of the young girl that frequented Oga's house.

Speaking of her, "Where is Lamia anyway?" Furuichi asked.

"She's currently asleep. Yesterday was a tiring day for us. Especially with how the situation has become,"Dr Forcas replied cryptically.

It took a while but eventually Furuichi was led to the top most section of the castle, where the highest Echelons of the 84th Pillar Squad were waiting. The young man couldn't help but feel the cold tingle of danger running down his back at being in the presence of so many dangerous existences around him.

"Oh, it's good to see you again boy, or rather should we call you Lieutenant now?" Behemoth asked as he spared a wide smile to Furuichi.

"Oh, Behemoth-san," Furuichi muttered a terrified greeting, "It's a pleasure to see you again!" The old man chuckled and gestured to a seat on the round table that dominated the center of the room.

"Please seat boy, we have much to discuss," Behemoth said and Furuichi quickly complied, staring uneasily at Laymia and Hecadoth who had taken seats far down the isle. "Now I'm sure you are wondering why we have asked of you to come here," Behemoth said in his gravelly old voice.

"Yea," Furuichi agreed, "I would imagine Oga would be better suited here." He immediately regretted mentioning that name as all of the assembled Pillars glared balefully at the space in front of them. Even Jabberwock's eyes darkened.

Though they had allowed Oga to drain them of power to defeat Satan, that didn't mean they had forgotten their past grievances with the young boy. The only one not all too affected was Laymia, Dr Focas, and Agiel who was twirling her hair idly.

"While Oga would have been a likely candidate, I'm afraid our situation requires a more deft touch," Behemoth replied easily, since he didn't really have that great of a problem with the boy. "Rather our Lord Beelzebub has a plan for him and wishes us not to disturb him. Besides you are more than enough and with your Kings Crest, your battle potential at your base is higher than before."

"Oh...is that so," Furuichi said. Or rather, he didn't like the sound of that.

"Furuichi, just how exactly do you perceive the situation in Hell?" Hecadoth asked seriously, watching him carefully.

"Eh?" Furuichi was surprised at the sudden question, "What do you mean? Hell is ruled by the current Beelzebub isn't it?"

Behemoth nodded as he stapled his fingers together, "Yes, but there seems to be a discrepancy between what you know and what the devils around you have mentioned. Currently, there are Four Great Satans that rule over hell, objectively, you can consider them our standing government."

Furuichi's eyes bulged, "Four?!"

"Yes," Laymia nodded her head, "Beelzebub, Lucifer, Asmodeus and Leviathan. While our Lord Beelzebub has indeed united this section of Hell, his territory is only a small portion of hell."

"Wait Lucifer?! But we defeated her!" Furuichi exclaimed.

Hecadoth shook his head, "That Lucifer is a descendant of the Old Mao, rather, it is easier for us to say that in the past there was a civil war between the Current Maos and the Old Maos. Thus, resulting in the formation of Hell today. Are you keeping up with me Tactician?" Hecadoth asked. Slightly deterred by the onslaught of information that he didn't know about, Furuichi nodded shakily.

"Our current Beelzebub, Ajuka Beelzebub of the House of Astaroth, is considered one of the strongest in Hell, equal to that of the current Lucifer. While they are both quite strong, Lord Beelzebub was smarter and was able to create most of the formulas that govern devil society today," Behemoth stated. At Furuichi's uncomprehending gaze, Behemoth elaborated. "With the loss of Devils in the civil war, Our Lord Beelzebub devised the Evil Chess Piece system. It is the process of reincarnating a human into a Devil through the use of a chess piece that grants certain attributes to the reincarnated Devil. You could compare it to the King system that Devil contractors use. Unlike Devil contractors though, the abilities of the reincarnated Devils do not require a stream of power from the King."

"Wait," Furuichi interrupted, "You can reincarnate humans into devils?!"

"Yes, though only those we have deemed strong. However, only the high devils are able to use the Evil Piece system fully," Behemoth clarified.

"I don't see how this affects me," Furuichi said, "Or rather wasn't the current Beelzebub supposed to be a lazy demon that goes with the flow?! What's with this out-of-the-blue development!" Furuichi shut his mouth quickly, hoping he hadn't insulted anybody they all seem too engrossed in their thoughts to notice.

"Recently there has been movement outside of Hell, in Japan specifically, by the Fallen Angels. We are not sure exactly of what is actually occurring, but we are wary to find out what. Currently, Our Lord Beelzebub has ordered us not to disturb but as members of the 84th Pillar Squad, we have also gotten whiff of the Old Mao faction on the move."

"Again I don't see how this affects me! I understand the need for exposition but you're boring our readers!" Furuichi said.

"For starters," Jabberwock began, shocking Furuichi, "While the 84th Pillar Squad are incapable of doing anything here in Hell, on Earth it gives us certain leeway especially with our newly inducted Lieutenant."

Furuichi felt the beads of sweat roll off his forehead, "But I'm a highschool student!" Furuichi countered desperately. He did not want to be included in whatever turf war was going on in Hell.

"That will be handled, you will be transferred to a school within the vicinity of the disturbance," Behemoth stated.

"What makes you think I'll go," Furuichi yelled.

At that time Hecadoth sucked in a breath. All of the Pillar squad stared at him, as they too had wondered about the answer to that question. Hecadoth was the one with the longest history with the Lieutenant and while the others had been called by him various times throughout the year, Hecadoth was the only one to have been called as often. Not too mention Agiel would always drag him to the Pillars annual lunch party and sit him on their table next to Hecadoth.

After a moment Hecadoth stood up and stood behind Furuichi, his voice lowered to a whisper. "The school has a population dominated by girls with C cup breasts and shapely legs," he intoned, hands gripping Furuichi's shoulders.

"O-oooohhhhh!" he snapped, "Why didn't you say so! Let me go! Let me goooooo!" All at once the Pillar Generals stared at Furuichi with disbelieving looks.

What an ass.

"Hey! I'm a healthy teenage boy!" he cried, having heard their thoughts.

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