Hey guys, I've been gone from this story for a long time. Anyway, I decided to rewrite this story because I wanted to push it into a new direction - while still keeping the heart and integrity of my first story - so I decided to rewrite the story. First four chapters of new story is up - though a lot of it has been copy pasted from the old story, with small and big additions and substractions placed inside. Eventually I'll start diverging more, though most characters and key story points will remain the same.

That being said, FDA has always been about me having fun writing, and I am infinitely glad that people stuck around and to this day are still asking me to continue it. I hope I can rewrite the story to your liking, but if not, hey, I'll say it truthfully - what you want, you can write.

I'll see you guys in The Human Pillar and hope you'll follow me again as I try to not leave you guys hanging for a second time. Hahaha.