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Chapter 3: Embrace your inner stalker

A week had passed since Natsu's "brilliant" Sherlock Holmes worthy deduction about Lucy and nothing had changed since then as he was still stuck on the first part of the plan. The plan to catch the possible maybe stalker, plan PMS for short (Natsu had been very proud of his abbreviating skills though Happy looked at him like he was an idiot every time he mentioned it) first required one essential key step- finding Luigi.

"What's with this woman?!" Natsu whined to Happy for the umpteenth time after another fruitless attempt to find the elusive blonde.

"I mean I've looked everywhere- the shops, the park, the library. I'm this close," Natsu pinched his right thumb and index finger as close together as he could without them touching, "to becoming a stalker myself."

Happy only meowed.

"Because of her I may never be able to achieve Plan PMS." Natsu paced the floor in agitation.

Happy snorted, lying on his front paws as he prepared to sleep.

Is Luigi invisible or something? All I know about her is that she wears pink bunny slippers, has blonde hair and is the key to catching whoever's been watching me like a stalker...Hmm…stalker…stalker…

"I GOT IT!" Natsu shouted.

Happy jumped up from his almost nap, hissing in annoyance.

"Sorry buddy but listen to my idea! It's ingenious! To find Luigi I have to embrace my inner stalker!"

Happy, already used to his owner's crazy antics only returned to his nap.

Natsu, excited and still smug at his brilliant plan, rushed over to his laptop which he promptly unlocked and then opened his favourite blog community: Fairy Tail Online with its familiar slogan; it's the people that no one imagine anything of that can do things that no one can imagine. [A/N: quoted from The Imitation Game]

He typed in the search bar: how to find someone. Only one result popped up and he clicked on it eagerly.

"This sounds good. How to find a missing person 101. The blogger's username is a bit weird though- water-woman+gray-sama=38babies…"

My blogger name is way cooler.

"Anyway, Happy come here and read with me." Natsu picked up a sleepy Happy and plopped him on his lap.

Now let's see here…

Natsu began reading aloud, a habit he had picked up after hearing that cats loved their owners more if they talked to them regularly.

"Dear readers, this post 'How to find a missing person' is a guide on how to stalk find your beloved Gray-sama the person you are specifically looking for. There are several steps, each more successful than the last. I wish you luck on your love endeavours. Note: if you are after my Gray-sama, I will come after you, love rival.

Lucy sneezed in her apartment, looking at Plue expectantly. Why won't he bless me?


Over the coming weeks, Natsu read and followed the blog's instructions as best as he could.

Step 1: The first step is to construct a profile of what you know about them and using any possible leverage, create a missing poster. P.S. This is especially useful when the person you're stalking looking for seems to be hiding from you.

Lucy was walking home from a grocery run on account of her internet connection dying which meant no online ordering. Covered completely from head to toe, drawing the attention of many as she walked, her own attention was drawn when she heard the rustle of paper close to her.

Moving closer, Lucy gasped in horror at what was before her. There, next to a crude drawing of a blonde female stick figure wearing pink bunny slippers read the words- Dear Luigi, I have your pink bunny slipper. See me now! From the owner of the blue cat."

I am never leaving my apartment ever again. Even if I starve.


Step 2: If step one is unsuccessful, perhaps this may work better. Making some sort of flashy sign near their location to draw their attention can make them come to you. The flashier the better.

Lucy was more reluctant to spy on Pinky after the poster incident but after several days of tireless editing, she wanted some human interaction. However, she never would've picked up her binoculars had she known what was waiting for her on the other side of them.

What is that red chicken scrawl on those papers stuck to the window…?


I feel like I'm visiting an optometrist for an eyesight test.

"…WATCHING…is that a 'y'…?"

When Lucy realised what Pinky had written, she reeled back in shock, her hands shaking. Plue barked in worry.

"Plue…it says…I'M WATCHING YOU LUIGI…"

Is Pinky insane?! What kind of person would do this…and who the hell is Luigi meant to be?


Natsu sneezed and looked at Happy excitedly.

"Happy, Luigi's probably thinking about me right now! I'd told you she'd see the message better if it was written in red paint!"

Happy meowed as if to say, I knew she'd see it but our reasons for knowing she would are completely different.

"Why would they be different?" Natsu asked curiously.

Happy could only be shocked that his owner had apparently read his mind.


Step 3: This is the final and most effective battle plan to find whoever you're looking for who seems to be elusive like my beloved Gray-sama. Use a method that successfully made them approach you before.

"Happy I need you to be pretend dead."

The blue cat only looked up at Natsu and then shook his head like he was an idiot.

"Please Happy. I know it'll work. My dragon instinct tells me so!"

Happy meowed condescendingly.

"Please Happy-sama," Natsu prostrated himself on the floor before his cat, "this is my last resort!"

Happy meowed arrogantly.

"You'll do it for ten fish?! It's a deal buddy!" Natsu shook Happy's paw eagerly.


Lucy was startled awake from a midday nap when Plue started barking like a madman (or mad dog in his case) and pawing at the window.

"…Plue…what's wrong boy?" Lucy asked sleepily, rubbing her tired eyes.

Plue shifted his gaze away from the window to stare at Lucy before meaningfully directing his attention back to the window.

"Something's wrong with Pinky and his blue cat?"

Lucy rolled out of bed before picking up her binoculars to look through the familiar window.

"Something's wrong with the cat again?!" Lucy cried out as she saw the blue feline curled up in a ball leaving his food bowl untouched again.

The cat looks like it's in pain again but…why does the situation feel…off?

Choosing to hide behind her curtain before taking any more peeks, Lucy's suspicions were confirmed when she saw a trace of pink hair concealed behind a couch.

No way. Is that Pinky…?

Lucy watched as Pinky emerged from behind the couch decked in a camouflage outfit with his trademark white scarf wrapped around his face.

Is he cosplaying or…something?

However when she saw what he was holding she immediately dropped down to the floor.

Plue sent her a judging look, conveying through his eyes what he thought of his owner at this moment.

"I am not a weirdo. This is for safety." Lucy said defensively.

Lucy got up using the curtain as her safety blanket as she took a quick peek at Pinky to confirm what she had seen was real. After all, seeing is believing.

He's really holding binoculars…yellow binoculars…is this how a parent feels when their kid learns their first bad word?

Lucy watched in disbelief as he made a hand signal to his cat who in response rolled into another position that gave the impression of illness. And as she watched him return to his original watching spot, apparently looking for her, only one thought ran through her head.

Curse you sympathy for starting all of this.


It was official. Lucy was being stalked- by Pinky of all people. The stalker had officially become the stalked.

I did have my suspicions. First the missing posters. Then the horror style message on his windows. And now, the ultimate irony, the yellow binoculars.

Lucy knew it'd only be a matter of time before he found her. She needed help. Desperately. Accessing her go to blog site for help- Fairy Tail Online, she typed in the search bar 'How to be missing'. Surprisingly one blog post came up with exactly what she needed and she opened it up eagerly.

"Look Plue, someone understands how precarious my situation is! They posted this to help those like me!" Lucy was touched.

Bless you empathy.

Plue huffed but moved closer to Lucy, resting by her feet, eyes glinting curiously at the screen.

"How to be a missing person 101," Lucy read aloud, "Posted by not-a-stripper-clothes-and-me-just-don't-work."

You're putting a lot of faith in a possibly in-denial stripper…

Lucy shrugged. Desperate times called for desperate measures. She absolutely could not let her secret and identity be uncovered.

"Dear readers, this post is in response to another blog written by a crazy water woman fellow blogger and teaches you how to escape keep hidden from them due to their stalkerish obsession with you whatever reason. Good luck and may you stay safe hidden, my stalked friends."

Poor guy. He must really have been through a lot to be so knowledgeable about getting away from stalkers.

An almost naked Gray sneezed, blowing his nose on a tissue before returning to his nap in his apartment.

His blue haired stalker Juvia watched him from afar. "Someone's thinking of Gray-sama?! Love rival!"


Lucy thought back to the wise words of not-a-stripper-clothes-and-me-just-don't-work as she strolled around her apartment, waiting for her food to finish cooking.

The two most important things to remember is to be self-sufficient so you can hole up in your house when you need to and to be as inconspicuous as possible if you ever do run into your stalker.

A beeping sound startled her from her thoughts and she rushed back to her oven where smoke was exiting. Horrified she quickly put out the fire on her now burnt meal and examined the inside of her oven.

"Noooooooo! Oven don't do this to me, please! Please!" Lucy begged.

But it was no use. She knew it. Plue knew it. And the oven, especially knew it. Giving out one last creak, the oven became still.

"Rest in peace my oven. You served me well." Lucy cried, softly stroking the oven which had been with her ever since she moved in.

Lucy sighed and then stood up. Without an oven, her food choices were limited severely. There was no other option if she wanted to "hole up in her house" as the blog had said. Using her laptop she found a company that could install a new oven for her. Dialling their number on her phone, she paced nervously, biting her lip.

"Hello this is Mirajane of FT Handyman & co. how may I help you?"

"H…Hi my oven recently b…broke down and I was w…wondering if you could…send someone over to install a n…new one?"

Mirajane picked up on the woman's stuttering and her voice immediately became softer and more soothing. After a brief conversation where they discussed the details, Lucy hung up on the phone, drenched in sweat. Plue nuzzled her side, whining in worry.

"Fine Plue…I'm fine."

On the other side, Mira felt slightly surprised at the amount of protectiveness she felt over this soft spoken girl who sounded younger than her and very scared.

"Who should I send…?" Mira pondered.

"Gajeel?" She thought of the heavily pierced, muscular man with his dark glare and shook her head immediately.

"Laxus? He does like working with electrical appliances…" This time she thought of her blonde husband and again shook her head.

"Gray? No he strips around and this girl would definitely end up emotionally scarred."

"I need someone disarming. Someone who can get the job done but won't scare the girl. Someone like…"

"NATSU! IMMA KILL YOU! YOU HEAR ME?!" A voice shouted from afar.

Mira spotted a blur of pink and called out, "Natsu! Come here. I have a job for you!"

Immediately, Natsu was at her desk and grinning enthusiastically.

"Who, what, where, when, why?!" Natsu questioned excitedly.

"A female who lives in apartment 402 in the CS Apartment Building needs a new oven installed. She didn't ask for a specific appointment so just go at an appropriate time within the next few days, okay?"

"Understood!" Natsu saluted.

"Oh and Natsu…this woman seems really…sensitive of other people so try tone it down a bit. Be gentle. I picked you in particular for this job."

"Got it, Mira." Natsu's smile was smaller yet warmer.

"Thanks Natsu. Good luck with the job!" He waved in farewell before entering his red truck to pick up the new oven and then heading to his client's apartment.


Lucy was on high alert. After realising she had stupidly forgotten to set a time for the installation, she knew that now they would come at any time over the next few days.

But there's no way they'd come today. It's already pretty late…no normal handyman would be willing to work so late…

Suddenly the noise of the doorbell rang through her apartment.

I jinxed it.

Lucy looked wildly around her apartment, seeing that it was a mess. She wanted to clean up but the doorbell continued to ring noisily, the beeping noise stirring memories that she had forced deep into her mind.

What do I do? What do I do?

Lucy began hyperventilating. She hadn't prepared enough for this yet. Plue rushed to her side, nudging her along to her door where the person, who Lucy assumed was the handyman, was knocking persistently on the door.

"Hello? Is anyone at home? I have to install an oven for you."

Lucy took deep breaths, preparing to unlock the door for them but chose to glance through the peephole to make sure they were indeed the right person.

But what she saw nearly made her faint.

Pink hair.


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