This is my very first time writing for something like this so I do not own Legolas and I borrowed the name Banquo from my good friend Wil Shakespeare(

*I replace the original chapter just to change Legolas's age because it seems to distress some readers:)

Chapter 1:

'Up the stairs, to the right, third door on the left' Banquo sang to himself as he ran through the palace. He opened the door, only to find an elf maid tiding up the messy bed belonging to his best friend.

"Looking good today, my Lady", he said with a wink. The young elf maid blushed with embarrassment and looked to the floor.

"The master is not in the palace. He went out before sunrise" Banquo looked at her with a confused face.

"Legolas? Up early? That cannot be so!" he said with a laugh, for he knew all too well how much his friend loved to sleep.

The young elf maid's face turned serious. "I believe he was quarrelling with the king again last night" Banquo looked unamused. "I can guess where he is then. Good day my lady" he flashed her a heart melting smile as he bowed quickly and was on his way. There was only one place Legolas could be.

Banquo rode past the villages and over the hill to the Moltolas River. That was their secret place. As boys, they would ride to the river whenever they needed to get away or just hang out. It was their place.

Banquo climbed off his horse and tied it to a tree. He could hear the thump of Legolas's arrows hitting their target.

"hello!" he yelled at Legolas "what are you doing?"

Legolas tried to ignore him "go away Banquo! I'm not in the mood"


"Stupid rules"


"Cant make my own decisions"


"What are you mumbling over there" Banquo said as he sat by the river and removed his shirt and shoes.

Legolas put down his bow and looked over at his friend. "Why cant I just be normal? Why can't I just have a normal life?" he said with a serious look, tilting his head to one side.

"Well, what can I say? You're a freak. Get over it" Banquo said giving Legolas his back and preparing to jump in the river for a swim. It was an unusually hot day and Banquo wanted to make the most of it. As he was about to jump, he felt a solid object hitting his back hard. He turned to see Legolas picking up stones and throwing them at him!

"What'd you do that for?" he yelled.

"Because you're not listening to me! I'm suffering here and your not even bothering to help!"

"What is it this time? Your father has found you a beautiful elf maiden that could easily win the Miss Middle Earth contest to be your bride. She also happens to have a very important father and now yours is pressuring you to marry her. I feel sorry for you Legolas. You really have a hard life!" he said as he jumped in the water splashing it everywhere, not leaving anything dry, including his friend.

Legolas watched his friend for a moment and then proceeded to take off his shirt and shoes, "You don't understand! No one understands! I don't care about beauty or wealth or any of that stuff"

"Oh let me guess," Banquo said mocking him, "you're going for personality right? Or better still, you want to marry for love!" he burst out laughing, falling back into the water.

"So what if I do?"

"I can't believe how spoiled you are!" Banquo stood up in the water, "Every girl in all of Mirkwood would kill to be your bride! Your father finds you the most gorgeous elves who come from the wealthiest and honourable families and all you ever do is complain! You're so ungrateful! I would swap with you any day!"

"Listen you could get any girl in Mirkwood if you weren't so ugly and fat. They're all airheadesses, always giggling and flirting. They never say two words of sense put together and you expect me to marry one. Why do I have to get married now anyway? I'm only 2899 years old!" Legolas said as he walked toward the river, picking up some stones on his way.

"Younger than you are married and settled. I wouldn't mind marrying now. What's so wrong with finding a companion for life, Legless?"

Legolas instinctively threw the stones in his hand at his friend, who dived under the water to get away. "I told you not to call me that!"

Legolas gave a big sigh. "All I ask for is a woman of sense and one that has a brain to think and speak for herself. Is that too much to ask?"

"Yes. I don't think you could handle such a woman in any case", Banquo flashed a cheeky smile. Legolas jumped into the river and threw himself onto his friend and pushed him under the water. Before long, Banquo had the upper hand and wrestled Legolas in the water, proving his strength.

He was not as handsome as Legolas but there was definitely something about him. He had a smile that could put out a fire. He had dark brown hair that was up to his shoulders and sea-green eyes, a thin face with manly features. He was slightly taller than Legolas and was well built.

When he was just a boy, he was always teased at school because he was chubbier than all the other little elves. Once Legolas had convinced him to talk to the girl he liked. When he approached her, all he could manage to say was "hello there".

The girl laughed at him and said "hey fatso, I'm surprised you're not eating". She started laughing at him, he voice like nails scratching on a blackboard. Then her friends joined in. Pretty soon everyone started laughing at him. It seemed as though the whole school was laughing at him. He still has nightmares about it till this day.

After that, he and Legolas would go to their secret river every morning and swim for an hour. Then Banquo would take it further and go for a run. Before bed he would do 500 push ups. His determination made him loose weight and gain confidence. He promised himself he would never let anyone laugh at him again.

He was now one of the handsomest Elves in the land- but he could not be compared with Legolas. After all, he was just a normal elf- Legolas was a prince.