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Moon Cats: Fearful Symmetry


"Sarge! Why the hell are we always the ones called to the weird crap?"

Sgt. Ichiro Hibuki took a second to glance at his young partner. He, like Hibuki himself, was fighting with a short, purple creature with small vestigial wings and clawed hands. "Just lucky I guess Rio!"

Dodging another claw swipe the police Sergeant swung his baton into the little monsters head, growling in frustration when it proved to be just as rock hard as the rest of the creature, bouncing off it's skull and knocking a cup of soda off a picnic table where panicked park goers had abandoned their lunch. The soda exploded from its paper cup all over Hibuki and his weird opponent, causing a horrible scream to pour from the lizard like creature's mouth.

Hibuki took a shocked step back and watched a wingtip melt like a sugar cube in water. That, and the lake behind the monster, gave him an idea. Yelling "It better not have been the caffeine!" He plowed into the purple thing chest, carrying it for a short sprint before half pushing, half throwing the thing into the water with a loud splash. The boiling hiss and screeches of pain reassured the old street cop.


Hibuki swung around just in time for the dead monster buddy to slam into HIS chest, knocking him to the dirt. Stunned he fought to move his arms to block the claw coming for his face.

It never arrived as a booted foot swung into view, delivering a roundhouse kick to the thing spine, propelling it into the lake where it died like its partner. "Man Hibuki, you're lucky I was out for a walk!" A familiar voice said with a chuckle.

Looking up, the cop found the smiling face of Artemis "Moon" holding out a hand to help him up.

"Yeah, no kidding. What a day to forget my watch, eh?"


Two hours later, the end of his shift finally arriving after all the paperwork monster attacks seemed to generate, Ichiro Hibuki was at his locker, and slipped around his wrist the watch he foolishly left behind.

The watch, with a silver and black moon motif on its face was a gift from some younger friends, the young, brave girls known as the Sailor Senshi so he could contact them if the police needed help with "Something strange." He'd had more then one opportunity to use it, since he had become the officer of choice for the stranger crimes and events in the Tokyo Police department.

Shutting the locker he turned, and waved at a few of the other uniforms moving around the cramped locker room. For fifteen years he'd worked the streets as a beat cop, never trying for more then his Sergeants stripes loving the beat of the streets, and privately the thrills of being a beat cop. A few of his superiors had offered, or even threatened him, with higher rank but he'd avoided it not wanting to get tied to a desk. He considered himself very lucky.

"Hibuki, I know you're on your way out, but can I have a few minutes of your time?" The voice belonged to Captain Sariko Makata, the captain of his division and one of the highest-ranking female cops in Tokyo. She was tough, fair, and knew the business and all of her officers respected her deeply.

"Sure Captain. What can I do for you?"

"Walk with me." Was her only reply, as she walked out the front doors.

"I hear you and Rio Masaki had an exciting time today." She said, looking to him as they walked side by side down the precinct steps.

"You could say that. Those buggers weren't so tough though. The Senshi didn't even have the time to put in an appearance."

"Yes, I noticed that. You're a good man, Hibuki. Smart, tough, and a straight arrow cop. I like that."

Hibuki shrugged. He was too experienced to let the praise go to his head. "I try Captain." He said modestly, following her across the street.

"You do more then try Hibuki. You succeed." She pulled a ring of keys out of her purse, which she had been carrying on her shoulder, and unlocked the door of a building just a bit down the block and across the busy streets from the station house. The door was stuck and Hibuki had to give her a hand pulling it open.

"What are we coming here for, Captain?" He asked, looking around as they stepped into the dusty lobby. It was the 'Old station', the oldest police station in Tokyo and hadn't been used since just after World War Two."

"Oh, well Ichiro, we... The brass... have been considering this upswing of monster attacks and strange happenings like the Sailor Scouts and the Neko-jin and have come to the conclusion a special division needs to be built to deal with it."

She flipped a switch set into the wall. "We need to hire experts, and get them to train cops to deal with things like your purple playmates today so this division needs it's own work areas and offices. We're giving them this old building instead of trying to fit a new one into our busy Downtown area."

"Probably a good idea, Captain."

"I'm glad you think so. We got stuck one one point however." She said, leaning on an old desk, watching as the Sergeant looked around the lovely, if dusty, lobby of the old building. "We needed someone to run it, and experienced people to help round it out."

"Ah.." He saw where this was going. Well, whoever the chief of the new unit was, He was damn sure he was getting Sgt. Hibuki's best. "I understand."

"Good!" She smiled. "Then you accept?"

"Sure! I mean, I'm the Weirdness Magnet so it makes sense."

'It really isn't fair.' She thought to herself, smirking. 'He doesn't realize he just walked into the trap.' "That's great. Now you realize a new unit like this doesn't warrant a Captain leading it, only a Lieutenant. But it's going to get one heck of a budget for equipment and civilian personnel, so you understand it had to be someone the brass knew was a righteous cop, and a well seasoned veteran."

"Don't have to tell me that twice, captain."

"Of course, this new task force is under my direct command."

"No better boss. So who's running this pony show."

She smiled and pointed to the one clean office window, which he hadn't noticed yet. "It's on the door."

Shrugging at her flair for the dramatic, he walked over and read the name...then froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Your new Dress uniform is inside, Lt. Hibuki...but you are expected to be plain clothes now. Welcome to the Central Administrative Police Preternatural Agency. I know you'll run it well."

AN: Yes, NO more SGT Hibiki...now he's a Lieutenant! And what was that about civilian advisors? Oh, loyal readers, things have gotten interesting haven't they?