Never Knew What The Heart Wanted

Chapter 1

"Are you OK?" Barry asked as he turned to Caitlin. She was still staring at the spot where the wormhole had engulfed Grodd and then disappeared. She nodded her head saying "Yeah, I think so. But you need to be careful Barry. You almost got sucked in too."

"I didn't." He comforted her.

Caitlin heaved a sigh and leaned in to hug him. He sucked in a quick breath as the pain from the several broken ribs he had from his recent fight with Grodd, screamed when Caitlin hugged him. "Oh my God! You're hurt. We need to get you back to the lab ASAP!" Caitlin said in a very stern tone.

"Hey Cisco!" Barry called. "Caitlin and I are heading back to the lab. You and Harry can take the van back, OK?"

"You got it. Way to go you guys!" Cisco called back with a thumbs up.

Barry gritted his teeth and picked Caitlin up in his arms. Before she could say you don't have to carry me, they were back at the lab.

Barry carefully peeled off his Flash suit leaving his chest and abdomen exposed for examination. Caitlin grabbed her tools and turned around to stare at Barry. She had found herself thinking of him in inappropriate ways since Hannibal Bates as Barry kissed her. He was her friend. She was his doctor. Why does the sight of his bare chest excite me. She shook her head trying to get rid of the thoughts that were occupying her mind.

Barry loved to watch Caitlin work. The way she scrunched her nose or bite her bottom lip when she was concentrating. She had long wavy auburn brown hair that fell around her lovely face as she worked. He thought, how did I not see before just how beautiful she really is?

"What's that goofy grin for?" Caitlin asked Barry when she turned to face him. He didn't realize he was smiling. "Oh nothing. Just thinking." He trailed off.

"Well, you have 3 broken ribs which are already starting to heal. So I want you to take it easy tonight. Doctor's orders." Caitlin finished cleaning and dressing Barry's wounds. She took her latex gloves off and placed them in her pocket. She placed her hand on his bare shoulder and said "I worry about you Barry. You take too many risks and I'm afraid one day I won't be able to fix you." She stared into his emerald gaze.

"I'm sorry I make you worry." He smiled his crooked grin that made her heart melt. She was all of sudden hyper aware of the warmth radiating from his skin. Without thinking, she traced her hand down his chest to his abdomen. Feeling the muscles contract and tense from her touch. Her hand felt charged from the electricity surging through his body.

Barry closed his eyes. What is this? What am I feeling? Caitlin and I are just friends, right? Her soft hand set his skin on fire. What was so different? What made him want her? He opened his eyes and gazed into the warm chocolate of her stare and wanted nothing more than to lose himself in her eyes.

Caitlin closed the space between them and lightly pressed her lips to his. She felt a shock wave course through her body that she had never felt before, not even with Ronnie. She leaned in more to deepen their kiss. Her hands that were resting on his shoulders crawled around to the back of his head tangling her fingers in his thick brown hair.

After getting over the initial shock of the kiss, Barry raised his arms and pulled Caitlin closer, pressing their bodies together. Barry felt as though his body had been engulfed in flames. He never felt like this when he kissed Patty, or even when he kissed Iris in the alternate timeline. What did it mean? He pressed his hands flat against her back wanting to feel more. Needing to feel more. Suddenly Caitlin pulled away, cheeks flushed red. She escaped his grasp and walked to the other side of the exam room. "I'm so sorry Barry. I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me, and forget this ever happened." She pleaded.

Barry was unable to speak. How could he forget that. The feeling. The energy. The excitement. His mind was clouded with thoughts of Caitlin, Patty, and Iris. Did he have feelings for Caitlin that he never realized were there? "Its OK." Was all that he could muster to say coherently.

Caitlin turned her back to Barry, not able to look at him. She could feel her face getting hot with embarrassment. The worse part about it was that she really didn't want to stop. She wanted more. She wanted all Barry could give her. "I feel so ashamed. I'm sorry." She apologized again. Barry was on his feet now slowly walking toward her. He wanted to hold her and tell her everything was alright. He wasn't upset, it was thrilling. It was warm. It felt like home. And Barry needed to feel that again.

"oh my God!" Caitlin expelled, throwing her arms in the air. "I'm a whore. You're with Patty and I'm a whore" she was starting to hyperventilate. "You're not a whore." Barry tried to reassure her. "Far from it. Besides, Patty and I aren't exclusive. Its only been a couple a dates."

"Oh, so that makes it OK? I'm your friend. I'm your doctor! How unprofessional is it of me to make out with my patient?!" She was getting louder and more excitable. Barry reached out and turned her around. They stared at each other speechless. Barry wanted to take her into his arms and ravage her mouth again and again.

"I need some air" Caitlin finally said. She wiggled out of Barry's grip and walked out just as Cisco and Earth 2 Harrison Wells were walking into the lab. They could feel the tension in the room. "Is everything OK?" Cisco asked looking back at the door Caitlin just walked through. Barry suddenly remembered he was naked from the waist up and felt very exposed. In a flash of red lightning Barry was dressed in his regular clothes and the Flash suit was in it's resting place. "I think I should go after her." Barry said striding toward the exit. "Dude?" Cisco asked stopping Barry in his tracks. "What's going on between you two? Everything was fine a minute ago. We beat Grodd. Why is she upset."

"Its complicated" Barry said. He felt a buzzing in his pocket and hoped maybe Caitlin was calling, but the face on his phone was his semi-girlfriend Patty. He ignored the call and streaked out of the lab to look for Caitlin. When he reached the parking lot, her car was gone. She's fast too, he thought.

Barry wanted to give Caitlin her space. Maybe she needs time to think things over. He needed to think things over himself. He knew he had moved on from Iris. He will always have a special place in his heart for her, but she found love with Eddie, and he was happy for her. Now there's Patty. She's a very nice girl and they have a lot in common, but he never experienced anything with Patty that he felt with Caitlin.

He knew what he had to do. He didn't want to wait till it was too late again. In a streak of red lightning Barry was running down the streets of Central City with a new determination.

He knocked on Patty's door. She answered it and smiled brightly when she saw Barry. "I tried to calling you earlier." She said as she leaned on the front door. "is everything OK?"

Barry rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Uh Patty, we need to talk." He said frowning.

"That doesn't sound good." her smile left her lips, and she was starting to get nervous.

"Look Patty" he started. "You're a really nice girl and I really like you, but I need to figure some things out."

Patty was stunned. She thought everything was fine. How dare he string her along. "Your giving me the 'its not you its me speech'. Geez Barry I thought you were a little more original than that!" she said irritated.

"That's not what I'm saying." He argued back.

"Then what is it?"

"I think I have fallen for someone else…" He looked down at his feet. He felt bad for hurting Patty's feelings, but it had to be done. "Fine. Bye Barry." With that she slammed the door.

Caitlin sat on her couch crying into a carton of ice cream watching her favorite movie, "Shakespeare in love". "See that's love." She sobbed. "He knows she loves him and she knows he loves her. That's the way it should be." She shoveled a heaping spoonful of rocky road into her mouth. How ironic she thought…her life has been nothing but a rocky road. Why did I kiss Barry she thought. I know he's sweet and kind and he has always been there for me.

She closed her eyes and pictured him. She felt a stirring in her heart as the realization hit her. I love him. Oh my God I love him. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with Barry Allen.

She was shaken from her thoughts by a soft knock on the door. "Go away!" She yelled at the person behind the door. "Cait?" It was Barry. She loved it when he called her Cait. She was a statue, not sure what to do. "Caitlin please open the door." He pleaded. She sighed and put her ice cream down. She slowly trekked the distance from her couch to the front door. "What do you want?" she tried to compose herself. She didn't want to sound like she was crying. "I need to talk to you." He begged.

She cracked open the door and saw Barry holding a single pink rose with his crooked smile on his face. Her heart swelled at the sight of him. She stepped a side to let him in. "What ya up to?" he said trying to sound lighthearted. Caitlin shook her head and said "Nothing…"

Barry looked around and saw the tube of ice cream. He lived with Iris long enough to know what that meant. He noticed the TV "Oh 'Shakespeare in love'. I love this movie" he turned and smiled. Caitlin loved how his emerald green eyes sparkled every time he smiled. "Yeah it's a great movie. So you wanted to talk?" she was trying to sound standoffish.

"Can we sit down?" Barry asked. Caitlin gestured to the couch.

"I just want to apologize again." Caitlin started. Barry shook his head "You have nothing to be sorry about." He grabbed her hands and gave them a little squeeze. Her hands felt hot encased in his own. "I've thought a lot about this." he said seriously.

"You've thought a lot in the last hour?" she questioned.

"My legs aren't the only thing that's fast." He smiled. "When you kissed me…I was surprised. I didn't think you felt that way about me. I think you are beautiful and fun and smart. And you drive me crazy when you bite your lower lip when something is bothering you. Kinda like what you're doing now." He took a heavy breath and wet his lips lightly. She stopped biting her lip instantly.

Caitlin couldn't believe her ears. Was he saying what she thinks he saying?

Barry opened his mouth to speak again, but Caitlin covered his lips with her finger. She didn't want to think anymore, didn't want to talk anymore. She just wanted to do. She wanted Barry. Taking the lead again, she moved closer to Barry. He saw her inching closer and he pulled her on top of him. He placed a firm kiss on her mouth separating her lips with his tongue. She let out a soft moan and Barry squeezed her body tighter. She felt heat rising inside her, and felt a quiver between her legs. He moved away from her mouth tracing her neckline with kisses. She tangled her fingers in his hair as he cupped her breast. "Yes Barry…" she whispered. Hearing her moan out his name awoke something inside him. He explored her body with his hands, trying to feel every inch of her. His mouth was back on hers and their tongues danced together. She could feel his erection against her abdomen "Should we go to the bedroom?" she breathed. Barry pulled back to look at her, "Are you sure?" She nodded, and in a whoosh of air they were in her bedroom. He laid her down on the bed gently and slipped out of his jacket. He laid down next to her and continued his exploration. He lifted the hem of her tank top and took one of her breasts in his mouth and pulled on the nipple of her other breast. She sucked in a sharp breath from the pleasure. She was on fire, and she wanted to feel him inside her. He left her nipple to touch the softness between her legs. He slipped a finger between her fold and felt how wet she was. "Oh Caitlin. You're so wet." He growled. He slowly started to rub her clit, and her hips responded, moving against him. He pulled his hand away from between her thighs and she let out a small whimper. He tugged her tank top over her head and she responded by hungrily unbuttoning his shirt. He slowly pulled down her Pajama bottoms and panties together. She lay on the bed and Barry drank in her naked beauty, "You're so beautiful Caitlin." He whispered. She pulled at his belt hastily trying to get his pants off.

Finally they lay together naked, hands exploring each others bodies. Caitlin rolls her body and straddles over Barry. He places his hands on her hips and she could feel his engorged member between her legs. She bent over and invaded Barry's mouth again as he rolled a condom on. He pushed himself inside her and she gasped at the size of him. Caitlin's body was on fire with the need for him she felt as if she might explode. Her body had a mind of its own as she grinded feverishly on his cock. Barry closed his eyes against the pleasure and growled out her name. He couldn't control the electricity coursing through him as he grabbed her ass and pulled her down harder so she could take him all in. Caitlin screamed his name and he could feel her tighten around his cock as she came all over him. Her body shuddered with pleasure and fire, they had ignited something in each other that they had never felt before. "Don't stop!" she screamed out as he thrusted faster and faster inside her. He could feel her tightening again and he knew he couldn't hold it anymore. He let loose and they came together. Barry pulled Caitlin close to him and hugged her as their bodies writhed and shivered from the pleasurable experience.

"I love you, Barry." Caitlin breathed out as she her fingers lightly traced up and down his arm.

"I love you, Caitlin." Barry whispered. "In a way, I think I have loved you since the moment I woke up from the coma. It just took me awhile to realize it. You know, because of my lightning psychosis."

She turned her head to look into the sparkling emerald pools and they both laughed at their inside joke.