"So, you're telling me that some woman in red and black showed up and single-highhandedly wiped out the scum who kidnapped you?" Detective Lance asked from where he sat across from the four of them.

"Yes Detective. That's exactly what we're telling you." Oliver replied evenly.

"And I'm guessing she didn't leave a name."

"She did not. But I did hear her say something to one of the kidnappers before she dealt with them. She's only just begun."

Quentin just sighed as heard Nyssa's words. The last thing he needed was a vigilante taking the law into their own hands. However, a small part of him couldn't help but be grateful that she was around. God knows the SCPD wouldn't have started searching until the next day. And he shuddered at the thought of what could have happened by then.

"Okay, I think that's everything for now. I'm just glad you all are okay." He said before heading out of the Queen Mansion.

"Thank goodness you all are safe." Moira said, and Walter nodded.

"Yeah. It's a good thing our mystery woman was there." Tommy commented, his tone surprisingly even. The billionaire was more than a little freaked out to be sitting in the same room as the woman who had ordered her own son kidnapped. Not to mention that his brother in all but blood and the two women he came home with had killed three men. And they had done so with lethal efficiency. Now Tommy wasn't a fighter by any means, but one would have to be blind not to realize that what Nyssa, Oliver and Sara had done in that warehouse took a great deal of skill.

"But why would she rescue you?" Walter asked.

"Find her and you can ask. Now if you'll excuse us, I think we have a party to plan." Oliver said, hoping Tommy would catch on. Thankfully he did, and the four walked out of the mansion before Moira and Walter could object.

As she saw Tommy's car leave the mansion, Moira breathed a quiet sigh of relief. Her son knew nothing of the Undertaking, and would be safe from Malcolm's enforce.

The Foundry

"Somebody want to tell me what the hell is going on?" Tommy asked as he followed them into what would one day become the headquarters of Team Arrow.

"Tommy-" Sara started, but Tommy cut her off.

"No lies. No secrets. I want the truth. All of it."

Oliver nodded, deciding where to begin.

"When the Queen's Gambit went down, I made it to a life raft with my father and the first mate. There was only enough water for one of us, and my dad said that if anyone was gonna survive, it was gonna be me. Then he told me that he had failed our city, and that he wasn't the only one. He told me there were others, and that I had to survive. I had to right his wrongs. Then he pulled a gun and shot the first mate before shooting himself in the head. I made it to Lian Yu, and buried my father. But in his pocket, I found a list of names, names of those who have failed our city."

And over the next several hours, Oliver and Sara recounted what had happened over their five year exile, with Nyssa adding her own input when necessary.

"No wonder you could handle yourselves. You had no choice if you were going to survive." Tommy spoke once Oliver had finished..

"So you'll keep our secret?" Oliver asked, and Tommy nodded.

"I will. But I want you to teach me. I want to be able to help you in your crusade."

"It will not be easy." Nyssa warned.

"Starling is my home. I won't stand by and watch as it tears itself apart. Not anymore."

The three looked into Tommy Merlyn's eyes, seeing the fire and determination there. One that they saw in the mirror.

"Then let us begin." Nyssa said softly.

The Next Morning

"How are you feeling?" Oliver asked as Tommy walked into the manor.

"Like I got my ass kicked. A lot." He said, and Oliver chuckled.

"You'll feel like that for a while. Then you'll get over it."

"So what's on the agenda for today?"

"For you? More training. For me? Adam Hunt."

"The guy Laurel's looking into?" He asked, and Oliver nodded.

"I need you to have our party in the building across from Adam Hunt's office."

"Done. Now if you'll excuse me, I just got a text from your extremely scary girlfriend "

"Which one?" Oliver asked with a grin.

"Nyssa." He replied, and Oliver chuckled.

"Then I suggest you hurry. She hates being kept waiting."

The Foundry- Ten Minutes Later

"I swear I ran half a dozen red light's to get here." Tommy said as he walked into the Foundry where Sara and Nyssa were sparring on a mat.

"How is this any different from how you usually drive?" Sara asked, sweeping Nyssa's legs out from under her.

"Point taken. But I don't usually drive into the Glades so I can learn how to kill someone."

"No I can't. I've walked away for too long. Allowed my city to turn to shit while I drove around in my fancy cars and hit on any attractive woman with a pulse. Never again."

He walked onto the mat and got ready for the second day of the rest of his life.

Queen Manor- Same Time

"Oliver, we need to talk." Moira said, and Oliver sighed. She had no idea how right she was.

"You're right. We do."

"So you know about Walter and I?" She asked, and Oliver nodded.

"It was kind of hard not to figure out. Why else would my father's CFO look so at home in this house?" He asked quietly.

"Oliver, we were not trying to disrespect your father. Walter and I both believed that your father was dead."

"I understand. But there is one thing I don't understand mom."

His voice took on an edge that Moira had only heard one other time. When Malcolm had demanded she join the Undertaking or he would harm Thea.

"How can you possibly justify having me kidnapped?"

"What are you-"

"Don't try and lie to me. One of your hit-men talked before he died. He confessed that you hired him!"


"I know mom. I know everything. Dad told me everything right before he shot himself in the head!" Oliver yelled, making Moira step back.

"Your father-"

"Is dead because of the List that you and Malcolm Merlyn created. The List of scum that are poisoning my city!"

"Oliver you need to listen to me."

"No mom, you need to listen. Every single name on that List is going to pay for what they have done."

"There was no woman that saved you." She said, and Oliver chuckled.

"Actually there were three. One is dead, and the other two came back from the Island with me."

"You killed those men."

"I did what was necessary to ensure my survival. Now I'm going to make sure my city can do the same."

"By going after the List?" She asked dubiously.

"Yes. But more importantly, I am going to cut the head off the snake. Malcolm Merlyn is going to die."

Moira just looked at her son, seeing the truth for the first time. Dr. Lamb was right. The Oliver she had lost wasn't the one that came home.

"Why are you telling me this?" She asked, and Oliver sighed.

"Secrets and lies got dad killed, and sentenced Sara and I to five years in hell. I can't help but think that if I had known, maybe none of that would have happened. So I'm giving you the chance I wish I had gotten. I am asking you to help me save this city. Help me make sure that Malcolm's madness does not become reality."

"Oliver, he is a very dangerous man."

"So am I."

The doorbell rang, halting whatever Moira might have said.

"Oh, that must be Mr. Diggle. He was going to be your bodyguard." She said as she walked over to the door.

"He still is. I will have to keep up appearances." Oliver replied, and she nodded.

"Yes. I suppose you will."

Moira opened the door, revealing John Diggle standing there.

"Oliver, this is John Diggle. He'll be accompanying you from now on." Moira said, and Oliver nodded, shaking Diggle's hand.

"Nice to meet you John."

"Likewise Mr. Queen."

"Oliver. Mr. Queen was my father." He replied calmly.

He met Diggle's eyes, dropping the playboy facade for a moment. He allowed the killer to show himself, knowing that his bodyguard would recognize the look of a man who had been to war. Oliver hoped that it might allow him to bring Diggle into the fold sooner. Part of him wanted to tell John that his services weren't necessary, but Oliver wanted his brother back. It was the same reason he was going to return Clark's memories to him. After losing so much, Oliver felt he deserved more time with his family.

9 p.m. that Night

"You remind our friend Judge Grell that I am the reason he is on the bench. I can take him off just as easily." Hunt said to Eric Gritter, ignoring the two bodyguards walking behind them.

"Yes Mr. Hunt."

"And this attorney, Laurel Lance? I thought you had that situation under control?" He asked, and Gritter bristled.

"I do. She won't be a problem."

"I most certainly hope not. Otherwise you'll be the next problem to go away."

Gritter gulped, not saying a word.

"Well? Why are you still here?!" Hunt demanded, and Gritter walked back towards his car...only to feel an arrow pass through his shoulder.


His scream alerted Hunt's bodyguard's, but by then it was too late. The Canary had already landed between them, and her batons hit the men with explosive force. One man fell to the ground clutching his knee, while the other was unconscious as Sara's baton had impacted on the back of his head.

Adam Hunt watched the whole thing in horror, even as the Canary marched towards him. A second later she had him against the wall, her baton across his throat.

"You're gonna transfer forty million dollars into account 1141 by nine p.m. tomorrow night."

"And if I say no?" He asked, and she smiled coldly.

"Then my friend and I are going to take it, and you won't like how."

She removed her baton from his throat, knocking him unconscious before walking over to where the Arrow stood beside Laurel's boss.

"Wh...Who are you people?"

"I'm the Arrow. This is the Canary. But our name's aren't important. What is important is what we want you to do. Once I'm done talking, I will remove the arrow from your shoulder. Then you will get in your car, and call Laurel Lance. You will tell her that you need to meet with her immediately. Say that you have found information relating to Adam Hunt. Then you will go to CNRI and tell her everything you know about Hunt."

"Are you crazy?! I'll go to jail!"

"Yes. But you'll get to live. Or I can just put an arrow in between your eyes. It's your choice." The Arrow replied calmly, and Gritter gulped.

"I'll do it! I'll confess!"

"You'd better. Or we'll be back."

He pulled the arrow from Gritter's shoulder, wiping it on the man's suit before he and the Canary vanished into the shadows.

Queen Manor- Midnight

"Mr. Queen, Miss Lance. I was wondering what happened to you when-"

"When we said we were heading out for some air and never came back?" Sara asked, and Diggle nodded.

"Something like that. Care to tell me where you two were?"

"We were alone John." Oliver replied, keeping his eyes locked on Diggle's. Finally, the former soldier nodded his head.

"Okay then. Let me know the next time you want to be alone."

"We'll be sure to do that. Have you seen Nyssa?"

"She said she wanted to call it an early night."

"I think we'll do the same. Goodnight John." Sara said, and he nodded before walking towards the door.

"Just so you two know...I'm not the type of man you want to take for a fool."

"We wouldn't dream of it John." Oliver replied, and the bodyguard left.

"You were successful." Nyssa said when the two walked into their room, unsurprised to find their wife still awake.

"Yes. Gritter is going to tell Laurel everything, which will make sure that Adam Hunt goes to jail. Add in the visit he will get tomorrow night, and even if he gets out of jail he will have nothing to come back to."

"And his remaining resources will be delivered to our contacts in the Bratva." Sara finished, and Oliver nodded.

He had not used his Bratva contacts nearly as much as he could have in the last time line. If he had, perhaps things with Malcolm and Slade could have gone differently.

"When do you plan on telling Laurel the truth?" Sara asked, and Oliver sighed.

"After I tell Clark."

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