Part One
Written by Colonel Karl L Schubaltz

COLONEL-SAMA'S SCRIBBLINGS: This is an AU, no doubt about it. Hadn't decided on the pairings yet.... those will arrive at later chapters...

It was one of the most lowdown, rundown places on the planet. It was a smuldering cesspool of filth and crime, children with barely any clothes and caked in dirt and mud and trash ran down the streets hoping to mug a passerby of money. Street whores sold themselves to the highest bidder, their pimps close behind with more whores. The streets were littered with drunkards and druggies, junkies and street trash-- not a place for royal blood. But traveling through these grime-crusted streets were two figures in cloaks, using the shadows of the hoods to conceal their identities. Entering an alley filled with smuldering garbage and horse dung, the two figures covered their noses with thin, fancy silk handkerchiefs. They walked to the door and knocked on it twice, an old man answered the door and let them in.

"Prince Thomas. Prince Karl.... you finally were able to sneak out of the palace." The old man smiled with relief as he helped them out of their cloaks.

"Those potions you gave us did the trick." The sandy-blonde young man smiled, a red seven under his left eye. They both were very gorgeous to look at, they both had the loveliest green eyes. Only one of the brothers was more effeminate than the other and he had shoulder length ash-blonde hair while the younger one had darker, curly hair. Although the younger of the brothers was enthused with the whole escape, the older, more beautiful and effeminate one wasn't.

"How do we get out of here, meine bruder? Vater will find us gone and send out his guards to find us." The ash-blonde young man frowned, his arms folded across his chest.

"They will not find you here, I assure you." The old man smiled triumphantly, then hobbled to the back of the room.

"True." The younger brother sat on the chair and threw his feet on the table. "So how long until the Moon Bridge is open?"

"Not much further. Please, your Highnesses, feel free to browse the shop for anything you like."

The ash-haired young man reached up to touch one of the books when the doors burst open and two bandits ran inside. One of them was wearing an eyepatch and a red headband, he had brown hair and a muscular body. The other had dark brown hair and black eyes, and a red mark on his face. The bandit with the eyepatch had two daggers, the old man recognized the daggers.

"Luce and Ombra!"

"Hand over the goodies, old man." The thief with the dark eyes smirked, aiming his short sword at Thomas.

"You street punks! How dare you!!??" The old man snarled, his hands gripping the sword cane on his desk.

"Don't you know who I am!?" The ash-blonde prince stepped in front of Thomas, his green eyes narrowed. "I am Crowned Prince Karl Schubaltz, heir to the throne!! I can get you anything you want, just us go!"

"The Crowned Prince Karl?" The thief with the eypatch smirked, then twirled his daggers. "We can get a very pretty penny from this guy."

"Yeah, we'll be living off Easy Street for the rest of our lives." The younger bandit spoke, grinning also.

The handsome thief with the eyepatch punched Karl in the gut and slung him over his shoulder, they rush off into the night.

"HEY!!!!!" Thomas rushed off to stop the bandits, his anger rising. "BRING MY BROTHER BACK!!!"

Looking down at the whole goings-on was a figure cloaked in black, carrying an ebony staff with a blood red ruby embedded on it. He smirked upon the bandits and leapt onto another building, following in close pursuit.