A Drink Called Loneliness

You've been drinking for awhile,

Feel you've done a golden mile.

Try to drown your misery,

A bad fur day of memories.

King of the land, have sacks of green,

But now it seems like a bad dream.

Berri's gone, the bottle's here,

Here's to you, and to life's drear.

You look around an empty bar,

Loneliness is course's par.

No scarecrows, weasels, friends to meet,

Just you, a drink, and empty seats.

And then you exit into rain.

This time from sickness you refrain.

Path to the left will take you home,

To castle, money, life alone.

So thus you choose path to the right.

Go staggering through stormy night.

Stumbling down a stony path,

With misery all set to last.